New to the Neighborhood

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New to the Neighborhood
Part of Building a Better You
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Miles Imaus


A simple middleman run goes wrong when the runners decided to do some legwork. A tripped alarm alerts the business owners and--instead of facilitating the sale through building rapport, the team facilitates the sale through extreme violence towards an innocent party.


BioGen, a small to medium player in the Atlanta bioware and cyberware market, is moving to Tacoma in order to provide SIN-clearing and custom bioware services. BioGen Laboratories found a building that met the needs of their organization; the building was large, had ample power services, and--due to its location in Tacoma--struck a nice balance between relative safety and relative anonymity as was required of their business model. Unfortunately, the building was not currently for sale. Through local legal counsel, BioGen hired a team of runners to coax the current owners, (Evander Glenn and Miles Imaus,) to sell their location.

The Meet

J's remote office is located inside a nondescript apartment building near an industrial park in Auburn. The team assembled, introduced themselves, attempted to negotiate a higher fee from their J. Unfortunately, BioGen had already set aside funds for the runners and funds for the purchaser. It was implied, however, that the team might be able to negotiate a lower cost of sale with the purchaser in order to increase their fiscal rewards for the endeavor. After accepting the job, the team received dossiers on AnthroCustoms and its current current owners.

The Plan

Deciding that their best chance of success and increased financial rewards was in blackmailing Evander and Miles, the team decided to break into the AnthroCustoms business at night to seek out business records, personal information, and anything else that could be pertinent to their mission. From there, they'd use any information gained as an advantage in their negotiations.

The Run

Vip3r disabled video feeds as Southpaw and Iceland dropped onto AnthroCustom's roof from a nearby parking garage. Realizing that the troll was too large to get in through the ventilation ducts, the team sent Iceland into the building while Southpaw lowered themselves to the back door. After navigating her way out the vents and into a break room, Iceland opened the back door for Southpaw to also enter. Unfortunately, Vip3r had forgotten to also disable the door alarms.

In mere seconds, she had disabled the door alarms, preventing an outside defense team from being called, but Evander Glenn was working late, and looked to investigate. The strike team decided to fall back, but Charitas pulled an audible. Donning a Haloweeners disguise, Charitas shattered the front doors with a brick and started shouting to draw attention from her strike team. Evander retreated to his office to arm himself while Southpaw and Iceland moved into the building. There was a firefight between Iceland and Evander. Charitas supported with spell-casting as Southpaw broke into Evander's office and Vip3r bricked Evander's gun. As the weapon's slide locked before it could fire on Southpaw, she chirped "Sucks to suck" before bashing him in the head with a riot shield.

Evander began to tumble out a second story window, but was caught at the last moment by Southpaw. Charitas and the others made the attack look like gang activity, splashing paint everywhere and fled the scene of the crime.

Miles was still dazed by the news of his business partner's assault when the team approached him about the sale of the property. Decision-making duties for the business fell to his shoulders since Evander was incapacitated, and--given the sudden influx of gang activity--Miles decided to sell the building. Those members that decided to take a reduced cut of the profits in order to help with Evander's medical bills were rewarded with Miles as a contact for future dealings.


Evander is in a coma, and Miles has liquidated their assets. Sarah Glenn, Evander's daughter, is looking for revenge on the Halloweeners. And our runners will always double-check that the alarm has been disabled.


20,000 + 2 Karma or 17,000 + 3/1 with Miles Imaus as contact

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well... That sure don't feel good. Full on three ring circus with all the clowns out. Feel like I embarrassed myself in front of some pretty capable folks, and I put a good guy in a coma... He didn't deserve that. And what's with his scumbag business partner? Guess the elf just had to hold his tongue until the guy was in a coma, huh? Ugh, what a mess...




You win some, you lose some. And sometimes you really, really screw that shit up. I'm sure there won't be any long term consequences for our actions though...