Protecting the Gentry

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Protecting the Gentry
Decoy, Susurros, Deimos, C-Unit 537 - Hunter Humanis, Hand of Five
Casualties and losses


a new job that's been offered to the Haven."Look, I really hate doing this, but I'm out of options. I've asked KE for help, but they laughed and claimed they have no time for freaks, same with everyone else that doesn't give a frag. But, where kindness fails, we'll see if there's anyone that'll do it for money... Meet me at these coordinates at 8 pm, if you're interested."


Johnson was throwing a party and had information the Hand of Five intended on crashing the event and hired the runners to safe guard the party goers.

The Meet

Meet took place at a bar in Tourist city called "The Place." It was a standard meet and the runners were more than happy to deal a blow to Humanis and the Hand of Five.

The Plan

The runner with immediacy staked out the location the event was to take place, inside an abandoned school. They planned on setting up a mine field consisting of preset proximity smoke grenades and gas grenades. They sealed off every entrance that was unneeded for the event. They setup magic security and mundane patrol and used the roof to have a lookout point in order to spot danger.

The Run

While the runners were waiting for the event to start they spotted an enemy advanced recon scout. They proceeded to interrogate and probe his mind. They took his commlink and called his handler and tried to reason with them. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view the Extremists would not see reason and the runners were force to continue the guard duties and wait for their inevitable assault.

As the Event was kicking off the runners spotted two party goers that were out of place and proceeded to magically manipulate them into a rather erotic rendezvous with each other in a sealed off private room. That handled they proceeded to deal with a emerging threat from across the north parking lot. Thanks to intelligence gleamed from the mind of the newly found lovers they were forewarned and forearmed, and the threat was picked apart by a "gravity well" spell, spirit's "noxious breath," a smoke grenade, suppressive and direct fire.


The Hand of the Five were Doxxed and Decoy got lucky with the Johnson. Runners paid in Full and then some.


10000 nuyen (5 RVP), 8 karma (or 4 karma and Father Figaro at connection 3, loyalty 1)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"You know, I'm a big fan of helping the underdog. Especially when that underdog is actually part canid."
"So we got in touch with the J, a kinda cute Changeling woman, got some wolf in her genes. She was after some help with some threatening communication from Humanis concerning the OtherCon, a Changeling social gathering. All pretty straightforward, cover the joint, make sure the partygoers have a good, safe night."
"Surprisingly, things went almost perfectly to plan. We rocked up, did some recon, gave a scout a temporary mind wipe, and set up a minefield of smokes and DMSO Narcoject. On the night, I gleaned the identity of a couple infiltrators, pulled the plan from their heads and kept them... distracted while we handled the strike team. With all that said, the rocket launcher surprised me. I decided pretty quick to try out my new trick from Gaia, and kept the enemy team on their knees while we disabled them. The rocket barely made it a metre. Finally put my new armor to the test as well, the many bullets just pinging off me. Which reminds me, I should send Hand of Five my repair bill for the robes I was wearing over my FBA. We know where they live now."
"All in all, very clean and tidy. No casualties, the party wasn't interrupted, and we got a nice data dump on Hand of Five."
"No accounting for the J's tastes though. She went home with Decoy. I mean, she's missing out."