No hope for MCT experiments

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No hope for MCT experiments
LocationSeattle / Redmond / Kingsgate
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Cutters MCT Experiments
La Rapide
3x MCT Gun Turret Drone
2x Wolf spider Drone
Gnome Rigger
Troll PTT Burnout Adept
Elf PTT Burnout Adept
Mage PTT
Casualties and losses

3x MCT Gun Turret Drone

2x Wolf spider Drone


MCT was attacked by some of its escaped experiments in Seattle Downtown. During this attack, valuable prototypes were stolen and sensitive data was stolen. Since in the past actions against this group usually led to the sent out special forces (Hunter) also turned their backs on MCT, this time runners were hired to solve the problem. The Runners managed to erase the data on the Cutters' host and track down the experiments with the stolen prototypes in Redmond Kingsgate. After a brief and intense battle, the experiments surrendered. The Runners, however, decided to let them go (or even continue to support them) and falsified evidence of their death. The prototypes and the evidence for the death as well as the deletion of the data were handed over to MCT and accepted by MCT.


MCT has a distinct program to create prototype Transhuman Super Soldier. They try to combine magic and cyberware / bioware as much as possible. One of these experiments is C-Unit 537 - Hunter. Again and again some of these experiments escape MCT and turn their backs on the corporation. Usually MCT sends its own specialists (like C-Unit 537 - Hunter) to recapture the experiments. However, this has already failed twice with this group, because the first escaped experiment had the necessary magic means to neutralize the brainwashing in others. At the time of the run, the group already consists of three experiments and MCT has realized that they must use other means to recapture the experiments. After the attack on the Zero Zone in downtown Seattle and the loss of important data on the experiments as well as some plasma weapons prototypes MCT therefore send the Free Spirit Lady Mischiko which posses the body of the recaptured Jolly (see backstory of C-Unit 537 - Hunter) to fix the problem. Lady Mischiko decidet to hire runners for this Job to avoid loosing other experiments to this group.

The experiments that have given themselves the name Ghost Rider have been working with the Cutters for about 1.5 years, stealing valuable weapons for them. The attack on the Zero Zone in Seattle and the stealing of the plasma weapons was only a cover. The real goal of the Ghost Riders was the data about the experiments to contact or free other like-minded people. They also caused the explosion in one of the towers to provoke MCT so that they would send another Hunter after them to free him as well.

Unfortunately their decker (a member of the cutters) was badly injured during the attack and was fed up afterwards. Therefore he stored the data on the Cutter Host (but not in the archive) but then left for a well-deserved vacation, so that the Ghost Riders unfortunately could not get to the data. Since he didn't want one of his Cutter friends to talk him out of his vacation, he simply didn't inform anyone about the data.

The Meet

The runners (Donnager, La Rapide, Sasha, Shy and Oathbane) were informed by their fixers about the job and also about the dangers because the meeting will take place in the Zero Zone of MCT. Oathbane could only be convinced by Argent to accept the lucrative job in exchange for two favors, because as a technomancer she was rightly very worried about working for MCT. Sasha was not informed about the job by her fixer but by the free plant spirit I'm Plant (What you don't hear in the spirit world). The runners arrived in the Zero Zone and were first thoroughly examined, stripped of their weapons and brought with the help of black bags over their heads to a luxurious conference room in one of the six black and gray MCT towers. They were also asked not to take any pictures. After a short time they were served tea by a Japanese employee to bridge the waiting time until the arrival of Lady Michiko. Using her ghost powers, she and her companions arrived in the conference room in disguise, which looked to all but La Rapide, who saw through the hocus pocus, as if she were teleporting into the conference room.

Lady Michiko gave the runners a short briefing about the situation - prototypes and data were stolen some former employees were recognized during the action thanks to available motion profiles. She underlined the whole thing with surveillance footage of the incident and a minor explosion at one of the towers as well as some footage from the city where you could see the experiments (in SWAT armor) getting into a GMC Bulldog and then being escorted by some bikers. The trail gets lost as the group drives into the orc underground in Snohomish.

Lady Michiko makes it clear that she wants the prototypes, which are experimental plasma weapons, back and the data deleted (for which she provides a hash code to track down the file) without the runners looking at them. She would also like to have her staff back, alive if possible, but clear proof of their death would also be accepted. For the deletion of the data she demands a proof in form of a recording in which also the meta information of the file can be seen to make sure that there are no further copies. Oathbane with the support of the other runners then negotiates the price for their services and can agree with Lady Michiko on 26k nuyen. Lady Michiko also offers that the runners can get cheaper electronics or magical utensils via Mitshuma, should they successfully complete the job. She then says goodbye to the runners because she still has an important meeting in Japan with the words: "Don't try to kid me, I'll take it personally." They will then be introduced to Mr. Miyagi as the contact person for the runners. Who is still available to the runners for questions afterwards.

