The Locker

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The Locker
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Laesa Syndicate
Minor upstart syndicate wannabes
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
Casualties and losses
A fair amount of resources


The team get hired by the Laesa syndicate to wet-work an individual. As much as they could send some of their own individuals to do it, runners are expendable assets, and don't require re-arranging what people are doing to fix.


An individual by the name of Virgil Haynes has owed the Laesa Syndicate a substantial amount of money for a substantial amount of time. The syndicate is bored of his excuses and bulldrek, so hire a couple of runners to ensure he does not continue to go about breathing. It's easier to make money disappear back into the syndicate's pocket if it's not being watched closely.

The Meet

The Johnson asked to meet the team in a bar in Downtown. The name was written in Sperethiel, and the team prepared for dealing with far more elves than they expected to. On their arrival, pushed AROs allowed them to skip the queue. Once inside, Ansel pushed through the teeming mass of bodies and they headed downstairs to the basement levels, where the lasers and neon lights of the club above were replaced by plain white lights. Their Johnson, an elf with an attitude problem, asked if they were willing to geek an individual for 22,000. When the team started asking more questions, he refused to say anything further, pointing out that until they were bound by contract of the job, divulging information would be a breach of OpSec. Having established his position as a Johnson who plays hard-ball, he flat out refused Ironclad's attempts to negotiate for extra cash. The runners get a basic run down of the information the syndicate has, including a last seen location. A decision is made that the NuYen will be paid on receipt of Virgil's head, as physical proof the deed is done.

The Plan

There was no plan, the team chose to throw caution to the wind. That being said, they did call a few contacts and discovered he was still in the area, as well as discovering that there was an operation to start cooking drugs, specifically Bliss, to compete with the other syndicates and gangs in the area.

The Run

The team pile into Maria (Ansel's car), and drive off towards the Barrens. Knowing they're packing some heat, they decide to go through Renton, figuring that to be the connecting district with the most lax security checkpoints. They get waved through both of the checkpoints with relative ease.

As they drive through the barrens, they become ever increasingly aware of the fact that they're being watched by the residents, and they get a fair number of dirty looks as they drive. As they get closer to the warehouse, they run towards a makeshift road trap consisting of a series of spike strips and 4 heavily augmented gangers who level weapons in their direction. Ansel pulls a drift that enables the passengers to open fire on the gangers, as well as removing the spike strip from the road. The team trades fire with the gangers for a little while, though it is mostly one sided as Ansel keeps Maria and the team inside reasonably out of harm's way. Including a pair of grenades that got hawked in the direction of the car.

Once the runners had dealt with the roadblock, Ansel continued to gun Maria towards the warehouse. Fortunately for Ansel, Rasputin spotted the trap that was lying in ambush for the vehicle and it's team as they travelled. An Aztechnology Striker pointed in their direction. Ansel was only just able to drift Maria down a side-street in order to avoid the resulting explosion, however that brought issues of it's own. At the end of the street, lines of mono-filament wire were strung out, obviously meant to deter people from accessing the space beyond. Again, Ansel pulled a feat of driving genius with a bootleg turn that had them facing in the right direction to leave. Deciding he didn't want to risk another striker, he deployed a flying eye with flashpaks to go and cause distractions whilst he raced back up the street. A ramp provided him a solution to the final obstacle, a blockade of wrecked vehicles that surround the warehouse.

Once inside the Blockade, the team takes up positions, and the fly-spy heads inside the crumbling building to attempt to locate their target. In a turn of convenience, their target was stood in the hallway near to their location. They set up an overlapping fire pattern and start shooting through the wall. A quick spray of automatic weapons fire later and their target has been geeked. They go to take the head and find the gangers inside starting to retaliate. Head secured, they cram back into Maria, stuffing the head into a bag that Ironclad had brought for this purpose, and make their escape.


As they speed away from the warehouse, the sober gangers in the warehouse take potshots at a retreating Maria. Ansel laughs, for she does not get hit. The team take the head of Virgil Haynes back to the Johnson, who authorises the payment to go through. He's happy to work with (mostly) competent individuals, and will take news of their accomplishments back to the Laesa Syndicate


  • 22,000 NuYen
  • 1 karma
  • +1 faction rep with the Laesa syndicate
  • +2 CDP
  • Ironclad develops a Mild addiction to Kami

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


And THAT is how we do it in Boston! Those gangers and that wall had nothing on us.


Quick and easy, just how we like it. We were one hell of a team, the team's crossfire and Ansel's driving was awesome. Would work again.


I liked these guys. Professional, efficient. That driver was no slouch either. The manuevers they pulled? Insane. Perhaps even more insane was that old man. Still got results and good ones. Too bad for that drug runner.