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Well Informed, Well Connected
Probably a psychopath or something
Contact OwnerCal1ssa
Public Contact?Yes
Preferred Payment MethodInformation, Services, and "Services."
Hobbies/ViceGossiping, Flirting, Getting wine-drunk.
Personal LifePolyamorous
AspectsDirty Laundry
Vipers' Nest
White Hands
Black Tie
Maybe Gonna Give You Up
Toys of the Trade
Blood Runs Thick
Just for the Night
Tastes Just Like Poison
Varied Clientele


Alexander MacCochran was raised within the complex social web of the Seattle Mafia. While his family never had much prestige and mostly enforced for other mob families, Alexander proved to be excellent at navigating the currents of favor and power within the Mafia. After a time it became clear to the ruling families that he was more threat than asset, so Alexander was quietly excised from La Cosa Nostra and left to weave unsupervised in the, as he would soon learn, much larger web of Corporate and Elite Seattle. He has for the last decade been a well known buyer and seller of information in the shadows under his taken name "Adam."

GM Notes

Alexander suffers from psychopathy and struggles with guilt and empathy. Unfortunately he is also a charmer and naturally draws people to himself with his good looks and pleasant teeth. Think Kilgrave from Jessica Jones or Chris Pratt. Pretty on the outside, horrible on the inside.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Maybe Gonna Give You Up Despite how many firm hand shakes and serious faces Adam gives, he is easily tempted by the prospect of new information, and is often more than willing to trade information on his clients for it if he thinks he'll get away clean. If such a situation occurs, roll 2d6. if the result is greater than or equal to 7 minus Loyalty, Congratulations! Adam is feeling professional or likes you enough to not sell you out. Otherwise, well, Adam learned some juicy new gossip and some not-so-juicy things are in store for you.
Dirty Laundry Adam seems to take a concerning amount of pleasure learning things he isn't supposed to know. +2 DP on skill tests to uncover this type of information.
Vipers' Nest Where there's one, there's many. Adam's been in this line of work for some time and he's made a lot of 'friends.' If you ask nicely he might even introduce you to some of them. +2 DP to Networking tests with Assassins, Fences, Spies, and Snitches.
White Hands, Black Tie When he's not wading in the dregs of society (That's you omae!) Adam frequents banquets and soirées to rub shoulders with the elite. +2 for Networking with persons of High lifestyle and above that are likewise socially inclined.
Toys of the Trade If nothing else, Adam is well-dressed. +2 on Gear acquisition tests for high-fashion armor and disguises.
Blood Runs Thick Despite being politely disowned from the Seattle Mafia, Adam still knows a lot of the lowlifes that make the mob tick. +2 on tests that involve the Mafia
Just for the Night Adam apparently knows his way around the flophouses and seedy motels in Seattle. +2 on skill checks to locate safe houses and to Network with sex workers.
Tastes Just Like Poison No stranger to "unique" flavors, Adam has dealt with everything from roofies to Ricin in his career. +2 to acquire or identify poisons.
Varied Clientele Adam will tell you that dealing with shadowrunners is his favorite part of the job. And he does it a lot, evidently, as half of the runners you've meet have either dealt with or dated him. +2 DP to locate or to Network with Seattle runners.


Knowledge Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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