However, the runners decide to leave the meeting as soon as possible and are escorted back to the entrance using the same precautions as before. They first decide to get some distance between them and the Zero Zone and drive to a parking lot nearby. Once there, Oathbane discovers that their vehicles have been orphaned and Donnager can spot a drone chasing them nearby. Therefore, the runners decide to split up and then meet again in Redmond at The Daze to shake off the pursuers as much as possible.

The Plan

At The Daze, the runners take care of the Legwork. The plan consists essentially of following the trail and finding out where the former MCT employees and probably also the prototypes and data can be found there.

The Run

The runners tried to get information about the fleeing MCT employees via contacts or matrix.

  • Thanks to the recordings made available, Oathbane was able to identify one of the bikers as a member of the Cutters.
  • Oathbane then carried out an extensive matrix search with the aim of finding out whether the cutters were already trying to sell the prototype weapons. Since the cutters are cautious, it was only with some effort that they found out that they had asked some of their contacts whether they were interested in experimental weapons.
  • Shy contacted Commander and asked him to send some of his people out to see if anyone was offering experimental weapons. Commander promised to do that.
  • Shy then secretly contacted Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan to ask if she was interested in an experimental plasma weapon. Kerrigan was interested in the prototype but advised that Shy should not take any risk with her action.
  • Out of a feeling, Sasha tried to call I'm Plant. The plant spirit appeared and Sasha asked him if he had seen the fleeing characters anywhere. In fact, on the day of the attack, the plant spirit stumbled across the experiments and, after trying a few times to find the right human word, was able to tell Sasha that he had seen them in Redmond Kingsgate. La Rapide offers the Plant Spirit a Drum as a thanks for the information.

The team then decides to take a closer look at Kingsgate. Once there, they find the place I'm Plant described after a short time and Oathbane sets out to examine the gang's camaras that are scattered there. With the help of a sprite, he can quickly trace the path taken by the attackers to an area surrounded by a wall that has clear cutter markings. There is a large warehouse on the site. There is quite a bit of cutter activity during the day. From midnight on it gets much quieter and there are days when you can't see a biker on the terrain. After a short discussion, the runners decide together that Oathbane should first visit the public destination host of the Cutters to see if they can find the file they are looking for and other information there.

So Oathbane makes his way to the cutter's destination host via VR. She finds a professionally set up host who tries to look like a real store. Of course, at first glance, you can only buy legal things. Oathbane looks around there and realizes pretty quickly that there are two other hosts that are nested in the destination host. An industrial host and a data host. She decides to do a real ileagal purchase to come across as serious. So she speaks to one of the Cutter Personas, who then also willingly provides her with a second mark and leads into a separate sales room in which a selection of weapons up to assault rifles are presented. Oathbane decides to buy an Ares Alpha which should be delivered to her the next day. She then asks if she can take a look around, whereupon the cutter leaves her alone because he doesn't see her as a threat. She uses the opportunity to gain access to the data host by means of "hack on the fly". The Patrol IC, which was specially set up for her, did not notice the attack. In the data host which looks like a sixties office scenery she starts to search for the file and finds it quite fast. She calls a sprite for support which should delete her signature immediately so that MCT cannot gain any data about Oathbane when recording the deletion of the file. She notices a level 5 data bomb on the file in time, but fails to disarm it. The other runners can see blood running from Oathbane's nose. Unfortunately, the Patrol IC present in the data host also becomes aware of Oathbane. She hurried to delete the file because the data bomb was not prepared to destroy the file. Before the host could react properly she was already out again and told the others that her problem with the file was solved.

The team decides to take a closer look at the cutter's warehouse and waits until after midnight. They are lucky and there is no cutter on the property when they enter. They climb over the fence or in Sasha's case levitate over the fence or in Oathbane's case let themselves levitate over the fence. Sasha then decides to summon an force 5 air spirit that appears in the appearance of a biker. Sasha has one wish with the spirit and orders him to hide the team with his power "Concealment". They sneak to one of the doors of the warehouse and examine it thoroughly for traps. Since they can't find any, they open the door and enter. The team discovers three MCT Gun Turret Drones on the ceiling and two large Wolf Spider Drones patrolling the hall. La Rapide also discovers a greater plant spirit in the astral space. While the automated drones do not see the team, the plant spirit spots them and disappears into the floor. The warehouse is a bit cut off from the matrix so there is noise and some evil events in the past have also led to magical background count. A few seconds after the plant spirit disappears, a rigger logs into one of the wolf spiders. Both wolf spiders activate their Vinidcator and the rigger can at least detect Oathbane. One turret takes the runners under suppressive fire while the other drones try to take out the runners. La Rapide activates a Bodyguard BTL to protect Oathbane and becomes addicted to it. Donnager can draw much of the enemy fire. Shy takes out the tower that has been suppresing the Runners and Sasha tries to hit both Wolf Spiders with a Lightning Ball. The rigger can run for his life, but the autonomous drone is hit. Oathbane kills the RCC of the Rigger and thanks to the help of a Noisgenarator the autonomous drones are also taken out quite quickly.

