Weeding the Garden

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Weeding the Garden
Part of The Burning Star of Redmond
LocationGlow City
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Rusted Stilletos
Katherine Tyler
Heart of the Tempest
3 Arms Jeb
Some Gangers
Casualties and losses
None 3 arms Jeb & Spike are dead, huge losses for the Rusted Stilletos


Erica Clements plan some kind of assault on the Rusted Stilettos and Runner are engaged to bring down some leaders.

The Meet

The runners team met on the matrix and discussed with Erika about the whole attack on the stilettos and how they should take them down as quickly as possible.

The Run

After a quick discussion about weather the team should split or not, the team decided to stay as one and to hit Spike warehouse. The place was looked uppon by a lot of biodrone so the team decided to send Shy on the rooftop of the place to use her Barret to shoot a bullet straight through the floors of the building, with a lot of help from Al-Amhar matrix power Shy managed to take the shot and the first target was down.

Next target was Three Arm Jeb, who was hiding in some kind of safehouse in Rusted Stilletos territory, while Erica Clements friend launched an assault on their territory the runner team took advantage of the situation to take the kill on Jeb. Thought the rush to him did go pretty well, Kate ended smashed by the colossus who was high on K-10. Despite the initial success the team manage to get the kill and quickly fled the place.


The operation of Erica Clements was a full success now they are not enclaved in the Rusted Stilletos territory anymore and can now do a bit of smuggling goods and all those good buisness stuff.


30,000 Nuyen (15 RVP) or double that in gear rewards (She pays you extra for the great job, and the members you rescued.) 4 Karma (4 RVP) 2 CDP

Gear Reward Options: Lifestyles up to medium (in their territory in Glow City), Reagents, Foci, Fetishes, Formula

If you get magical gear, see Erica's aspect 'toxic' for slight details on it

Optional Contact: Erica Clements as 4/4 (7 RVP) Can use run RVP to raise loyalty to 4 for Janet

+10 Rep: Followers of the Light -5 Rep: Rusty Stilettos

Ascension Rewards for Kate

The Followers of the Light break their encirclement by the Rusty Stilettos, giving them a free connection to the rest of Redmond. The leadership of the Stilettos is increasingly unstable.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That guy 3 arms jeb he was kind of scary, especially when he smashed Kate with one swing... Well in the end we managed to bring him down and the mission was a success.

Katherine Tyler

Ok...What? That was unexpected and unnecessary. I haven't been hit like that since that run in with the toxic spirits in Glow City. The...other time I was in Glow City. I'm in Glow City way too much!


I am VERY happy I stayed home. This is exactly why I send drones, why I work in AR, why I support those lunatics that put their lives on the line. I don't have a death wish and I never will. Go, run head-on into the irradiated wasteland hellhole. I'll stay far away, thank you very much. Ghost's sake, at least they're alive.