Sculpture Stealing

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Sculpture Stealing
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
"Nacho" Ignacio Vives Telene
Casualties and losses
1 patrol car (not the car's inhabitants, just the car), 2 bound spirits


Summary: The runners are hired to steal a sculpture from the middle of downtown, displayed in the Olympic Sculpture Park.


The Meet

The meet took place at the Raven's Nest club downtown, with Mr.Rudd as the J. Nacho had to sneak in to avoid risking his SIN being blown, but everyone else got in without a hitch in the end. He explained that one of his buyers wanted the sculpture, but the artist wasn't willing to sell. He outlined the basic setup of the park, and tried to scam them out of most of their pay. Luckily, strong negotiation skills prevailed.

The Plan

After the meet, the group hopped in Hamilton's truck and drove near the sculpture part. There, Hamilton sent up drones to oberve the guard rotations and layout of the grounds. Delphi went astral and discovered two fire spirits that were also guarding the park. Following this the group rented a bankrupt pizza parlor to crash in and plan. Using the data from the drones and astral observation, they deduced the optimal time to drive in with a truck and steal the sculture.

The Run

After Wires called his fixer to rent a truck with a heavy robot arm for loading, Hamilton threw together some disguises for the group. Delphi then traveled near enough to the park to hack the shipping schedule and add an entry matching the group's description and vehicle.

Later that night, with Hamilton and Wires sitting up front and Delphi and Nacho in the rear, the van pulled up to security outside the park. The guards found their disguises, schedule entry, and demeanor satisfactory and allowed them access. Hamilton quickly backed up to the statue and began lifting it with the van's arm and Nacho's assistance. With the sculpture in tow, the group had almost left when one of the fire spirits noticed them and decided to raise the alarm and pursue. After a brief chase, both spirits were defeated, one by Delphi and the other got konked by the van's arm. Additionally, a KE patrol car attempted to follow the van, but Wires shot out the axle, totaling the vehicle.


The group arrived at the drop point well ahead of schedule and collected their bounties.


10,000 Nuyen

4 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"This was one of my cleanest runs to date. Time for the four run food groups

QUICK: After a day of recon, we were able to secure the van necessary to pick up the damn thing

CHEAP: We rented the safe house and I fired a single bullet. I believe Nacho fired a few but not how many.

DIRTY: Sometimes you need just the right amount of dirty for the job. This job, that was none. No casualties, no injuries, only a little asset repossession

DEADLY: As above. Exactly as Deadly as required, which was not at all.

I'm the kinda guy that likes to kick back, smoke me cigar, and let the other runners do all the fussing about. Delphi and Hamilton did most of the legwork while me and Nacho played parcheesi; I helped a little disguise wise and shot the patrol car, but again Hamilton and Delphi dealt with the spirits. My kinda time.


Not a bad job overall - snatching a piece of public art felt kinda scummy, but it's not exactly the worst thing I've had to do in this line of work, and they can always get another statue. It felt a bit weird to handle both astral and matrix concerns, but I think I acquainted myself fairly well if I do say so myself.


Renting an old beater that can't hit the speed limit, let alone push it to grab a statue and go has to be up there on the daring scale. If not for my gear and piloting from VR, getting that crusty-ass truck in unseen wouldn't have happened, and if not for that shot to the axle of the police car we'd all be in jail 'bout now. I wasn't prepared for that sucker punch I gave that spirit, I was much more expecting it to duck or retain its form, not get pimp slapped back to the astral.