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"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."
RedditSedatedAlice, Creator of Unicorn Glitter
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D.O.B.July 21, 2057
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


Charitas was born talking, or so her mother claims. A social creature at heart, Charitas is at her best when she's using her skills to help those that need her - whether that be bargaining for the homeless or helping her team extract information from a target. She is deeply religious but does not push her views on others - instead, she walks the path set by the carpenter, holding fast to the tenants of the Great Commandment above all others. Understanding that to be Awakened is a gift from God, and in keeping with the views of His Church, Charitas very much keeps her abilities in line with what the Catholic Church deems as 'appropriate'.


  • To get revenge for the death of her childhood sweetheart at the hands of the Voodoo Posse.
  • Earn enough to get her family out of New Orleans.
  • Renew her faith in God and herself.

The Story So Far

A Happy Family in the Slums of New Orleans

Charitas was born in to a loving, warm home. While they never had much to go around, her mother and father worked hard to make sure they had enough. By the time she was ten, her father had worked his way up to be the manager of the garage he worked at while her mother had saved just enough to open her own bakery. Charitas had two best friends in the world: Anne-Marie Leveux and Iréne Facilier. The trio were inseparable in those early years, spending as much time at each other's homes as their own. It was idyllic. Almost too idyllic.

Awakening to the screams of the Loa

It was subtle at first. As she hit puberty, Charitas always knew when someone was telling the truth or not. She'd look at her face in the mirror and wish for the pimples to go away - and they would. Her father's radical anti-Awakened sentiments were well known in the neighborhood. He believed that the Church consorting with 'witches and devil spawn' would be the downfall of everyone. And so, she kept quiet and tried to push away what she was capable of.

Until the night the loa came.

Her mother found Charitas in her room, huddled in a corner, screaming about things trying to force themselves into her and sucking away her soul. Immediately her mother phoned Father Calhoun - the local priest and a known Awakened - and Charitas's father to come immediately, then spent the time waiting for the men to arrive trying to get Charitas to pray away these demons. Her parents watched from the doorway as Father Calhoun attempted to get a hold of the situation. He managed to banish the loa and calm down the teenager. Once her father understood what she was, he told Charitas to get out of his house.

Her mother counter offered and told her husband to get out and that it was her name on the title of the house and they wouldn't be needing his support anymore, thank you. (Her parents are still married to this day despite not having spoken in nearly 12 years).

Learning to Embrace Herself - Imperfections and All

It took quite a deal of coaxing to get Charitas to accept that this was her life now. Father Calhoun was of great influence at this point in her life and nearly replaced the father that had walked out on his 'witch' of a daughter. The priest taught Charitas that her gift was from God, just as all things were, and should she push it aside, she would be snubbing the Big Man. It took quite a long time before she felt at ease enough to explore what she could do, but slowly, and surely, she learned she could push her body to the limits of what she thought possible. She could be anyone, anything, given enough preparation and a wig. Father Calhoun taught her a handful of incantations to help keep her safe: how to heal the sick, how to banish the devil sent spirits, how to defend herself against other Awakened that meant her harm.

Slowly she began to exhibit patterns of behavior. Frequent bouts of intense energy, feelings of being impervious, general reckless disregard for her own safety were followed by long stretches of melancholy, lack of energy, and suicidal thoughts. In the darkness she relived the terror of her first formal introduction to spirits. In the light she became almost reckless in her behaviors. This was not the same girl from before the Awakening. A formal psychological diagnosed soon followed: Charitas was Bi-Polar, Type 1. It took some time to find a medication that helped keep her more even keeled, but eventually she was once again the well-adjusted young lady she had been before.

Shadowrunning in all its Tragedy

Throughout this turbulent time, Charitas never lost the support of her two best friends. Iréne seemed to take an interest in Charitas that went beyond friendship sometime after puberty, but the pair never admitted openly if anything had happened beyond friendship. Anne-Marie Leveux and Iréne Facilier seemed set on helping in Iréne's mother, Ursule Facilier, organization and making their mark on the world from the shadows. Ursule saw how well the young women worked together and how their skill sets complimented each other; once they had graduated high school, Ursule began offering the girls odd jobs. The trio grew in confidence and skill quickly - too quickly, perhaps. Ursule got wind of a job extracting a target and smuggling them out of New Orleans and sent her girls off to prove to everyone they had what it takes to play in the big leagues.

They did not count on the Voodoo Posse being paid to kill their target. The trio tried as best they could to get their target out before the Posse got there, but were nearly too late. Iréne succumbed to zombie dust. Anne-Marie and Charitas barely managed to get the target out alive - Charitas went back for Iréne and in the process lost an arm in a desperate bid to recover what was left of her friend.

