A Smuggler's Start

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A Smuggler's Start
GMKorean BBQ
LocationWest Coast
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Laesa Syndicate
Knight Errant Tir Tairngire Coast Guard


The Laesa Syndicate hires Pollux, Flyboy, and Doris to smuggle drugs from the Tacoma Docks to Cara'sir.

The Meet

The team meets a Laesa Syndicate representative at a warehouse in Tacoma tucked away near a wharf. He offers them wine and mentions that King Midas has a request to smuggle a shipment of drugs from the Tacoma Docks to Cara'sir via the sea. Due to increased security on the normal land routes slowing their drug operations, the Laesa Syndicate is trying to judge how stringent at-sea security is to see if a boat smuggling fleet is worth investing in. The Johnson states that the pay is 20,000 nuyen, with an alternative payment method being 40,000 worth of watercraft equipment if they agree to continue working with them. The team agrees to his terms without negotiating, as nobody wants to risk annoying Moth's dad.

The Plan

After checking charts, Doris determines that there are no especially good options to avoid the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the best route would just be straight down to Cara'sir along the coast. The team heads down to the Tacoma Port Operations office to fill out IMDG [1] export paperwork as a cover story. Doris calls Mint in an attempt to buy a large quantity of turnips to declare on the forms, but unfortunately Mint is out of turnips due to a recent blight from the poor water quality. Pollux calls Da-Xia Wu to grab several cases of liquor instead. Doris does a matrix search for Cara'sir import and declaration forms, and finds more paperwork to fill out on their end.

Flyboy's Panther is to act as a lead screening vessel, matching speed with Doris' houseboat at an appropriate distance.

The Run

Pollux rides with Doris, storing all of her weapons in the ship's smuggling compartments with the drug shipment. Doris summons a water spirit to help protect her vessel while at sea, and her old friend Vibing Manting [2] answers the call, more than happy to stick around and hopefully chill for a full day at sea. Flyboy slaves both vessels to his RCC and pilots both on the way out without incident, freeing up Doris to play with her new Radio Shack Cyberdeck.

Once outside the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a KE patrol boat with three agents and a mage pulls over Doris for a routine inspection, claiming that the houseboat's movement into open ocean was unusual. They scan Doris' and Pollux's SINs and perform a basic inspection, finding nothing. However, upon questioning Pollux and Doris, the agents get suspicious and detain the two while they perform another search. The two comply with only a little arguing. Sensing things going poorly, Doris calls Flyboy to move close to provide fire support, posing as a nosy rubbernecker, while ordering Vibing Mantis to help conceal the smuggling compartments from the watcher spirit and the coast guard agents. She also begins gaining marks on the lead agent's commlink and squelches him to prevent any reports from getting back to their HQ for now.

The agents find nothing and are satisfied with their second search, releasing Doris and Pollux. Once they're on their way, Doris formats their vessel and forces it to reboot, stranding them at sea for 5 hours until they manage to reset their boat.

The Tir Tairngire Coast Guard stop them for inspection on their way into the Columbia River. While Pollux and Doris can't speak Sperethiel, their paperwork is in order and Flyboy is able to translate for them. The Coast Guard releases them. Pollux is able to stealthily pilot the houseboat into the disused portion of the Cara'sir docks where the team makes the dropoff.


The team is paid for the dropoff and makes their report to the Laesa Syndicate, who are happy with their work and their intel.


  • 40,000 NuYen in Watercraft or Watercraft Upgrades OR 20,000 NuYen
  • +1 Laesa Syndicate Rep
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yes! A textbook smuggling operation! I think. If they even have textbooks on smuggling... This was my first real job like this, but I think it went great! A little close, but it all worked out in the end. I'm just glad that Pollux isn't an especially bloodthirsty operator and I didn't have to jump overboard or sink that Coast Guard boarding craft. Also, I'm totally a real decker now! Can't wait for more Laesa work, too! I'm sure Moth will hear about this. But for now my boat is off to Ms. Hekmatyar's yards for the ultimate upgrade...


That went rather well. Getting cuffed and searched was a bit of a pain admittedly, but fortunately Doris' spirit managed to keep the drugs hidden even on their second sweep. I'm quite impressed with how well I managed to bring the boat in to the dock too, considering I had never even been on a boat before, let alone piloted one. Hell, most people with a care for their vehicles wouldn't let another person even touch the steering wheel, but I guess Doris had faith. Still surprised by how spiteful she is though, her cuteness really makes it catch you off guard.


All in all a job very well done. I was slightly concerned when the Johnson was talking about a notable increase in magical activity but Doris clearly had that well under control! I was impressed by Pollux's ability to take to water and find her sea legs like that. Hope I left a good impression on the Laesa lot, wouldn't mind working for them again! Now, work to be done, adjustments to be made!