C-Unit 537 - Hunter

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C-Unit 537
Mage Hunter
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
C-Unit 537-Hunter[2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


Made by MCT 30 years back to hunto down fled magical Testsubjects.


Find Jolly, Kill MCT Mages


Made by MCT to capture their other " Magic Secret Tests" C-Unit 537 did a good job for around 15 Years. Constantly being indoctrinated by the Corp he only knew the drill, the threat and the mision. He was told to have little regard for the world or fo who or whatever he was sent out to bring back or terminate. But top of the line psychology, mind magic and PAB-Units can only do so much. And even that he was and still is a Prototoype altogether made it so that there were forming ever so slightly more cracks in the perfect Hunter-Killer-Soldier Personality. Stress and horrific visions take their toll.

On his 138th mission, he was send out yet again to capture another fled experiment. Opposing force was expected but considered weak. "The easiest hunt you will ever have." said his dispatcher as he was flown into the Seattle Barrens. After just some hours of searching C-Unit 537 located the escapee. Expecting resistance he kicked in the door to a rusty shack but found nothing but a crouched down women weeping and upon noticing him, begging him not to kill him. She looked terrified. Having never faced such a reation before, in that moment, his front broke and the part that was just a regular Human took hold of C-Unit 537. He too, dropped to his knees and remained silent in front of the woman, that still watched his every move in horror, expecting her end. It was as if he had woken up from a deep sleep and found himself in this situation. Several Minutes he remained silent and looked around with eyes glazing over. He finally snapped back as he heard his Dispatcher on the commlink basically screaming and demanding to know what was going on. He realised that now, the man in his ear was screaming but the woman in front of him was dead silent. She had begun to slowly move towards the open door, hoping not to disturb the kneeling man that had come to end her life. She screamed then in surprise as he abruptly rose back up. Quick thinking Man cut the connection as he screamed about "how that was NOT weak force damnit". He then turned and with tears in his eyes and cracking voice he said: "I am going to save you." Confused, the woman slo stood up, no directly in the doorway. She wasnt sure if this was just another trick. As she tried to run, the man rushed and grabbed her Arm, but instantly let her go again, muttering "Im sorry". She took notice of his puzzled look but her instincts told her to run and so she did. She could not outrun the man that was still after her. Eventually he got ahold of her again and before she could react, she was handcuffed. Struggling againt the man she reallised him trying to calm her down late. She could hear the uncertancy in his voice and noticed shifts:" I dont know what happened, im sorry, i will get you out of the Labs. I promise. Now walk goddamnit" He maintainedhis face as he was questioned on the flight back to the compound and told lies about what actually happened. Told them that they wildly underestimated her powers, he almost died, and he barraged the Interviewers time and time again with morality questions. Why him, what they do with the ones he brings back, when would he be allowed to visit other places. (He had been around for quite some time and saw some interesting places, that were suppressed by manipulation) He was then put under yet another manipulation treatment. It did not work. Somewhere deep inside the mind of this man, the suppressed Human had taken a stronghold and all the chaos of the broken mind could not entirely be fixed. He remembered her still. So he began to prepare subterfuge for her. He made sure she would get all the pieces of his plans. He did not know if she understood or even appreciated him. He came to the realisation that it must be rough to forgive someone that was sent to hunt you down. New thoughts in his head. He maintained his face in front of his superiors and MCT but next to the new Man forming, deep hatred for the people around him, and especially magic began to grow as well. Years and years of scarring experiences linked to magic phenomena, as well as constant indoctrination to hate and fear magic formed and merged into the new Man. He did not, culd not understand what was happening to him, he hid it so well, no psychologist would have decrypted the mess either. There was only one light in the dark. Jolly, as he found out was the Nickname for the women. So he focused on her survival. It became his only cause. If not for her, he would have never changed. Eventually the gears kicked into action and the pieces clicked in place. She broke out a second time and as per the Plan, he should have been send after her yet again. But the internal agents had uncovered parts of his plans and prevented him from being send out. Worried and broken he went on a rampage only to be restrained and put under heavy treatments and even heavier punishment. However, days later, she still wasnt brought back and he knew she hadn´t been killed either. He managed to find out some mission logs including audio. His hopereginited as he heard her say: "Thank you stranger, after all this, we have to talk." There was a chance after all. But he also knew that due to the uncovering of his plan she would not be safe. So he planned his own escape. he slipped away during his supposed 139th mission. He thought that he would find her in no time but as it turns out, the outsideworld is big, weird and unforgiving. With no real name as he soon discovered, no one was named with Numbers, he stumbled around in the new world, in the shadows of it as he was unfamiliar with it and only slowly becomming accustomed. The rough life on the streets of Seatttle did its rest to the already confused, guilt ridden, magic hating, alienated Man and in what Hunter now considers the Universes greatest Joke, he awakened and became a Null Wizard sometime within a year after his breakout.  Steadily he adapted and managed to find structure for his new life. All the while he never lost sight of his goal. He realised that a Man like him, unknown to the world, practically nonexistent, could not walk the walk of past tactics, he could not return to Corp roots as it would only accellerate the Hunt Squads that are out to get him now and it would pose a threat to Joll as well. So he turned to a world of shadows, where you can achive greatness, or drown as a nameless in the nameless masses. That is how he became a Runner. And his name, well, its a warning for everyone that dares to cross him. He will find them. He knows that it isnt a name for good times. He doesnt know yet which name he will choose once he manages to find Jolly and leave his past behind him. Its quite possible that she doesnt want him and just waits for a chance to say thanks. He made peace with this option. As he learned, you cant have everything in this world. But its worse to not even have tried to get it.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
The Last TabooZerre7 October 2083
There Are No Strings On MeSarcarian1 September 2083
Chaining the Broken MindArchtmagThe Burning Star of Redmond26 February 2083
Bound By the BloodAsmodeus11 July 2082
Prepare For TroubleAsmodeus22 February 2082
Introductory EntomologySarcarian7 December 2081
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YearSarcarian31 October 2081
The Corpse BrideRyncewynde8831 October 2081
Celebrate While You're AheadChrisst11114 October 2081
The LockerChrisst11126 August 2081
Prognosticator ProcurementDarklordiabloNanomachines, Son2 December 2080
Hotline Miamimudge3 November 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Hot Night Crash by Sahara HotnightsDrburst29 October 2080
24K Magic (Hell's Kitchen)Purkinje12 October 2080
Protecting the GentryMalyc17 August 2080
Job Posting: 68109893CFdavyj0nes4 February 2080
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story16 December 2079
If You Have Got Some RequestsDrBurst8 December 2079
The Consequences for Peacful SolutionsEye of the Storm29 June 2079













Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alexey Dorosov 5 2 Fixer Vory Fixer Vory Networker, More Machine Than Ork, Armed To The Tusks, Cybork, Trog Networker, Prototype Collector Even


+4 Atztech



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James Flint (Fake R4)


Body with many many scars


Low cost shirts and Jackets

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