Season's... Irradiation?

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Season's... Irradiation?
Part of The Burning Star of Redmond
LocationGlow City
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Rusted Stilletos
Ryan Danes
Toxic Mage
Orc Gunner
Spicy Trolls
Casualties and losses
The paste formerly known as the mage and the gunner, Mild Trolls


Looking to spread some holiday cheer into the heart of Glow City, Johnson hires some runners to deliver fresh fruit to liven some spirits, literal and metaphorical. Delivery goes smoothly, with an additional workload added by Saint Nick, until the group is ambushed in the deadly rad zone. After finishing off their attackers, the runners return for a well-deserved paycheck and radiation scrubbing.


The Meet

The runners met up in a less-irradiated portion of Glow-City, decked from head to toe in the best radiation equipment they could scrounge together. The runners were presented with a woman, one M3chan1c immediately recognized as Erica Clements, whom he'd kidnapped on a previous job. With the same recognition crossing her face, the pair had a bit of a stare off before coming to terms that the previous interaction was 'just business.'

She began to explain the situation, as a part of a public outreach program, the followers of the light had been growing fresh fruit to distribute to the residents of Glow City, a series of parcels as gifts to the downtrodden people of the irradiated city. The runners were given a warning about potential hostiles in the area, by the tune of the Rusted Stilettos gang roaming the area.

After a squabble amongst the runners about whether or not to squeeze for extra nuyen for the job, the runners made a trip outside of the zone for a bit to pick up some packages from one of Pell's contacts, Saint Nick, considering the nature of the gift-giving mission, and the festive-themed outfits the runners were passed in preparation for the occasion, the runners decided it was rather fitting.

The Plan

Heavy Ordinance charted an efficient route to deliver all of the packages in good time while the other runners got to work preparing the packages so they could have a faster delivery time. Activating the stealth technology on the Rigger Van, M3chan1c got to work driving back into glow city, the runners ready to get to work.

Driving along through the city, the runners had a rather easy time of driving around, the radiation shielding of the van doing its part in preventing the runners from soaking in as many rads from the environment, and the stealth technology preventing them from being spotted by the hostile gangs in the area.

Passing from the moderately irradiated regions into the harsher climates of the glowing neighborhood, Pell began to notice far more irradiated and mutated members of society in the area, after some thought, she discovered this was a region with a rather plentiful population of toxic mages. Though, the runners were able to get through the region safely enough, but, as M3chan1c rolled up to the edge of the deadly zone, he started to finally feel the effects of the region affecting him, nausea starting to kick in, which was immediately lessened by a quick dose of Ondansetron from Pell.

Explaining that he wasn't able to handle going on much further in the zone, M3chan1c sent one of his drones out with Pell to join her on her journey into the later zones, buffeted by her anti-radiation spells and natural resistance. After making a few deliveries to the more severely afflicted members of Rad-City's populace, Pell and M3chan1c spotted a small gang of suspicious individuals approaching with weapons in hand, It seemed like it was time for a fight.

The Run

M3chan1c immediately sent signals to his autonomous drones, sending them blazing off to assist Pell, while jumping into his sniper drone and taking aim to provide fire support as Pell started wildly casting spells, her speed growing immensely as she sprinted down an alleyway to get some cover from the oncoming attack.

As a pair of orcs popped out from the street, Pell expertly leapt into the air, managing to barely avoid a grazing shot from a radiation beam, and volley of gunfire from a machine gun. Turning about, she quickly rolled as she landed, narrowly avoiding a charge from one of the troll gangers, and leap back up to dodge a similar strike from the other troll of the pair. With his drone finally in position, M3chan1c fired off a twin shot at the orcs at the opening of the alleyway, with the first taking the shot straight on and shouting curses, with the other barely dodging and glancing for a chance to spot the unseen attacker.

Focusing her casting Pell released a storm of chaos into the midst of her attackers, doing her best to weaken them for what was coming. Turning to retaliate with her rifles, Pell aimed for the weakened mage, firing off a wayward shot that barely missed her target, she ducked back carefully, preparing for a counter attack. Once again, a massive radiation beam shot down the alleyway, which was additionally dodged by a combat roll from Pell along with the automatic burst from the other orc. Turning about to face the other trolls, Pell dodged a pair of their swings once again.

Realigning his sights, M3chan1c fired off another shot, blowing a hole through the chest of the orc mage who slumped over, bleeding on the pavement as Pell wheeled around with her sniper, firing off a similarly effective blow to the other orc, slashing the runner's number of foes in half.

In a coordinated strike from the trolls, one feigned an attack while the other attempted to properly strike Pell, the pair missing as she jumped back, just in time for a round from M3chan1c to slam into one of their shoulders, followed quickly by Pell's retaliatory strike to the same Troll's gut, sending him sprawling onto the pavement. Just as the remaining troll looked to their ally, another shot from M3chan1c struck them in the shoulder, before they had a chance to react, Pell already lined up her shot, firing off her last shot to render the final opponent unconscious.


The runners stuffed the bodies of the toxic cult trolls and the head of the toxic mage into M3chan1c's Armadillo truck, sending it off for a nice reward from Lord Emberrage before finishing their delivery route. Driving back, M3chan1c groaned as exposure caused him even more pain, though, as they crossed back into the mild radiation zone, the suffering was at least lessened.

After a short talk with Erica, involving her taking far too much pleasure from hearing M3chan1c's strained groans through the drone's speaker, the runners made way for Puyallup, proudly presenting the volcano lord with new victims to 'talk' with and a sick trid from Pell of the mage being evaporated by a sniper round.

Calling up Saint Nick for good measure, the runners happily made their separate ways with their pay for a job well done.


14k Nuyen (7 RVP)

10 Karma (10 RVP)

6 bonus CDP (3 RVP)


1 chip each for Emberrage for both and Saint Nick for Pell

Mechanic's car/drones and Pell's armour need much scrubbing off of radioactive particulates.

Optional, taking from the above rewards:

Loyalty 1->2 with Emberrage for both (2 RVP)

Loyalty 2->3 with Saint Nick for Pell (3 RVP)

Rad-Tolerant (3 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c:"Fuckin' hate rads, just glad I had enough shielding that it ain't gonna cause anything long term. Hope the souls out there got to enjoy the holidays at least, kinda makes the annoyance worth it all."