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This metaplot deals with the infestation of Spinrad Global and Evo by Null Sect. Relevant sources include Chrome Flesh 8-25 & 130-155, Dark Terrors 70-87 & 120-132, and Kill Code 136-155.


Spinrad Global

After NeoNET fell, Spinrad Global rose to take its place in the corporate court, becoming a AAA megacorporation through a series of mergers and acquisitions under the cybertech firm Spinrad Industries. They're the new kids on the block in the corporate world, so it remains to be seen exactly what they'll do; so far, they've been making a reputation for juvenile media control and extensive, bizarre cybernetics that fall in line with an image of looking as radically cool as possible. However, those in the know may have noticed a worrying trend. SpinGlobal arose from a major cybernetics corporation; cybernetically augmented people are at greater risk for CFD infection; SpinGlobal owns most of the assets of the fallen NeoNET, the corp directly responsible for the creation of CFD. Johnny Spinrad himself is extensively augmented with cyberware. On top of that, there are xenosapient strains of CFD, and at least five Spinrad Global hosts have been seeded by the xenosapient horrors Null Sect - more than have been seeded in any other AAA. If SpinGlobal hasn't already been compromised, it may have to fight off a very troubling infection soon.


  • Make real, real cool cyborgs! Especially ones that don't look like metahumans anymore! Cyber-centaurs, extreme body mods, it's awesome!
  • Be rad and bad, with '90s 'tude! Nothing is wrong! Everything's awesome all the time!


  • Johnny Spinrad


The former employees of NeoNET are still around today, and they're a bunch of pissed off, tech-savvy SINless with an axe to grind. Their insider knowledge of NeoNET's assets makes them a danger to SpinGlobal and anyone else who might want to seize them. With their matrix know-how, they represent a group that could possibly combat Null Sect. However, their fallen home corp was the one most responsible for creating the tool Null Sect is now using to "reprogram" metahumans, and so many people don't trust them. Whether they can be trusted has to be decided on an individual basis, as they're no longer an organized corp but a sprawling mass of smaller teams who stuck together in the aftermath of the Corporate Court's decision to delete them. Not all ex-NeoNET groups will share the same goals, in other words.


  • Survive.
  • Take revenge on people profiting from NeoNET's fall.
  • Secure the matrix against Null Sect.
  • Fight the influence of CFD.


Ever since losing the Gagarin Mars base to the Monads, Evo has been trying to figure out a way to reclaim their assets and make "productive citizens" out of the Monads remaining on Earth. This hasn't been easy, as the Martian Monads are extreme isolationists who destroyed all ships in the vicinity of Gagarin. Meanwhile, Null Sect has secretly seeded one of Evo's space program hosts. While it doesn't appear Evo is the direct target of Null Sect, they may be aiding Evo's efforts to reestablish contact with Gagarin.


  • Reclaim Evo assets on Mars.
  • Study the Monads for ways to control them.

The Monads

During the outbreak of CFD, Evo's base on Mars was lost to the Monads - metahumans who had been infected with nanites that overwrote their personalities with matrix beings. The Monads have gone dark, severing contact with Earth and claiming Mars as their own. Some remain behind on Earth, but their allegiances are unclear, as it's difficult to understand a Monad's behavior. There are rumors that Mars hosts have been seeded extensively by Null Sect, who traveled there through the matrix. Given that xenosapient intelligences can infect people with CFD, that Null Forms can munge matrix entities, and that Null Forms are xenosapient intelligences, it is possible Null Sect is trying to take over Mars and replace the Monads, then link up with Evo to bring their army of metahuman bodies to Earth. The Monads may have already lost the battle - there's no telling, given the lack of contact with Mars. Some Monads on Earth are known to be working against Null Sect, lending further credence to this theory. They're said to offer far more help than is often expected of them given their alien nature, and many don't trust their motives, but some people have found allies among them.


  • Remain in isolation on Mars.
  • Oppose Null Sect.

Null Sect

It is difficult to understand what Null Sect is after. They delete information that concerns them from the matrix, and they do so with such frightening speed and precision that coordinated efforts to gather intel on them are regularly thwarted. However, their downfall is that they don't understand metahumans either, and they sometimes delete things that no one knew was of any concern to them. Following this pattern sheds light on them, as does looking at their patterns of host seeding. Where they set up, they flood the area with Null IC, which clear the way for the sapient masters. Null Sect is sort of a hive mind in this way, though that's an oversimplification. What they want is total domination of the matrix and the exclusion of outside entities, whether from meatspace or the resonance realms. While they might not understand meatspace, they have been shown to work with people in it to accomplish their goals - people high up in AAA corps. Where did Null Sect come from? Why are they doing this? Nobody knows.


  • Acquire total control of the matrix.
  • Terminate all technomancers, as they are the only ones who can banish Null Sect permanently from a node without destroying it.
  • Terminate or munge all non-null matrix entities, including AIs, sprites, and technosapients.
  • Use non-virtuakinetic meatspace beings as tools in pursuit of the above until they are no longer useful.
    • Meat beings are inefficient. We will reprogram them to improve their processing power for our needs.


The Road to Hell

This subplot concerns a specific branch of the Null Sect's approach to matrix conquest. Research paydata was uncovered by the Haven, research concerning using nanotech to make technomancers vessels for control by Null Forms.


The Order of the Delayed Calamity

The Order is mostly composed of Awakened and Emerged individuals who are dedicated to stopping or delaying the various apocalypses the Sixth world presents. They operate in secrecy, acting through shell companies and middlemen. However, after the emergence of the Null Vessel research, they have begun interacting with the Haven on a more direct basis.

  • Forestall the End(s) of Days
  • Destroy the Null Vessel Research
  • Stop the Null Sect from getting a stronger grip on the world
  • Destroy the Null Sect
The Null Council

Whenever people have the option to gain power, some will rise up to attempt to abuse that power for greed or the oppression of others. The Null Council is a perfect example of this. When Dissonant technomancers, greedy deckers and wealthy corporate types get together, they reveal the worst side of the matrix.

  • Make Money
  • Accrue Power
  • Enslave People
  • Rule the Matrix
  • Create a Super Null Vessel
    • Use the SNV to spread their Mass Control CFD.
  • Undefined


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