A Seventeenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix

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A Seventeenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix
Decoy, Hunter, Shade (Iriodin) Halloweeners, Ash, Fire Wood, Burnt Oil
Casualties and losses
1 Halloweener Lieutenant


Shadowrunner Capture or Elimination


"So the Halloweeners have a few affiliated Shadowrunners. I know they are your colleges so I don't really need their brains splatted, take them to fragging Disneyland for all I care, but they can't be in Redmond when this drek goes down."

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a bar as usual.

The Plan

The plan was to sneak into Halloweener territory, get to an adjacent building though a window and set up a ambush from cover.

The Run

The run went off mostly as planned. Runners approached the target building without getting spotted and were able to bypass their plywood defenses. Runners searched the building for a empty room in which to stage their attack. They spotted their targets from across the way in a widowed apartment. They waited for the targets to finish a meeting with their Halloweener allies and when they were alone, except for a single Halloweener mage, they made their move. Though a series of exchanged gun fire and a timely countered fireball the runners came out on top Against the targets but were not out of danger as they still were deep in Halloweener territory, and they had to collect biometric data from the opposing runners for a bonus and secure them to remove them from their support of the Halloweener gang. Two of the runners grappled into the adjacent building to collect their bounty, and while the remaining runner scaled down the side of the building to rally together at the vehicle. While hefting the unconscious forms down the stairs the runner met light resistance but were able to reconvene at the vehicle to make their escape.


Ash - Nocturna Mage, Firewood - Street Sam, Chain Saw, and Burnt Oil - Rigger were treated to an involuntary all expenses paid cruise to China inside a storage container.


25,000 nuyen, 2 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)