Stand With The Lion

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Stand With The Lion
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Jane Dior
Rusted Stilettos The 162s
King Louie
Gang Fanatics Ghouls
Casualties and losses
King Louie was knocked unconscious. Heavy Moderate


Shots ring out outside a Redmond apartment block as 162s and Rusted Stillettos start a violent incident, both intent on clearing the building of civilian life. Darcy, the de-facto leader of an Ex-Neonet commune has requested Hibiscus, King Louie, Setter, and Throwback to respond to the incident and clear out as many gangers and ghouls as possible, and more importantly, save as many civvies as possible.

The runners arrived staggered, meeting with KE Strike Team Captain Jane Dior, and cleared the floor - saving seven of the eight civilians. Floor cleared, they called KE for backup and the incident was resolved with utmost efficiency.


The Meet

Players got pings on their commlinks and told their fixers that one Darcy from an ex-NeoNet commune is requesting assistance at an apartment block. The building was being assaulted by 162s and Rusted Stillettos, and the players were tasked to rescue as many civilians as possible within an hour.

The Plan

There wasn't one. Stream in, get to the floor we could from the back, kill as many gangers/ghouls as necessary, and save as many lives as possible. Adapt on the fly.

The Run

With pings on their commlinks and limited time to respond, the team ended up arriving staggered.

Hibiscus arrived first, seeing two large groups of gangers outside of the apartment block. She scoots past the big firefight, trying to sneak but getting noticed by the Stillettos. They fire at her and clip her shoulder, dealing damage but nothing detrimental. She reaches the fire escape behind the building and climbs to the fifth floor, where she sees another group of Stillettos inside trying to bash down the door to a room with a battering ram. Being a cat, she popped open the window of the room and climbed in, getting the civvy out of the room and meeting Jane Dior. Not long after, Throwback arrived, sneaking past the Stillettos but getting noticed by the ghouls at the base of the building, parrying the swipe with his bayonet.

The runner duo took on the small Stilletto force with the aid of Capt. Dior quite handily - Hibiscus throwing a Molotov back at the gangers and saving them from a very firey enclosed space. The remainder of the party (King Louie and Setter) showed up as Hibiscus tries to set up a climbing piton to swooce on into the neighbouring room. Louie gets KO'd by a frag grenade before being immediately woken by Jane with a stim patch. And then a Stilletto with an HMG unloaded suppressing fire over the area Hibiscus wanted to rappel out of - but more importantly, over the two newly arrived runners who were deleting just about everyone with Throwback.

Throwback and Setter slogged through the corridors, doing a very painful crawl as Stilletto after Stilletto poured out and fired on them, while Hibiscus and Louie stayed back. Two Stillettos had started to hammer their way through the wall to get to the folks in the rear, and Setter and Louie dealt with them both promptly. Hibiscus learned how to use leadership tests at roughly the point where Louie removed two men with a single gauss canon shot through two walls, who was then promptly KO'd by a Halloween BBQ Lighter for this. Hibiscus empowered Jane to put the flaming monkey out and Setter and Throwback secured the rest of the floor.

The floor was cleared after many grenades were thrown and a lot of BSB and a variety of Full Auto fire against the gangers, Hibiscus escorting the 7 of 10 surviving civilians down the fire escape, and Throwback patching Jane Dior through to her team for reinforcements, which came in full.


5 minutes after KE was called, the air team showed up and cleared out all the gangers outside - who were either gunned down or ran off. Not long after, door kicker teams showed up with drone support and swept the building, executing gangers, saving more civvies where they could, and taking those who didn't resist into custody. It was messy and terrifying, but it was effective.

With KE called in Jane let the runners yoink whatever looted gear they wanted and were supplied with medical supplies and ammo where they could.


Choose one or the other:

  • Jane Dior, Redmond Strike Team Leader contact (5/1 Contact, 5 RVP)
  • 12,000 Nuyen worth of ammo, grenades and medical supplies or 6,000 Nuyen as reward for assisting law enforcement in capturing dangerous outlaws (3 RVP)
    1. May also use gear rates to acquire Nemesis Praetorian, RPK HMG, Krime Whammy or Halloween Barbeque Lighter weapons and Betameth and Kamikaze as plundered Rusted Stilettos Loot
  • 2 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 Knight-Errant Reputation


  • 9 Karma for helping Darcy rescue innocent civilians (7 RVP)
  • 2,000 Nuyen bounty from the ex-NeoNET commune (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 Streets of Redmond Reputation

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Setter (Kanin)

Ow. Haven't hurt that much since before that thing happened. Still, I think we did okay saving as much as we could.

Throwback: "Gangers fighting gangers and the poor folks get caught in the middle... It was nice of KE to actually show up, a pity it was just one of them though. They really need to get their shit together."

Hibiscus: "It's a shame we couldn't save more people, but we got a strong majority safe. My shoulder will be hurting for a few days but thankfully KE did really good here after we managed to call 'em in."

King Louie

These Stilletos have more going for them than expected. I'm really glad that we were able to save some civilians. Maybe I'm rusty, but we ran into suppressive fire and shelling pretty quickly. With the old Firewatch team that was rarely the case. I need to focus more on my survivability Runners are just not an elite team you can rely on in any situation.