Followers of the Light

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Followers of the Light
From the Ashes, A Better World
Warmth, Family, Purpose
TypeNuclear Cult
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationGlow City, Seattle

Faction Information

Note: Not player joinable. Players may though work for agents of this faction or have positive rep with them.


The Followers of the Light are a toxic organization and cult growing in the heart of Glow City. Led by their spiritual leader, they have begun to push back against the Rusted Stilletos, creating a zone of control in the center of the district. They seek to spread radiation to kill the evils of the old world, and bring metahumanity into a brighter age.


The Follower of the Light see the evils of the world around them. Corporate oppression grinding down the world and the people in it with no end in sight, evils invading from planes beyond, and the slow but continual decline of life. They think a drastic action is needed to build a new world. The Cleansing Flame, that Burning Salt, the Instrument of Change, radiation. By seeding the world with nuclear material, a process would begin that can't be undone, that creates the path for a better world.

In more complete terms, the group feels that structures destroying metahumanity can't be opposed by traditional means. Time and time again movements for a better world have been beaten down by those in power. Only by fundamentally changing the world, can a new one be created. By spreading radiation, the lands will be tainted and transformed, the traditional structures of power unable to continue within. This will be hostile to life, killing many, a terrible sacrifice to be mourned. However, not only will some live, they will adapt to this new world, changed and more than they were before. Life will continue on, in a new form yes, but free of the misery and pain of the old world.

While the group may suffer losses, setbacks, every inch of land they change and every person they touch, leaves a lasting legacy, one that can't be undone by those who stand in the way. One day, a new age will dawn. Together.

Cliff Notes

  • They want to create a new, vaguely communist society in the ashes of the 6th world. By spreading radiation, they claim areas in a way that corporations and other shadowy masters can never take back.
  • People will be transformed (by toxic alignment) over time, the energies of the environment molding them into a new state of being, one that can survive and even thrive in the nuclear wastes. Many won't be able to make the transition, either by rejection or by chance, but the group believes that one day this will lead to a new metahumanity, changed yes, but striving for ever better things.
  • In areas they control, they function as a centrally planned commune, with the group handing out food, supplies and training to the people within. They offer these services to all within their bounds, full member or not, both due to practical recruitment strategies, and because of their genuine desire to improve their people's lives. They do limit weapons and training to those in the group.
  • While not all residents have made the 'full transition' and induction into the cult, they aggressively proselytize, and introduce convertee's to increasingly stronger radioactive sources to speed the transition.
  • Infected are fully welcomed in the group, assuming they can behave around those under protection. There are actually quite a few infected in the organization due to the dual natured's constant connection to the magic around them and it's toxicity.
    • Members donate blood for consumption.
    • Corpses and essence are generally found in the many enemies of the group.
    • Certain members are looking to find a more sustainable option long term, by delving deep in the magical mysteries of their unique type of magic.

Major Locations


  • The Goddess
    • She is referred to by many names, but is the spiritual center of the cult. An immensely powerful nuclear spirit residing in the old nuclear plant's cooling towers, she guides and protects her charges as they work to build a new world.
    • She appears as a glowing woman, made of shining white light, often flying high in the sky. Followers of the cult can see her form, a thing of radiant beauty. For those opposed though, her light is powerful enough to burn the eyes, completely obscuring her form.
    • She is a nuclear spirit, however she does show an affinity with people and a true concern for their wellbeing, though most outsiders might view this 'care' as warped and ultimately harmful. This opinion is definitely not universal though. The members of the organization highly revere and respect their goddess, viewing her as their savior and protector. This rare situation has lead to a curiosity regarding her background, goals, and spiritual composition to outside observers. Details are sparse though, and especially not freely given to outsiders.
    • Some Titles
      • The Goddess
      • The Shining One
      • The Cleansing Flame
      • The Starborne Watcher
      • If the spirit has any name preferences, or perhaps some 'actual' personal name, it is currently unknown to outside sources.



None so far.



Current Status

Health Summary

Runners have had small clashes with the organization so far, and ended one major plot, but have made no impact on the greater organization or it's recruiting work. Currently it is consolidating it's control on held territory, while working to convert, train, and supply the residents of Glow City and beyond.

While still less equipped in high end weapons and armors, the Followers have many very powerful awakened in their group. Their magical prowess is their primary source of combat strength.



Erica Clements4Fixer



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Call of the MonolithSarcarianThe Arrival31 January 2084
Just a Peaceful TalkZerreThe Burning Star of Redmond24 October 2083
The Quest for TomatoesArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond12 May 2083
Chaining the Broken MindArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond26 February 2083
Silver RushArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond2 October 2082

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