Kevin's Limes

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Kevin's Limes
Part of The Farm and The Furious
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
LocationRedmond Barrens, Neutral Territory
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Cutters
Kevin Crimes
Halloweener Pursuit Car
Casualties and losses
Halloweener Pursuit Car


Three violent mother-fraggers help Kevin Crimes bail out some Cutter mooks who stole produce from the wrong people.


The Cutters are generally known for their discreet and ingenious approach, but occasionally they snatch a convoy that they shouldn't. This time, a bunch of Cutters guys have snatched some crates moving out from the Redmond Rejuvenation Project's farm, and they're now under fire and being pursued by the Halloweeners that defend it. Kevin Crimes needs to solve this.

The Meet

The job posting leads the runners to a place on the outskirts of Touristville, where a green-and-gold Nissan Hauler awaits. A patsy brings out Kevin Crimes' telepresence, who quickly catches the team up on the basics of the run, which they quickly accept. Loading themselves into the Hauler, they drive off, Kevin piloting the SUV remotely. They aim to cut off the pursuing carful of 'weeners on neutral ground, and Kevin drops them off in the cars path, hidden in an alleyway.

The Run

The team bursts from from ambush, attacking as much as possible from their cover in the alley. The heavily-modified Americar that they're facing deploys a few of its Halloweeners, who bail out to get into position with their combination flamethrower-assault rifles. Charon charges in, attempting to use her vampire magic to frighten them away, but mostly ends up absorbing bullets and flames. Arun goes at first after the driver, but at first only manages to tear up his cocoon while evading cannon fire from a heavily-armed and augmented Halloweener. Canis evades and absorbs waves of fire before eventually going down, unconscious. Arun stimpatches him back to consciousness before himself going down. Charon terrifies one of the grounded 'weeners only to be overwhelmed with bulelts, and the driver gears up to run her over, before being executed by Canis. After a few lucky breaks, the team manages to geek most of their opposition, and the remainder commandeer their vehicle and flee. Kevin Crimes returns with the Cutters and their contraband, and the team patches themselves up with Arun's medkit.


King HumungaMax will not be happy about this. Will there be reprisals against the Cutters in their future?


¥12,000 , 5 Karma , 2 CDP . +3 Cutters Rep, -5 Halloweeners Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that went okay. Vampires are scary, I'm glad I wasn't deployed to deal with them back in the army. Wonder what the Cutters were moving? It was sniffley in there.


Regretting a few actions after that firefight, albeit glad that the others came out of it in better shape than I. That damned ork sure soaked a lot of fire, I was half expecting them to never drop; never mind that Charon literally took blasts of flamethrowers and mag dumps then got up and kept taking bites out of people. Sure am happy to have had these two to shore up my skills for this one.


I get lit on fire, shot full of bullets and almost run over by a car. And what does Kevin do? Pay me normally. Should give me triple pay for this kind of overtime, does he have any idea how strong a runners' union could be if they decided to make one? Ah, whatever. I lived, as I always do. This is not a fun time, regardless.