Tending the garden

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Tending the garden
Factions Involved
The World's Gardeners
Dissonant Technomancers
Casualties and losses


A touching journey of self discovery and matrix investigation which leads to alternate worlds and dissonance plagues.


Throwback and Funk independently begin investigating recent Insect spirit incidents. This investigation leads each of them to a small destination host, seemingly isolated from the rest of the matrix, cut off by GOD named the Worldpedia.

The Meet

Both runners discuss the situation, share notes, and enter the host together. Both prompted immediately with a librarian programs asking them what information they seek. Query's related to insect spirits resulted in a massive file, too large to fully read. Information seemingly populating on its own accord in real time. While perusing the file the two spot a well of resonance, a portal to another realm. From this portal emerged a personal. A man, looking strangely like a grizzled old gardener. The man introduced himself as Blake and stated that he "Tends the garden" of the tree of all knowledge. Intrigued by the prospect of this tree Throwback and Funk enter the well to investigate with the permission of Blake.

The resonance realm on the other end of the pool led to a tree with roots reaching the far extent of the matrix. Blake provided a tour of the tree and eventually expressed his need for help. A pair of dissonant technomancers posed a threat to their group and the tree. He needed them handled and thought that we would be able to handle them. The pair agreed and accepted the information that Blake had on the beings.

The Plan

The plan was simple, a brief reconnaissance to assess their capabilities. Throwback would proceed to assault the facility and Funk would provide matrix support.

The Run

Funk begin by investigating the dissonant host that the pair were running. He breached the server and posed as a person interested in helping spread their message. One of the beings attempted to corrupt Funk's persona unsuccessfully. Not interested in risking his soul further Funk excused himself and left the host. Mean while Throwback drove to the site and engaged in some physical recon with his flyspy. 2 Matrix active beings were located inside a storefront with 4 drones in a back room.

Funk tagged one of the technomancers while Throwback setup a couple of hundred meters away. He took aim with a rifle and fired on the tagged technomancer instantly killing him. Funk disabled one of the drones with a shutdown command and throwback engaged the remaining 3 drones, trading fire. While this occured Funk engaged in cybercombat with the remaining technomancer. Falling prey to its attacks Funk decided a tag was more effective. Throwback took advantage of the new target and fired once more through the wall, the round went straight through his head. Funk dispatched one more drone and Throwback the 3rd. With the fight complete the team fled the area before KE could arrive.


With the two technomancers dead, the team called Blake and reported the good news. He was thrilled to hear of their success and offered membership to The World Gardeners in thanks. Throwback placed a call to his fixer, M4rqu15 M4cr0 and offered information about the world tree in exchange for some tutoring in matrix manipulation. The M4rqu15 accepted his bargain.


13 karma - 13 RVP


SG Discounts

Optional: Blake - Connection 3 Technomancer at Loyalty 4 for -6 RVP

Membership in The World Gardeners - Connection 1 Technotribe following 01/World Tree for -6 RVP

Throwback can buy Sensei(hacking) for chargen price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Throwback: "This was an interesting one. I massive tree, of data, hidden in a hidden realm of resonance within the matrix. Something like that is just..too important to not try and protect. If the corporations managed to get a hold of that, who knows what they would do with it. I'm not so sure about these Gardeners yet, but I think maybe I'll stick around them for a while and see what they are about."

Funk: "Always an interesting day when you can find a group of like-minded people, working towards a common goal. Running into that Dissonance attack was scary. I've gotta do some more research and see what I can do to make sure that I can fight it off again next time. I'm just glad Throwback was around with his Sniper Rifle to ensure that the problem was resolved expediently."