Prognosticator Procurement

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Prognosticator Procurement
Part of Nanomachines, Son
LocationEverett, Seattle, UCAS
Good Boy
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
Seattle Private Security Solutions Team
Casualties and losses
3 Security Staff


"We have need of a man of certain talents to investigate... a problem the Haven has uncovered. The people currently in possession of this particular man will not be interested in releasing him. In addition, We require a member of the community known as 'NCL' who has seen a certain document of import to be present on this job. You know which document we speak of."

The Meet

It's a frigid, sunless day in Everett, so naturally Purkinje comes two hours early to the meet to get some scans done, and Good Boy comes an hour early to look for sticks, and demand random bystanders throw them for him. The rest arrive after the Johnson has settled on the beach with his picnic blanket in his suit.

The Johnson explains that he had been asked by Peter Solemnus, a mage being forced to work by Futuretech Analytics, to be extracted, but couldn't afford to pay, so the Johnson had offered his skills in divination to a group that was willing to purchase his freedom, on the condition that he performed an Augury for them, on the possible future research recently stolen by haven runners could represent. So, the runners were to extract the soothsayer, and then help him with his ritual.

The Legwork

Purkinje was quick to search up most of the relevant information about the corporation that they needed, from the expected security to the reinforced steel vault in the middle of the building. A quick meat visit and a stakeout provided the team with the information that there was a skeleton crew on duty overnight, and that their best bet was to enter through the parking garage underneath. Purkinje looked for some cameras in the host, but it seems that there were none of relevance on that floor.

The Plan

They were going to bust in through the parking garage, sneak around, access the vault, and GTFO. If they got caught by security, they went loud. Other than that, the plan was to make it up as they went along.

The Run

Purkinje made a quick host dive to open the garage door, while fooling the system into thinking that it was still closed. They then accessed the stairwell, and ascended to the third floor, where the vault was. After tapping the fire grid sensors on the stair doors, Purkinje disabled the alarms to let the team in. Purkinje then accessed some of the cameras on the floor to give them an idea of what they were facing.

The team busted in, Yata and Galatea, Purkinje's anthrodrone, gunned one guard into unconsciousness, then Good Boy and Hunter disabled one who came from the other side of the building. Meanwhile, Purkinje watched a spider form in the host, but she left before they even started to investigate.

Galatea cut through the vault door, to reveal a man who's image matched that they had on the profile from the Johnson, but just to make sure, Hunter used psychometry on him, nearly causing the null mage to be sick as his mind was assailed by all the possible futures and foretellings the mage he was examining had been witness to. Pleased that they had their man, The team prepared to leave. However, the soothsayer informed them that any plan involving using a door was doomed to be painful. So, naturally, Galatea cut a hole in a window, kicked the pane out onto a hapless guard three stories down, and the team escaped down the side of the building. Apparently plans involving windows were doomed to be painful too.

The team escaped, then reconvened at Solace for the ritual.


Peter Solemnus set up his little table and lodge, then cast a bag of dragonbones to the question "What future does the monad cyberzombie research create?"

He foretold a dark, chaotic apocalypse, a world at war between the magical hive and the organic machines of death.

He foretold of metahumans only existing to be vessels for the war, and the technomancers being wiped out, for being too dangerous.

He foretold of the world going dark.

He foretold of the end of days.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I was surprised when this one landed in my lap, but I guess fate works in funny ways. Maybe I'm interacting with a greater prophecy. I mostly played oracle for this one while the team handled the physical infiltration. The host was small enough that I was able to get by using my complex forms, which weren't detectable. I'm proud of Galatea! She sawed a vault door open! The Marcus Special won the day! I guess there was a silver lining to all the doom and gloom - there's still hope. If we act now, we can prevent the end of the world. The Archivist showed me that sometimes, fate can be changed. I'm going to give it my all.