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BioGen Transparent Logo.png
Building a Better You
TypeBioware & Cyberware Corp
Player May JoinNo
Area of OperationSeattle & Atlanta

Faction Information


A new player in the Seattle bioware and cyberware markets, BioGen is making its own niche by focusing on helping wealthy SINners disappear.


BioGen specializes in two things: homegrown bioware, especially the bioware made to enhance personal beauty, and helping its wealthy clients disappear off the grid by modifying RFID chips, providing new SINs, and providing death certificates for the previous SIN.

Major Locations

Headquartered in Atlanta, CAS

New facility in Seattle, UCAS


The Board of Directors, CEO, and CFO are all publicly known, but reside in Atlanta.


BioGen began as a small subsidiary-owned laboratory specialized in culturing bioware. As the market has exploded, BioGen began providing overflow sample development for several key players in the CAS capital.

As the Atlanta bioware market stabilized, major players designed and developed their in house production to match needs--at least in their wealthiest clients. As a result, BioGen's side contracts slowly dried up, and by necessity it was time to rebrand their business.

While all companies dabble to specialize in shadiness, the cornerstone of BioGen's business model is its customer mortality rate. After losing contracts with other players in the market, the price for services and the percentage of clients who were pronounced dead from complications SKYROCKETED.

And yet wealthy SINners still flocked to their operation. It's not subtle.

Now, many corps begrudgingly view BioGen as a tool to erase the paper trail for stolen personnel. Sure, anyone can issue a new SIN...but by going through BioGen, it becomes more difficult to trace assets from one corp back to another.

And so, with their exorbitant prices and often "lethal" services, BioGen now looks to expand to the Seattle market to cash in on the plethora of big name subsidiaries full of talent ripe for the taking.



Current Status

Health Summary

With business booming in Atlanta, BioGen is opening a new location in Seattle. With its incredibly high population density, the Seattle market is resilient enough to hold another bioware provider.


Ms. Johnson

Middle-aged Elven Lawyer

Working out of an apartment office in Auburn, Ms. Johnson is BioGen's face to the runner world. If anything should happen, she does not exist and the Biogen has never, ever heard of you.





Narrative Significant Runs

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