Prepare For Trouble

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Prepare For Trouble
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Triple Trouble
C-Unit 537 - Hunter


Two yaks hire runners to steal a Pikachu Awakened rodent.


The yaks like trafficking cool stuff. They've found cool stuff!

The Meet

Called to Puyallup, into yakuza territory, Triple naturally starts thinking of disguises and chooses the god damn mayor of Seattle of all things. Hunter and Tahki aren't quite that paranoid however. On the terrace of a bar, a pair of well dressed Kenran-Kai members are waiting, explaining to the runners that MCT occasionally delves into some animal research and that there's an exceptionally unique specimen in Seattle right now. Taken as a pet by a mid-level executive of MCT, it's in his home for the time being instead of a secure research facility; the perfect moment to strike.

Naturally, the runners agree.

The Plan

Contact is made with Powers, a Horizon talent scout who might know a thing or two about this executive fun land. He does give a couple pointers; the apartment block in question is for corporate individuals to buy another home to stay in while they have business in Seattle. It's not meant to be a permanent home, but someplace to stay and fit their lifestyle in case they need to visit the sprawl for weeks on end. The security tightens the further up the building you go; 1-2 floors are for low level employees, 3-5 have heightened security in terms of locks, access cards and scanners and 6-7 are for high level executives with constant drone patrols. He gives this information to Triple, but requires a favor in return while they're there.

The Run

Triple manages to arrange a meeting with a corporate saleswoman, posing as a mid-level exec aiming to buy an apartment from the fifth floor. Tahki and Hunter pose as her bodyguards and dress appropriately; almost immediately Hunter's required to do some counterspelling as in typical fashion the saleswoman attempts to influence Triple's mind into a more favourable outlook regarding the apartment. He helps Triple resist the influence spell, then cooperates with Tahki to distract the representative as Triple excuses themselves to the apartment's restroom. In reality, however, they sneak off with the help of improved invisibility (thanks, Tahki) to infiltrate the MCT executive's, Mr. Hayabusa's, apartment across the room. It takes some finagling with the fingerprint scanner, but eventually the damn thing does what Triple wants and a frenzied search occurs, trying to look for any and all evidence of a pet. It's only after they notice a wall with two door handles in the middle that they pull the sliding doors open and enter a laboratory enclosure, spotting an electrified chipmunk in an enclosure. It's feisty and attempts to shock Triple several times before escaping. Triple chases it to the balcony, catching it before it manages to fall down and stuffs it inside of their bag. It's a feisty animal, but can't quite bite through Triple's clothing with its regular rodent teeth.

The sixth floor wasn't a huge issue either, thanks to improved invisibility allowing Triple to sneak past the drones, attach a stealth tag and a camera above a certain door to fulfil a favor to Powers, then carefully sneaking back to an elevator that refuses to work with the maglock passkey properly for a few times. As the drones get suspicious from the errors, Triple decides to hotwire the damn thing instead and returns to the fifth floor to extract their 'bodyguards' before mentioning that the apartment isn't to their taste. On their way out, they quickly get in a car and start driving off as the alarms go off, the open enclosure having triggered it eventually.

Tahki even had to stunbolt the stupid rodent as it began chewing its way out of the bag, causing him to scrub his signature before they left.


The yaks are delighted to see the rodent and stuff it in a very well insulated Faraday cage, paying luxuriously for a job well done. Sure, Jamie isn't quite satisfied with this as it's his money they're spending, but Jessica was persuaded by Triple to not give them pocket change. Besides, they left practically zero evidence, so it's pretty well done for a discreet thievery job. They deserve every piece.


  • 18,000 Nuyen
  • Breaking & Entering Gear, Fake SINs or Drugs up to 15 Availability
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 Kenran-Kai Reputation

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I did not anticipate the job to be that easy. All i had to do was prevent some minor mindfluence and gluespray a hole in a briefcase. I also got a good chance on working my my List. For now Tahkis seems to have gotten the point but im not sure that was enough. If only every job would work as smooth as this one.


"So the J wants us to steal an electrified rodent from a highly secure building in a double A zone? Sure, why not. Triple Trouble was amazing, with her slick words and even slicker body mods, coming off as a Ares Corp stooge looking to upgrade his digs. Hunter was a bit of a tool, wanting to get all aggressive with me cause of some things I may have said on the chat, but he was easily mollified with a few lies to soothe his savage conscience. Mostly all I had to do was look professional and cast some invisibility; at least until the pooch started acting up, then it got a stun bolt for it's actions. All in all a job well done. Pleasure working with at least one professional... Ha Ha HA!"

Triple Trouble

This was a ridiculous run paid for by complete idiots. My teammates were a bit weird, especially this Hunter fellow. Gives me bad vibes. Tahki seems to like trouble almost as much as I do.