Living for a Work

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Living for a Work
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Sergeant Dornan & Daughter
Red Flower
2 Brute
1 Chief
2 Sniper
1 Scythe Wielder
Casualties and losses
The hood of Marionette's car is dented A lot of dead halloweeners


A Sergeant of the UCAS working to the standardisation of laser weaponery for the military has went missing after a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The runners quickly manage to find him and help him fend off an assault of Halloweeners.

The Meet

The runners are invited by Lt.Cmdt Kerrigan at an officer restaurant to discuss the detail. A sergeant working on training soldiers on how to use laser weaponery with the goal of strandardisation in the future of the UCAS military has gone missing after his diagnosis about schizophrenia came around (thus has been revealed by an inside man). He left with his equipment and enough power cell to wage a war against a little gangs of the Barrens, and Kerrigan is concern. She want the gear and the Sergeant back as is service record are white clean and he deserve an honourable discharge. Marionette and Red Flower both accept the job without any negotiation on the 16k nuyens payment.

The Run

The duo decided to pay a visit to Sergeant Dornan daughter named Alira, the young lady who was obviously a decker seemed a little worried about the news that her father went missing that way (though now showing it openly.) She explained that her father was a litteral clockwork and he was never getting away of his routine aside from special deployement from the Army. After a little more digging Red Flower have Alira admit that she digged into the Army psychiatrist data to find the result before they were announced to his father (who was worried about those result who would mean the end of his career). When ask about where her father could have go, Alira says that he probably got back where he came from and so the first camp he ever served in which is now in the Barrens. After a quick check up with Kerrigan and a bit of search the duo would find Camp Erikson, disrelict for about a decade but old rotodrone has been activated and the Sergeant was on guard duty who lead him to kill a few halloweeners who entered the base to scavenge stuff.

The duo tried to talk the sergeant who was in the middle of a crisis, thinking that he was only fulfilling one of his duty and asking for a direct order from the man who gave the order, Colonel Autumm. He also said that he was waiting for reinforcement but the "shuffling paper jackass" never sent them. After messaging Kerrigan who said she'd need time to get the order, the duo decided to "enlist" under the sergeant order and Marionette got reprimanded for not being in uniform. (and the hood of his car was smash accordingly).

After a quick gear up the sergeant barked some order about a patrol duty and the two did start the patrol around the old base. Soon though they saw a bunch of Halloweeners coming by to avenge the previous killed by Dornan. A tough fight erupted and Dornan was wounded as well as Marionette who took quite a beating but the three managed to overcome the gangers in the end and realised most of them were on K-10 and pretty tooled up.


Kerrigan arrived half an hour after the fight ended, handing the order to Sergeant Dornan from his old superior, the order was clear he was honorably discharge from his duty...Disappointed he complied and was brough to Everett Navy base, nursed and after some paperwork was free to go as the authority said he was not responsible of his action. They even granted him a little pension to pay for the care of his mental illiness.

His daughter was there to take care from his as Kerrigan escorted him out of the base perimeter to give the pay to the runners. Red Flower also asked to the Sergeant if he would like to offer his expertise on Laser Weaponery, and he accepted as it's a bit like boot camp ?


Run Reward for "Living for a Work" (Extreme)

16k nuyens (8 RVP)

16 Karma (16 RVP)

Sergeant Dornan & Daughter (C3/4) (6 RVP)

2 CDP F or Red Flower :

Sensei for Laser, Sergent Dornan (5 RVP)

Count as an Ascenscion Run

For Marionette :

Can buy a rank of tough as nail for stun damage (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

"If you are the replacement then...WHERE IS YOUR UNIFORM SOLDIERS ?!" Dornan while punching Marionette's car hood.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Red Flower

Ah Sergeant Dornan is something. He doesn't have the nicest manner, but he can really teach you something. I think his daughter is really great, maybe she could be useful for the cartel. Anyway, I was very impressed with Marionette's taking qualities. I was really glad that he was there.