24K Magic (Hell's Kitchen)

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24K Magic (Hell's Kitchen)
LocationHell's Kitchen, Seattle
Result Message thoroughly sent.
Factions Involved
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
A new wiz gang that kept arguing about its name
Casualties and losses
None 5 wiz gangers


A bunch of upstart wiz gangers have been extorting a talislegger in Hell's Kitchen, and the Devil's Butchers need them taken out so they'll stop interfering with their protection racket.


The Devil's Butchers are a small-time gang operating in Hell's Kitchen, where they enforce a protection racket on their turf. One of the businesses in this place is a talislegger shop owned by a woman named Jean Black. Recently, an unknown group of wiz gangers have started harassing her for nuyen and small products periodically; the Devil's Butchers have an obligation to fight them off, but their mage Salami is laid up at the street doc's for the time being, and they don't want to risk going in without magic support.

The Meat

The runners met with a contact named Meatloaf, who explained the situation and dug through a sack of loose credsticks before offering 6,000¥ apiece in exchange for killing as many of the wiz gangers as possible and sending a message. The team agreed to these terms.

The Plan

  • Visit Jean Black's for more information on the wiz gangers
  • Assess the situation and do as much damage as possible

The Run

Jean Black told the team that the wiz gangers had just come by recently, which made it easy for Cryo to project and track their astral signatures. It took over an hour, but eventually she came back to report they were holed up in a barricaded alleyway, where they were haphazardly summoning fire spirits. Jean Black explained that they were a fire-themed gang as best she could tell, and pointed to where one of them had written "fuck" on the wall in cursive with a flamethrower spell.

At the alleyway, Howler turned invisible and snuck up close to the alleyway's one remaining entrance. She planted two high-explosive proximity grenades with the intent of luring them out via that path. This was ultimately unnecessary, as between Cryo's onslaught of frost magic and Hunter's extremely well-aimed sniper rifle shots, the gang barely had time to take cover before most of them were frozen and shattered into bloody chunks. One ganger survived the first three seconds and immediately ran for his life; the team considered their message sent, and returned to Meatloaf.


Meatloaf was satisfied with the runners' performance - especially the part about overpowering the fire wizards with ice magic. The runners were paid as agreed upon via stolen credsticks.


  • 6,000¥
  • 3 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Howler's After Action Report

Nat was a little disappointed when she got home. The plan to lure them out into a grenade trap would have been perfect. But the team just unloaded on the unsuspecting fraggers, and took them out. What a shame. She sat down in her lodge, and closed her eyes. She focused on her connection to Coyote, and called to him for guidance. Taking a puff of Zen, her mind opened and she began to manipulate the mana around her. she channeled it into herself, trying to heighten her awareness and reactions. She could feel it working.

Howler smiled, her skills were improving, Coyote was smiling on her.