The runners examine the vehicles in the hall but cannot find anything profitable. So they turn their attention to a five by five meter concrete box with two doors. Sasha opens the door without a closer examination and is hit by a knockout spell that was attached to the door handle as a preparation. La Rapide examines the entrance - but does not succeed in discovering the alarm warden. Due to the firefight, the three MCT experiments are already prepared for the appearance of the runners, but now they know exactly where they are and can prepare themselves accordingly. The runners enter a former subway station that stretches over two levels. Before the Runners go downstairs, Oathbane decides to wait in the van and support the Runners via the Matrix instead of being physically present. A large round hole in the middle leads directly to the bottom, alternatively there are two stairs that can be followed down. Donnager decides that the direct way through the hole is the best and jumps down. The other runners try to hurry to catch up with her. Donnager jumps directly between the greater plant spirit and the three experiments that have formed a shield formation at the lower exit of the facility. The Troll Adept is in front while another Adept armed with a Plasmarifle and a Mage are behind him. All three shine through the armor spell that has been placed on them. With all the Beta and Delta Grade Bodyware as well as there Magical ability as a tier three initiate the three experiments are battelhadend dangerous enemies. Since Donnager has proven her presence with a nice little stunt, she also directs most of the fire at herself. Some throwing knives from the troll, hot plasma from the plasma rifle, and lightning bolts from the mage fly in her direction. During this time, La Rapide takes care of the plant spirit, which in return tries to devour La Rapide. Sasha tries to keep the experiments in place with the spell "glue strip" so that they can throw a grenade at them in case of emergency. Oathbane notices that the plasma rifle the adept is using is not wirelessly active, but she discovers the other plasma weapons in the troll's backpack and keeps the option open to blow them up if the situation looks bad for the runners. Instead, she concentrates on supporting her comrades via the matrix. Shy manages to take out the mage with two well-aimed shots. The mage falls unconscious to the ground and with him the spells on his comrades expire. The two remaining experiments decide that it is better to try to talk to the runners than to die a meaningless death. At least there is still hope that the runners just stumbled upon them by accident. After a short discussion it becomes clear that the runners were sent by MCT and the experiments make it clear that they would rather choose suicide than return to MCT. The runners decide not to deliver the experiments but to fake their death. To do this, Shy arranges a safe house through Commander and suggests recruiting the three, to which Commander agrees. Oathbane has some real data on mangled dead sent to her via Zigzag and uses this data to produce some images that look like the experiments died from the explosion of a grenade. She also takes blood samples from the experiments to give as additional evidence. Furthermore, the data from the experiments' biomonitors are faked and prepared for submission as well. The others are also able to convince Shy not to let any of the plasma weapons disappear to give them to Kerrigan.

They leave the facility and contact Mr. Miyagi who is not pleased to hear of the death of the experiments and is somewhat skeptical but asks the runners to come to Mitshuma downtown with the evidence and prototypes. To get ready, the runners freshen up once again and put on good perfume. Once there, they are again taken under the same security measures as before to the same conference room where Mr. Miyagi is waiting for them. The prototypes are received directly by MCT employees and Mr. Miyagi looks at the evidence. Through some clever lies, Mr. Miyagi can be convinced that the evidence is real. The examination of the blood samples also supports this impression. Mr. Miyagi congratulates the runners on their good work and hands over the promised reward. Mr. Miyagi affirms that MCT will continue to use the Runners in difficult cases in the future. What meets with little opposition. The runners then hastily leave MCT HQ in Seattle via the same route they came in and check their vehicles for bugs. They could not find any.


Commander has access to three battle-hardened MCT fighters. If they attract MCT's attention during an action, MCT will send "friendly" greetings to the runners.


  • 26.000 Nuyen (13 RVP) or double amount for Magic related Gear or Electronic Stuff up to Availability 19
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • + 5 Rep MCT
  • Oathbane: +2 Chip for Argent
  • Shy +1 Chip for Commander

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Finally got some good action. Too bad it was on behalf of a megacorp, but at least I got a load of gear out of it. I'm always opening suspicious doors with Magic Fingers from now on. Also, I'm Plant is the best, but we already knew that."

la Rapide

Well, well, well if those weren't Hunters friends. Who knows, maybe I'll drop a note to him, maybe I won't. We'll see how they fit into that insane squad of Commander, and what I make out of it.


Report of Operation "Swamp Lion" : Contact was made with MCT about recovering numerous assets that were steeled from them. Plasma Weaponery prototype to name it, all of this was stole by their own PTT soldiers. Operation did go smoothly we did recover the Weaponery and the N-51 now count a few good recruit. Commander and Le Bourguinion will have to oversee the follow up of this action and prepare to any counter operation from MCT


Oh, my. Dancing through the air, plasma bolts singing past me, each one powerful enough to melt straight through even the heavy armour I was wearing with a good hit? I've never felt more alive. Plus, we got a lovely payday. Good, good run.


I swear to lord of the underground, that my heart was racing so fast being in that place and with all of the things that could go wrong for working with the fregging <error, error error missing due to unknown reasons>...Those type of weapons is not something, I would like to be wielded by everyone