The Last Taboo

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The Last Taboo
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Unknown Wendigo
Angra Mainyu
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
2 Force 8 Beast Spirit
Casualties and losses
None 2 Dead Force 8 Beast Spirit


An ork student disappeared and the runners have been engaged to find it back.

The Meet

The runners team met the Johnson, Rodney Goodman who seems to be a good friend of the father of the disappeared guy. He offer 6k nuyens if the runners found the whereabout of the boy. The team don't really negotiate as the J promise to pay more if the think get a bit rougher. After the team accepted the J offer some information (com-code of the parents, some details about his personnal life like the fact he gobelinised only 3 year ago when he was 20)

The Run

The team first decided to go at Neal's mother house where he reside, after a quick search they found out is comlink and that he probably left of his own will. In his comlink Heracles found some details about his life. He sold some drugs, has a friend named Kyle Reed and a girlfriend Leah Nash, but he kind of stopped his activity during the last month.

With those information the runners did go to Neal's university and tried to find his friend and girlfriend, they managed to trace them and Angra Mainyu go and talk with them both getting some information about a native american named Eyota that seems to have started talking with Neal a month ago, her girlfriend Leah think he was cheating her but now she is more than worried.

Then the team decided to look after Eyota and after some necro spirit use and a bit of work from Heracles the runner managed to get an hand on her. She spill the bean immediately telling she work for an "association" the cremesin fraternity and that Neal joined them. After the discussion Hunter and Angra Manyu left and got attackted by 2 force 8 Beast spirit that they managed to dispatched. Kera then projected to the place where Neal was supposedely hold captive and found him alongside a Wendigo that attacked her on the astral. She make her report to the team who decide to get to the J's to offer the information.


Rodney Goodman take the information and pay the runners while immediately preparaing for another call to runners so he can free the Ork


Run Reward for the "Last Taboo" :

-6k nuyens (3 RVP)

-8 Karma (8 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

Optionnal Contact :

Rodney Goodman (4/3) (6 RVP)

Count as initiation for Ahriman who learn that sometimes...Magic fuck you up

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Angra Mainyu - Fine. I admit that banishing something that powerful at my current level was not wise. Next time, however. Next time I'll ace it. My technique was not off, only my strength. This can be remedied. This can be improved. I can make myself better.