Komun'go ring

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Komun'go ring
Tightly organized Korean syndicate
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle

Faction Information


A Korean syndicate that expanded their power considerably during the Tempo craze. Their main trade, and the backbone of their business, has been organlegging and human trafficking.


Keep exploring new revenue alternatives to Tempo.

Major Locations

Throughout Seattle, their influence is in many ways exerted through their allies at their locations of power.


Chulsoon Grey-Wolf - leader

Ju Kon - lieutenant of prostitution and bodyware

Sutton Lao - lieutenant of magical contract work

Kaz Yakamura - lieutenant of drug operations

These are the known leaders of the Komun'go Seoulpa Ring, all in all there are 11 lieutenants working under Chulsoon Grey-Wolf.


The Komun'go, same as the Choson ring, was created after the Yakuza tried to purge Seattle of the Seoulpa rings. Most of the surviving members joined the Choson ring which should have left the Komun'go dead in the water. Their leader, the half-amerind Grey-Wolf, made the inspired decision to open up membership of the Komun'go to Amerinds. This dramatically strengthened the Komun'go in their weakest moment and helped facilitate the strong alliances made with the Dogmen and later the First Nations. Unlike the Choson ring, which has tried to expand their membership, the Komun'go prefers to keep their numbers low and favours a very tightly knit organization of power.

From the beginning the Komun'go has been strong in the organlegging and human trafficking business. They operated the Body Mall until the Yakuza nearly torched it to the ground, in their efforts to find new streams of revenue the Komun'go came to an agreement with the Ghost Cartels about handling the Tempo trade in Seattle. This resulted in tremendous growth for the Komun'go, if not in size then in influence and wealth.

It didn't take long for the Yakuza to figure out who were behind the Tempo trade and the Kenran-kai were tasked with finishing the job of wiping out the Komun'go. People don't agree on whether the Komun'go were responsible for what happened next, and they certainly aren't talking, but there is no doubt that the deaths of the Kenran-kai Oyuban and the chief sokaiya of the Shotozumi-gumi in a casino bombing perpetrated by the mob were extremely timely and fortunate for the Komun'go.


Dogmen, First Nations, Tamanous, Blood Mountain Boys, Choson Ring.


Shotozumi-gumi, Kenran-kai, Koshari, Ragers, Cutters.

Current Status

Health Summary



Jea Eun Red-Deer6FixerFixer



Notes on PC membership

As stated above, the Komun'go ring is not much for expansion, choosing to keep a tight organization with fewer members than most syndicates. As such it should require a significant investment in order to acquire the 'Made Man' quality.

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