Celebrate While You're Ahead

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Celebrate While You're Ahead
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Humanis
C-Unit 537 - Hunter


The runners were hired on behalf of KRIME Corporation to help promote their upcoming expo where they were going to be revealing a number of new products that they and some of their subsidiaries had been working on. The runners successfully engaged in overt PR work on behalf of the corp and helped promote the expo.


KRIME corp is an up and coming corporation that strongly markets towards the troll and ork communities. They're planning an expo to promote their new market releases and need some help promoting the event. As such, they decide to hire runners to promote their products, the expo itself, and reaffirm their anti-humanis, pro-metahuman stance.

The Meet

They meet the Johnson above a coffee shop in Snohomish. On the way into the shop they meet a vampire who puts them all on edge, however they realise quickly she isn't their Johnson and move on. The excitable troll that meets them upstairs explains the situation and asks them to complete several tasks:

  • Vandalise a billboard along the interstate with imagery of a troll's head and the Krime expo details
  • Take a number of T-Shirt cannons into a concert and utilise them. Then make sure they get connected to spreading the merch
  • Attack a meeting of the humanis policlub with Krime cocktails, then provide the J with footage to use in their promotional work.

They are offered ¥4,000 each for completing the billboard vandalism or T-Shirt cannon usage, or ¥8,000 for completing both, and a further ¥8,000 for the attack on the policlub.

The Plan

The team plan to hit the objectives in order of difficulty, spacing the tasks out by their time restrictions. The billboard being done on the day of the hiring, the concert 3 days after that, and lastly attacking some members of Humanis several days after that.

The Run

The Billboard Vandalism

The easiest of the tasks, the fully awakened team decide that the easiest way to get this done would be through utilising the assistance of a spirit who knows how to use spray paints. After a quick stop at stuffer shack for spray paint, Zephyr calls forth a spirit to carry this out. A member of the team creates an image to be replicated due to the ethereal nature of spirits and their abstract understanding of the world rendering it unlikely to be able to stick to a design brief that KRIME would find acceptable. It takes a few moments for the spirit to fully replicate the image, however when they're done the team are happy with what they've been able to produce

The Concert delivery

Pell took the lead on having a poke around the concert hall that was going to serve as the target of the KRIME T-shirt cannoning. The band that would be playing, "The Red Daughters" an all-awakened, all-female classical group that used their magical abilities to enhance their performances, were only a small-time group, and the security reflected this. However, as she had a look around one of the members of the security team caught her, and she was forced to move along before finding a suitable location to smuggle the cannons in. Instead, she put in a call to Miles Imaus, who was able to lend the team a large speaker which they could gut and use to hide the cannons in instead. Disguising themselves as members of the stage crew, and relying on Baron's ability to be simultaneously a smooth talker and an obnoxious distraction, and with a little concealment provided by another spirit, they were able to sneak the cannons into the building.

Midway through the main act's performance, the team distributed the cannons amongst themselves and started launching merch into the crowd. Unfortunately there was a malfunction with Baron's cannon, and it jammed as a member of the security team jumped on him. Some very quick talking later and the security troll was holding the cannon and Baron was out of side, the team running full tilt out of the building, only narrowly avoiding a full confrontation with the security team.

Frag Humanis

Hunter put's in a call to Alexey Dorosov to see if he has any leads on humanis events happening in the not too distant future. It takes Alexey some digging but he eventually gets back to the team with details of an indoctrination occurring in a few days out in the woods of Snohomish, away from prying eyes. The team stakes out the site for some time, however the rundown ring of buildings yield little in the way of help. On the day of the indoctrination they sneak up through the woods to the site, the sound of angry anti-meta chanting and roaring fires drowning out any sounds the team might be making. At the height of the ceremony, the group started raining KRIME cocktails on the metaracists. Those that survived the initial attack found themselves trapped in a burning circle of bad times, and were left to their fate. The footage was then sent off to the Johnson using the provided burner commcode the team were provided.


The expo was a huge hit, and the corporation will remember the runners assistance in making it happen.


  • 16,000 NuYen
  • 4 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • -1 Rep with Humanis
  • +1 Rep with KRIME

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Between the Billboard and the concert jobs I have learned that there is no problem that can’t be solved by the proper application of spirits, doesn’t mean that there aren’t easier ways but just that it can be done. When it comes to the Humanis job it wasn’t the most pleasant job but I think the world will be better off with a few less racists in it.


Ah yes, another incredibly so wonderful appliance of my ever so amazing skill of being incredibly annoying bastard and a silky smooth talker in same time. We also encountered an infected vampire... Seemingly minding his own buysness, regardless he did not bother us nor we him. Had an oppotunity to give gift of ring of fire to Humanis. Always wonderful. Did not steal a heli to steal a sign sadly.