Job Posting: 68109893CF

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Job Posting: 68109893CF
LocationEverett and Auburn
Result The runners completed their run the scrying mirror is in the hands of Giovanni Montalban.
Factions Involved.
Ciarniello Family Rose Pennington Ophelia Chen
Commanders and leaders
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
Casualties and losses
Ophelia Chen Brutus the Hellhound Rose Pennington???


Giovanni Montalban wants a scrying mirror, the owner Rose Pennington doesn't want to sell it to him and she's on her deathbed.


Paladin, Baobahn Sith (BB), and Hunter meet the Johnson at his magic shop in Everett. The Johnson explains that he wants a black mirror and that it is located at a home in Auburn. After agreeing to a price, the runners set off to snatch the black mirror.


Hunter and BB get into Paladin's Shin Hyung sedan and head toward Auburn. When they get into the neighborhood, BB gets out a block before the house and jumps up onto the roof of the house. Paladin performs a data search and learns that the house is owned by Ophelia Chen a caretaker for the elderly. With BB sees that a hellhound is outside in the backyard. Paladin picks the lock to the front door, she places a DMSO-Narcojet grenade and wirelessly detonates it. Ophelia is knocked unconscious, and the hellhound comes running in but is also affected by the toxin. The BB and Hunter search through the small house and find four black mirrors. BB assenses them and finds the magically active one. Paladin wraps them all up to take them back to the Johnson. As they leave the house mysteriously explodes. After returning to Giovanni's magic shop they tell him about the explosion. He tells them not to worry about it and pays the runners for their time.


Giovanni now has a powerful scrying mirror and the powerful spirit that inhabits it. It is unknown whether Rose Pennington will return to this world.


10000 nuyen, 4 Karma

+1 Ciarniello Family

Player AARs



"Hey, yeah, okay. So this talismonger or shop keeper or whatev hires us to nick this thing and getting info is like pulling teeth. Turns out the owner is this old black magic lady? Okay, we get a few more details, decide the direct approach is best, head over, case the place. Turns out the pet hellhound is doing his duty/doody in the backyard, so we decide to make use of the moment. I sneak in, get the lock done, we head on in. I find the old bat and she's two inches from death. I was gonna pop a Dimmynarc on her but it might have pushed her over the edge. So I find the caretaker. Apparently she's an adept. She doesn't see me, SHE gets to play with the dimmynarc. Once she's out, we start looking for mirrors, turns out there's several. Hellhound comes back in, sniffs his owner, of course, the stuff gets all over his paws and he goes down too.

'We pack up the goods and head out and as we're driving away the place GOES UP. KABOOM. It was massively effed up so I tell the team to assense the mirror if there's some death curse coming out of it or whatev and go back to the J and explain the thing. He apparently projects, comes back, and tells us the fireball was suicide? Holy hell. Anyways apparently the rules on haunting are ambivalent if it was a suicide. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be slathering my apartment walls in FAB."

Baobhan Sith

Sometimes being dual natured can be a blessing, other times a curse... Certainly made it easy to find the right mirror this time, even if we did take the extras, if for no other reason than to make it seem like we didn't know what the target one was. Too bad about the old lady, but she made her choice.