Hotline Miami

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Hotline Miami
LocationMiami, Florida
Evans Doyle
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
12 unnamed thugs
Some more thugs
Casualties and losses
None 12 thugs


The team kicked in the door and shot everything that moved. The Johnson was pleased.


An unknown group has had their interests attacked by the Shomogumi-rengo for too long, they hired runners to send a message.

The Meet

The runners met up at a mysteriously empty Stuffer Shack, the Johnson left a commlink with a secure chat room for the team to communicate

The Plan

No plan, just go full Hotline Miami

The Run

The team tossed Neuro stun into the toxin resistant vents which took out some, then they went in and cleared out the rest.


The yakuza front that was hit took a major financial and reputation hit.


20,000 nuyen 1 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Howler's After Action Report

When Howler made it home, she needed a stiff drink. The long flight was uncomfortable, and she wasn't able to properly unwind from the fight. She flipped on the trid, and sat back to watch the news feeds... She couldn't believe it, terrorists? Chemical agents? What a load of drek. It's not like they set off grenades like she originally thought they should.

She flipped off the news after watching the report, and changed the channel. Maybe she'll see what's new on Blood Runners.