The Kinks - Strangers

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The Kinks - Strangers
Result Heroic deeds were accomplished
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Snake Eye's
Brain Eaters
Night Hunters
Casualties and losses
Several members of the Halloweeners, Night Hunters, and Shotozumi-gumi, as well as a large number of Brain Eater drones



Since this was not a proper run, there was no official meet. Instead, the members of the team informally gathered on the streets of Redmond to come to the aid of Captain Freefall.


Carbon and Snake Eye's meet up with Captain Freefall and and Dandy in the Redmond Barrens. The streets have devolved into all out warfare, and they're looking to save as many people as they can. Snake Eye's casts Improved Invisibility on himself, and Detect Enemies on Captain Freefall. They spot a group of Halloweeners in a building and rush in to save the civilians. Carbon speeds ahead of the rest of the team using her skimmers and kills 2 of the Halloweeners, Dandy follows up and geeks another. The final 'weener lays down suppressive fire with a flamethrower, torching the building, but both Dandy and Carbon survive unscathed (the former via some help from Captain Freefall). Dandy finishes off the last 'weener and and Freefall and Carbon start carrying civilians outside. Carbon stands atop the burning wreckage of the apartment and spots 4 major conflicts on the streets:

1. Some Disassemblers executing some Crusher495 goons

2. A group of women raiding a Bunraku parlor

3. Night Hunters attacking an Anarchist Black Cross shelter

4. A group of firemen being attacked by a mob

The team prioritizes taking out the Night Hunters but are ambushed by drones sent by the Brain Eaters to assault civilians on the street. The team manages to take out all of the drones, even the ones that attempted to escape (notably thanks to a physical barrier provided by Snake Eye's), and are quickly on their way. Before arriving at the Black Cross, Snake Eye's casts Improved Invisibility on Dandy. The team arrives at the Black Cross and Captain Freefall attempts to intimidate the Night Hunters, but only manages to draw their attention as they're jacked up on kamikaze. Carbon and Dandy engage them in combat, managing to land a few good blows each before the remaining Night Hunters dog-pile on Captain Freefall. Snake Eye's casts a Physical Barrier in an attempt to slow them down, but they manage to break through, rendering Freefall unconscious, but Carbon and Dandy are able to clean up the Night Hunters. Dandy rushes to Freefall's side and they carry him inside and he's given proper medical care. After he regains consciousness the team heads back into the streets.

The next priority is to help out the firemen. Upon arriving the firemen seem to all be okay, albeit a little beat up. They ask the team to track down their firetrucks and return them, but once the team does they learn that the firemen were charging people fo their services. The team decides that the firemen can go slot themselves, and let the mob keep the trucks. The team arrives at the Bunraku parlor almost too late, but Carbon and Freefall place themselves between the yakuza and the women they were about to execute and intimidate them into backing down. They then approach the women and learn that they're members of the Black Fury, attempting end sex trafficking, and the team decides to help them with their goal. Carbon slams her Nodachi into the reinforced door tearing open a hole for Dandy, who chucks in a grenade eliminating a good chunk of the yakuza, but due to the spell cast on him Dandy is still invisible, and the yakuza open fire on Carbon who casually blocks all of their bullets with her armor and the team moves in to clean house (sans Snake Eye's, who sits this one out), with only Freefall attempting to do nonlethal damage. They manage to free the girls trapped there thanks to a Shatter spell from Captain Freefall. Dandy then improvises some molotov cocktails and burns down the Bunraku Parlor. Around 2 hours after this, KE finally arrives and the streets are cleared out.


Several civilians and an Anarchist Black Cross shelter are saved. An even larger number of Halloweeners, Night Hunters, and yakuza are killed. Additionally a Bunraku Parlor is burned down and a significant number of Brain Eater drones are destroyed.


6 Karma, +3 Horizon to Captain Freefall, +1 Horizon to Dandy and Carbon

Player AARs

Captain Freefall


WFTM 2 karma to 4000 nuyen


Snake Eye's

WFTM 3 karma to 6000 nuyen