If You Have Got Some Requests

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If You Have Got Some Requests
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result Insert false records into Aztechnology's database concerning a weapons shipment that was seemingly purchased from Krime.
Factions Involved
C-Unit 537 - Hunter
Cyber Knight
Units involved
(Runner Team, consisting of Cyber Knight, Hunter, and Hakari (6-man Security Team (Aztechnology) Combat Augs, SMGs, stun batons)
(Laés was employed to wipe the memory of Aztechnology's decker.)


Employed by Krime to perpetrate a foundation run against Aztechnology, with the goal of doctoring AZT's records.


Krime wanted a runner team to fake AZT's purchase history, as a means of providing a smokescreen to justify importing a large number of weapons. They don't care how it's done, as long as it's done, and the AZT decker can't remember a thing.

The Meet

The ShadowHaven runners made contact with the Johnson at a greasy-spoon style of family diner run by an Ork matriarch, who seemed to be the very embodiment of hospitality. The J himself was 45 minutes late, though our team was comped free food for the inconvenience by the vivacious matron who seemed to be in charge of the diner. She referred to the J as 'Willie' when it was suggested the food was being taken out of our pay for the job.

The diner itself seemed to be positively bustling, with a remarkable portion of the clientele seeming to be other runner teams, suggesting that this particular Johnson has his fingers in many different pies concurrently, the suggestion seeming to be that while he wasn't financially challenged, much of his means was tied up in the various different projects he was engaging runners to handle for him. Additionally, there was a pile of random odds and ends, containing at LEAST a Krime Wave LMG, though certain other pieces that were mentioned to be in the pile were only a few steps above rubbish. Perhaps worth investigating further?

The ShadowHaven team ended up accepting 24k nY per runner for the mission.

The Legwork

The team worked together to identify a way to lure the AZT decker out of the arcology, landing on the idea of telling him he'd won a travel-voucher to Mars in a sweepstakes, making use of our Fixer contacts to get in touch with Billy Mays, a professional Novacoke-pusher and trid-salesman aficionado. Our Fixer friend also helped advance us a portion of the job's escrow to fund renting a conference center in Downtown Seattle where we could meet the mark, enough knockout drugs to put a small elephant to sleep, and finally a Vory-operated 'clean room' to handle the mark and get them to see things our way.

The Plan

Our options were to make a foundation run against AZT, or to lure out someone who had access to affect the changes we were asked to make. Since the decker originally slated for the job didn't show up, plans had to shift somewhat, and we ended up going with the social-engineering solution to the problem. It was a fairly simple honeypot scheme, identify what the target might be drawn out by, and dangle the bait to see if he'd snap it up. After that, we simply have to convince him to do a good job cooking his corp's books in our favor, Laés him to make sure he doesn't remember what we asked him to do, and get out clean without being caught.

The Run

We naively hadn't anticipated the security team that accompanied the AZT decker, and were forced to think on our feet to scheme a way around them, lest we become involved in a firefight with an armed, augmented team of corp-soldiers and potentially lose our chance to nab the target and complete the mission the easy way.


Krime was able to import large numbers of weapons with a feasible cover-story, which Aztechnology may or may not discover and wonder why they don't have any of these Krime weapons in their inventory. We don't THINK the AZT nerd can identify any of us, or knows who we were working for, so the odds of blowback hitting Krime are minimal. This does, however, mean that there are large numbers of illegal Krime weapons on the streets, potentially contributing to higher rates of violent crime in the area. It does reflect well on ShadowHaven's reputation that the run went off rather cleanly, though, to say nothing of our individual reputations.


  • 2 Karma
  • 21,167 nuYen
  • +3 Krime Rep

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: Krime is life, Krime love and any time is Krime Time.