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LocationHells Kitchen
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Knight Errant


Cricket wants Catharsis to prove she's worthy of being a Hellraiser.


Having recently joined the Hellraisers, Catharsis may have gotten her rock for Barracuda but has to prove she's got some mettle to Cricket.

The Meet

After being rudely disturbed from a relaxed evening by Twitch, Catharsis makes her way downstairs, disarming almost all of the paint grenades Cricket has set up, except one. Covered in paint, she makes it downstairs to the Iceberg's kitchen, and talks with Cricket. Cricket wants her to vandalize a nearby KE precinct's host.

The Plan

Told that Cricket wanted to be 'impressed', Catharsis sets up a plan to create a massive mural inside of the host of Cricket's persona surfing atop a falling meteor over the skyline of Seattle.

The Run

Hiding behind some dumpsters, Catharsis enters the host, looking around she notices a 'break room', a foundation entrance. Figuring that the best way to impact the host for her plan, she should risk jumping into the unknown. Opening the fridge she grabs a mark and heads downwards into the host. Waking up from unconsciousness, she wakes on a horse in a desert dressed in ash covered cowboy attire. Finding a wanted poster for 'Blacktooth Stevens', she heads into the ramshackle town of Culdera. Heading into the town's tavern, she orders food and beer, and gets acquainted with the local hooligans. They don't like that she's much of a bounty hunter, and bust a bottle over her head. Taking their 10 paces, their leader grazes Catharsis before she returns with deadly force, leaving him dead in the ash as she returns inside. Grabbing the taps, she sculpts the host. The light fixtures changed to nuclear symbols, the ceiling and floor swapped in side of the criminal files, the mural painted, and 'ZP WAZ HERE' scrawled across the front of the building.

In order to stick with the Paradigm, Catharsis finishes with her sculpt, and heads after Blacktooth Stevens. Following a shootout with more of Blacktooth's minions, Catharsis heads into the bunker the outlaw is hiding in. Heading into the bunker, she's caught off guard by the outlaw, and they begin conversing--And in their conversation, begin to trigger Major Variance for both parties. Scrambling to get out of the bunker after it seals them in, both decker and technomancer begin to ride for their lives. Some horse drifting, a lot of prime charges, and a very near death experience later, Tar Mama and Catharsis spilled out of the Foundation back into the host. The host, in chaos from Catharsis' sculpting, doesn't spot either of them as they re-emerge on the public grid. After a brief conversation, they part ways, Catharsis encouraging her to get in contact with Messner Vukotic.


Waking up, Catharsis finds Zenny and Cricket hovering over her body, trauma patch in hand. Some brief goofing around later, the group breaks as the sounds of sirens begin to ring into the alley.


-Perfect Time at chargen price (5 RVP)

-6 karma (6 RVP)

-2 CDP

+5 Hellraisers rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Absolutely need to do some more research on Foundations before I jump head first into one again. Hopefully Cricket will be happy with the effort I put into framing the Nuclear Warlocks for this at least.