It was after the funeral of their dear friend that Anne-Marie and Charitas decided to start picking up the smuggling routes out of New Orleans. The city seemed almost suffocating to them now.

Narrative Significant Qualities

My Gift is Given by God, and I Will Only Use it as He Sees Fit (Traditional Christian Theurgist Mystic Adept)

Charitas is a devout Catholic and keeps her Awakened powers in check with what the Church deems as acceptable:

  • Charitas will never summon spirits to help her.
  • Charitas will never practice magic on the Sabbath.

Outside of this, Charitas is a big proponent of that commandment, 'thou shalt not kill'. While she will defend herself and those in her team should it prove necessary, she will adamantly argue against the use of lethal force.

My Brain is a Burden, but I Accept it (Bi-Polar + Focused Concentration)

Shortly after awakening, Charitas began to exhibit symptoms of Bi-Polar, Type 1. Her periods of mania and super focus (before medication helped her to control it) has given her a great ability to concentrate on things without actively concentrating on them. While she uses medication now to control her symptoms, she does still benefit from an above average ability to concentrate.

I See Her Every Time I Close my Eyes (Impassive + Insomnia)

The loss of Iréne hit Charitas hard. Though that was 4 years ago now, she still sees Iréne more often than is healthy when she closes her eyes. She's spent a lot of sleepless nights reliving that battle, figuring out what she could have done to save her friend. Sometimes the trauma gets in the way of her actually connecting with people.

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses, as we Forgive those who Trespass Against Us" (One Born Every Minute)

Charitas is very forgiving and tries to see the best in everyone. She very firmly believes that people (outside of those who practice Voodoo) are inherently good and should always be given another chance. Some call it being naive. Charitas calls it being Christian.

I Will Never Forgive or Forget (Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken))

Charitas has never had very good dealings with those of the Voodoo tradition. Since Iréne's death, she out and out blames every practioner of Voodoo for the death of her friends and countless like her. Charitas is tolerant of many things. Voodoun is not one of them.

Talk to Them Like You're One of them (Billingual + Linguist)

Charitas is a talker. It helps that she has an ear for languages and a memory a mile long. She grew up speaking English and French interchangably and has picked up Latin (through her studies with the Church), Spanish, Sperethiel, and Louisana Creole along the way.

Born and Raised in the CAS (National SINner)

While she was born a legal citizen of the CAS, Charitas never really saw the point of getting rid of her SIN once she stepped into the shadows. But knowing her biometrics are on file has made her much more careful about not leaving a trace of herself in less than legal activities.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
New to the NeighborhoodSi1asBuilding a Better You17 August 2081
Shimmer Shiny SeaChrisst11116 August 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ursule Facilier 3 4 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Neighborhood "Gossip" and Smuggler Smuggling Queen of (part of) New Orleans, Weapons, E'rebody knows Miss Ursule!, You take your coat or you'll freeze! Even
Anne-Marie Leveux 2 5 Service Smuggler Smuggler, Gun Bunny, Drugs are for Winners Even
Thomas Anglestein 3 3 Custom(K,G,N,A) Drone Eavesdropper You can't stop the signal!, Big (Haunted) Easy, Trust me, I'm right!, Drone Hookup Even
Rev. Toby Newton 3 2 Networking Catholic Priest Charitable, Homebody (Redmond), Priest, Street Medic Even
Father Figaro 3 2 Custom(G,A,N,K) Priest and Talismonger Christian Theurge, All Things Holy, Silver Stockpile, Talismonger Even
News Van Dan 3 2 Legwork Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker) Infobroker, Conspiracy Theorist, Drone Operator, Hacktivist Even
Freya 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Hacker Extraordinaire Master SIN Maker, Burner ID, FAKE is my Middle Name!, My Search Function is Powered by Nuyen, Hacking is my other middle name, I eat Hosts for lunch. Even
Miles Imaus 3 1 Legwork Nightclub Owner Bellevue up-and-Comer, Nightclub Owner, Gambler, Businessman Even
Rasmus Kain 4 1 Custom(K,N,A,G) Private Investigator and Professional Narcissist Private Investigator, Mr. Popular, B&E is legal if they don't catch you, Patterns are everywhere, I put that file somewhere. . . Even




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Rating Name Issuing Authority Mask Hits Licences Notes
5 Marcéline Dominique Dubois CAS n/a Adept, Cybernetics, Private Investigator Used between jobs, meets with known Johnsons, and for prescription meds.
4 Madeline Anderson UCAS 6 Adept, Cybernetics, Consultant Used to act as a consultant for private interests



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