Dave's BBQ

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Dave's BBQ
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Halloweeners
Dr. Lollipop
Hatano Mori
Nora Inu
4x with Shiawase Incinerators
4x with Halloweener BBQ Lighters
2x with AK-97s
2 Apprentices
2 Fire Spirits
Casualties and losses


"General" Dave is worried about the Halloweeners attacking his micronation again this year, so he hires some runners to protect his diner.


"General" Dave is the president of the Republic of Dave, a generously-called micronation in the Redmond Barrens. Every year on Halloween, the Halloweeners love to start fires and make trouble.

The Meet

"General" Dave is playing the Republic of Dave national anthem on a grand piano when the runners arrive. They order some of his real potato fries, and when he finishes playing the anthem he walks over to the table and tells them what's up: the Halloweeners attacked his diner/micronation last year, and he doesn't want it to happen again. He offers the runners 20k nuyen each and citizenship in his nation to protect his place, as he has no standing army. Nora Inu negotiates with "General" Dave, who agrees to pay them each an extra 2k and the knowledge that they've done a good deed.

The Plan

Rhicter calls Esteban González for some fire-resistant paneling to put over the diner's large windows and glass doors. She and Nora Inu go to pick up the paneling while Hatano Mori scouts out the astral near the diner to see if they're being watched. She sees a small bat on the astral wearing a pumpkin costume, which turns out to be a Watcher spirit sent by a Halloweener mage. She dispatches it, but shortly thereafter a fire spirit arrives to see why the watcher didn't report back. It fears her, and she runs back to her body. It then materializes inside the diner to attack her, though Dr. Lollipop and Voiceless are able to save her, though they're a bit singed.

Afterwards, Dr. Lollipop does a matrix search on the Halloweeners while Voiceless calls Ru Xiao for information. After some payment, Ru Xiao says that the Halloweeners have been talking online about hitting the general region the Republic Of Dave is in, and Dr. Lollipop is able to determine that this group of Halloweeners had recently hit a Shiawase flamethrower research facility and made of with 4 modified Shiawase Incinerators and parts for 4 more.

Rhicter and Hatano Mori are able to set up hoses to pour water off the roof onto the walls of the building after the put up the paneling over the doors and windows. Voiceless calls Ante(Contact for some cement shoes, who has someone drop off some pre-fabbed cement shoes the runners use as sandbags in the parking lot of the diner. Nora Inu meanwhile is prowling around nearby construction yards for dirt and sand, and gets enough to make a small bunker on the roof.

The Run

Dr. Lollipop's drone and Voiceless are set up on the roof, Hatano Mori in the astral, Rhicter in the parking lot, and Nora Inu is across the street hiding when they hear the Halloweeners making a ruckus. As they approach, the runners can tell that there are 4 people with large flamethrowers, 4 with smaller flamethrowers, 2 with AK-97s, and 2 without weapons. There is also one fire spirit.

As soon as combat breaks out, the runners target the mages and manage to take them out fairly quickly, though they're unconscious. The fire spirit attacks Hatano Mori on the astral, who manages to eventually defeat it. Meanwhile the 8 Halloweeners with flamethrowers attempt to light the runners on fire. Repeatedly. A lot. The runners get a bit singed.

Eventually, however, the runners are able to prevail and knock out or kill the Halloweeners. As they're looting them for those flamethrower parts, they hear KE sirens closing in the distance now that the threat is over.


The Halloweeners are quite upset but unable to continue their rampage. Hatano Mori gives some of the prototypes to Asahiro Kunitoshi who rewards her with a favor.


  • 11 karma - 11 RVP (boosted with negotiation)
  • 22k nuyen -11 RVP (boosted with negotiation)
  • 2 CDP
  • -5 Halloweener Rep
  • +5 Republic of Dave Rep


  • +1 Chip with Asahiro Kunitoshi


  • "General" Dave (Connection 3) at Loyalty 4 for -6 RVP
  • 1 Rank of Special Modifications OR Prototype Materials for -5 KARMA

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"That was definitely a feel good run for me, got some great fries, and knocked out a bunch of Halloweener guys. Protecting the building and the Johnson was paramount, but with our various defensive setups, and our timely intervention with the baddies, all went just fine. Had a crack crew to work with, and was quick on my feet, resulting in a slightly singed victory. I was so happy with the results, I even bought The Republic of Dave's real french-fried potatoes for the greater area of Redmond. Just sharing the love."

Dr. Lollipop

"Oh friend that was a first run. Didn´t know that the shadows are so hot. Definitely hot enough to grill Mr. Big. I have to plan a view things to bring up more protection and firepower next time. But I was really happy to have a crew with big experience with me so that we handled the halloweener thread quite well I think. I mean I had to do my medicine stuff two times but that was fun for me. I also bought half a portion of this expensive real french-fries. They are definitely worth their price."

Nora Inu

"Ask not what the Republic of Dave can do for you, ask what you can do for the Republic of Dave! The fries were nothing special, but I almost got fried myself. Shiawase makes some terrible stuff I wouldn't want to use even if given the chance. Water is your friend, my friends."