The Quest for Tomatoes

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The Quest for Tomatoes
Part of The Burning Star of Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Followers of the Light
Erica Clements
Private Security Rusted Stilettos
Heart of the Tempest
Wage Slaves
Gang Members
Casualties and losses
The gang members. Their rides.


The runners steal a hydroponics control console and gift it to a toxic cult. They're going to give free food to the needy. It's fine.


The Followers of the Light have ways of obtaining food, but, being in the heart of Glow City, there tends to not be much variety. One member of the cult wants to change this. Hydroponics allows people in poor soil conditions to grow food year round. To grow food at a scale big enough to support the community though, industrial equipment would be needed.

The Meet

Given that Erica was stuck in Glow City, she set up the meet over a matrix group call. The team entered and were presented with the mission. They had to steal a control console from a hydroponics farm in Snohomish and then deliver it to Glow City. For doing this, each runner would be paid 10k nuyen. The J said that the security on site should be light, though there could potentially be complications on the return trip. She made unspecified references to gang wars happening in Glow City, referencing clashes between the Followers and the Stilettos. Hiding her affiliation though, she didn't elaborate.

The runners didn't question much.

Erica said that fighting had died down, and that there should be a safeish route inside, but that the risk was there.

Eventually, the runners all agreed to the mission.

Getting the Console

The farm that the control module was located in was primarily automated, and the defenses matched that. Light drone security patrolled the skies and land around the covered farms.

Deciding to try avoiding violence, the team began to prepare a "legitimate" reason to walk off with the module. Hacking the farm's host, Janet manages to wirelessly deactivate the hydronponics system.

Adding in some forged credentials, the team walks in as "repair staff". Unfortunately, the repairs require them to move it to the main shop. :((

They'll have to remove it for a bit. :(((

The few non-drone staff on site go along with it, and the team walks home free! Mission accomplished!

Run Finished?

With a newly acquired piece of industrial farming equipment, the team only needed to deliver it to the J. Unfortunately, the J stubbornly required it to be delivered into Glow City, a place they really didn't want to go to. Weighing the risks, they decided they liked money more than personal safety. Shrugging their shoulders, they headed to the drop off point in Glow City.

They soon realized there seemed to be a bit more gunfire in the area than the Redmond average. The Rusted Stilettos seemed to be in a bit of a gang war, fighting a plethora of unfamiliar foes.

They also seemed very unfriendly to unfamiliar vehicles driving in. Murderously so in fact.

Suddenly, they had a few trucks full of angry gang members shooting at them. Not cool in fact. Shooting back of course, they kept driving inward, hoping to lose any gang members in the area.

As they managed to disable one truck, suddenly a burning spirit, one so bright it actually hurt to look at, bathed another in energy. As the flash died away, it was clear the crew was very very dead. Things suddenly seemed a bit tense. Following the spirit, the mystery opposition flowed in, surrounding the team. As they worried that they might have made a large mistake, the J, Erica, appeared smiling at them all.

It turns out Erica hid just a little bit about her affiliations. On the bright side though, the nuclear spirit was an ally! Not here to kill them!


Very unsure what was happening here, but at this point just going along with things, the team followed Erica into the Follower's territory. Inside they discovered a confusing mix of toxic magic, glorification of radiation, and community aid and outreach.

In particular, they were lead to what was very obviously a makeshift hydroponics farm. Built out of the detritus of a ruined city, it lacked the clean aesthetic of the Snohomish farm, but it clearly was a work of care and passion. Handing over the loot to Erica, they were graciously thanked, and offered food, aid or shelter, anything they needed. In addition to the money of course.

Still slightly confused, the team took solace in the fact that the money was in fact good.


10k Nuyen (5 RVP)

7 Karma (7 RVP)


Optional Reward: Any number of RVP can be exchanged for lifestyle gear rewards. Restrictions are that the lifestyle is in the Followers territory in Glow City. Lifestyles up to medium. Also includes Bolt Holes, though the Followers would of course know where it is.

Optional Contact: Erica Clements as a 4/3 - 6 RVP

+5 Rep with the Followers of the Light

-2 Rep with the Rusted Stilettos

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I can't believe those forgeries went through without a hitch. I gotta admit, when you're making forged docs, turning folks away by pretending to be their boss, hack entire hosts to do what you want and improvise shut-offs on programs you have no idea of how they work? I feel like a fraggin' mastermind with pushed up glasses and Gendo poses. Am I becoming the typical decker slitch?!