Masters of Arms

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Masters of Arms
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Insect Hive
Gav Jacinto
Mob of Fire Ants
Fire Ant Queen
Casualties and losses
The entire hive


The runners are hired to find a new home for a community of ghouls. They end up exterminating an insect spirit hive.


The radiation in Glow City is getting worse by the day. Come Autumn, a buildup of polluted water will flood the place, likely wiping out a huge number of the feral ghouls Nameless has appointed himself caretaker of.

The Meet

The runners meet with Nameless in the Redmond barrens, and are suitably grossed out by his very squishy handshake. He explains the situation to them, and offers three possibile options for relocating the ghouls to - the Rat's Nest or Fall City in Redmond, or an abandoned subway in Puyallup, further afield.

The Plan

The runners briefly consider scouting each area out, and then decide to go for the Puyallup option because "it would be funny". No further plans are made beyond murder.

The Run

The runners arrive at their destination, and are dismayed to immediately find metahuman skeletons littering the tunnels, many of which appear to have been sawn apart. After some investigation, the runners encounter a pair of fire ant spirits feeding on the remains of the tunnels' previous occupants, and quickly exterminate them.

The victory celebrations are short-lived, as a tidal wave of more spirits advance down the tunnel, ready to protect their queen. The runners attempt to advance, fighting back the swawrm - as Gav prepares to charge the queen with her saws, she falls victim to its Compulsion, and attempts to cut Sanjuro down as she, too, runs for the queen. Luckily, Tombstone intervenes, blocking the hit bodily and allowing Sanjuro to kill the queen, after which the swarm dies off.


Investigating the rest of the area, the runners discover Pump King Jack locked in a side room, having been summoned within a binding circle. After a brief discussion, they decide to free him unconditionally. He thanks them, and disappears.

Nameless seems pleased with the runners' work, and the ghouls are now rehoused in Puyallup.


  • 20,000 nuyen (10rvp) or any of the following gear at half price:

Armor: - Steelshirt (Chain Mail) - Blindside Hood (Ruthenium Polymer Cloak)

Firearms: - Vlad the Impaler (Krime Trollbow 12) - AR-12G (Krime Boom) - Khyber Pass AK-47 (Krime Soldier) - Khyber Pass M249 (RPK HMG) - Talkative Lightning Spear (Horizon-Flynn Defense Comm Commlink Taser) - RPG-7 (Krime Escalation)

Melee: - Gravedigger's Shovel (Highland Forge Claymore) - Nutcracker (Osmium Mace)

Consumables: - Molotovs - Woad - Oxygenated Fluorocarbons - Also any ammo under 20 Availability

  • 6 karma (6rvp)
  • optional contact: Nameless
  • +2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Okay this was a crazy job! I met a friend of Swerve's and we helped them out but there were also bugs and we fought these giant evil bugs and the other runners were super cool I mean Tombstone took a bullet for me and Gav was as cool as ever! I mean she tried to kill me a little but that's whatever! I fought the big queen bug and I was like "It's over queen bug" and she didn't say like words cuz giant bug but she like went for a giant bug finishing move and I DEFLECTED IT and CUT HER IN HALF it was so AWESOME."