Laesa Syndicate

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Laesa Syndicate
Elven gang and crime syndicate
"All the best vices for just the right prices"
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle, Puyallup, Tarislar

Faction Information


The Laesa Syndicate (aka, The Forgotten) is based in the Seattle sprawl, and is both an elven gang and a crime syndicate.


Making money

  1. Dominate the drug market, particularly for designer drugs
  2. Dominate the telesma market
  3. Protect elven refugees
  4. Protect Tarislar

Major Locations

Seattle Tarislar (Puyallup)


King Midas


The syndicate emerged from the terrorist group, Rinelle ke'Tesrae which seeks to overthrow the government of the elven state of Tir Tairngire.

However, Laesa is focused on making money, not fomenting revolution.

They have allied themselves with the Sinsearach elven tribe, members of the Amerindian Salish-Shidhe Council to cooperate in smuggling ventures. It absorbed the local elven gangs in the elven enclave of Tarislar, where it based itself. Members are often trained in the elven martial arts, or in skills useful in smuggling and selling various vices. They recruit young disaffected members from the ranks of the Ancients. Known for negotiating with rival criminal groups, and are allied with both the Komun'go Ring and the Ancients



Current Status

Health Summary



Argent1FixerStreet-level Fixer
Briar5FixerLaesa Fixer
Heavy Metal1ServiceBodyguard
King Midas6FixerFixer
The Steward2ServiceParasecurity Expert



Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Diggin'Fangblade_15 November 2084
Throwing ShadeSarcarian12 May 2082
Amnesia RushOnebi9 December 2081
There's Always Love for SaleSarcarian27 November 2081
There Goes the NeighborhoodSarcarian25 November 2081
Pressing the AttackSarcarian24 November 2081
Breaking the IceSarcarian22 October 2081
The LockerChrisst11126 August 2081
A Smuggler's StartKorean BBQ23 July 2081