Trust the Process

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Trust the Process
LocationHell's Kitchen, Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Nuclear Warlocks of Salvation
Sweetie Sinful
Zombie Process
Casualties and losses
A slightly more porous Barracuda and a brain damaged Cricket A number of Warlock gangers


A run in which the Hellraisers defended their hotel from an invasion by the Nuclear Warlocks of Salvation. After being bated into attacking the Warlocks' empty headquarters, the wiz gang launched an assault on the seemingly defenseless hotel. After a massacre from Twitch's traps and a fight that left everyone but Sweetie almost dead, the Hellraisers managed to beat the Warlocks back and keep their hold on Hell's Kitchen.


The reputation of the Hellraisers is tenuous at best. Between the constant explosions and rumors of infection among their ranks, most people in Hell's Kitchen wouldn't trust the gang as far as they could throw them. Attempting to capitalize on this, the Nuclear Warlocks of Salvation began putting up AR ads across the shantytown talking drek about their rival gang.

The Meet

It was a normal morning at the Iceberg when Cricket, while cooking breakfast, noticed one of these AR ads floating by. Incensed, she dropped into hotsim to trace its location; forgetting about the egg she had cooking and starting a massive kitchen fire. As Barracuda and Sweetie scrambled to save the hotel, Cricket tracked the advertisement to a local squad of Warlocks led by a cyberadept named "Zombie Process". Some on the ground legwork from Sweetie and Barracuda dug up the location of their base, and the team decided to head over and drive the Warlocks out. This proved to be a mistake.

The Plan

Barracuda and Sweetie, along with the cyberdoc Zenny, drove up to the Warlocks' base while Cricket hacked from the hotel. Barracuda had some sort of social infiltration plan, which fell through when he kicked down the door and realized that the Warlocks had bamboozled them. Cricket noticed Zombie Process's icon a few meters outside of her door, and decided to throw a data spike at her anyway. The rest of the team raced back to the hotel while Zombie Process started hacking Cricket's lock.

The Run

Despite throwing everything she had at the technoadept, Cricket couldn't take Zombie Process down before she got the lock open. Despite her attempts to stall (egging ZP on to finish their duel, claiming to want to join the Warlocks), Cricket was fresnel hooded and handcuffed. The rest of the team walked in to see her being dragged through the hallway. Barracuda raised his shotgun, Zombie Process raised her hunting rifle, and the fight kicked off.

As the bullets started flying, Zombie Process put a sporting rifle round right through Barracuda's shoulder. The Warlock's cybered up streetsam charged Zenny, knocking him out with a single punch. Cricket puppeteer the streetsam's cyberware to force them to stab themselves, nearly killing herself from fading in the process. As this all went down Sweetie and the Warlocks' face made bedroom eyes at one another, slipping a live flashbang between each others pockets. Though the flashbang eventually exploded, another spark was lit and the two retreated from the fight to enjoy each others' company. Barracuda got shot again.

In defiance of god, the universe, and objective reality Barracuda managed to pull out a win. He knocked Zombie Process unconscious with gel rounds and slapped a trauma patch on Cricket. Just as he was about to load up another round for Twitch, who hadn't been seen since the ambush, the little bastard came downstairs holding a number of severed heads. Apparently the Warlocks upstairs hadn't had as good of a time as the ones in the lobby.


After some debate, it was decided that the Hellraisers would let the surviving Warlocks go. Cricket and Zombie Process got into an argument over whether coming to an opponents house with a gun was cheating in a hacker duel, being stopped from a fistfight only by their near fatal injuries. Sweetie and the Warlocks' face exchanged numbers.


11 Karma 6 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"That cheating fraggin' slitch. I was so hyped to have a real cyberduel and she just shows up at my room with a gun? Coward drek. And then she had the nerve to try and recruit me into her dumbass wiz gang. Like wow, the fresnel bag you stuck over my head really sells the pitch huh. I'm glad we came out on top (even if I went a little too hard with the threading), but if I ever see ZP again it's on sight."