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Rhicter Zen.jpg
Cyber Tuff
"Don't underestimate me."
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A
Number of Runs:13
Runs since Rent:1

Character Information


A cybered up girl with a chip on her shoulder; she's got a lot to prove, and she's ready to prove it.



Regina "Rhicter" Crawford had a difficult childhood, bound to a wheelchair as a result of her atrophied limbs that never truly developed. Forced to wait until after puberty to receive proper cybernetic replacements, little Regina was a constant source of scorn and ridicule to the other children her age, who prove time and time again that there is nothing more cruel than the laughter of a child. Day after day Regina plotted her revenge on those who ridiculed her, constantly counting down the days until her eventual surgery and rebirth. Upon attaining her majority, the surgery was performed, and to the specifications that she herself requested. Now Rhicter prowls the shadows, hunting those who hunt others, bringing justice where she can, and retribution where she can't. Rhicter is not afraid to take the dirty jobs, as she feels she has been subjected to the lowest form of human suffering that could be placed on a child's shoulders. She would be wrong if she truly understood human misery, but until that day comes, it is she that brings the misery, and she who laughs at the weakness of others.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Agile Defender
  • Biocompatibility (Cyberware)
  • Perfect Time
  • Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions
  • Special Modifications 2, Protype Materials
  • Superhuman Psychosis
  • Tough as Nails (Stun):3


  • Allergy (Common, Severe): Krill
  • Did You Just Call Me Dumb?

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Dave's BBQAurora31 October 2082
The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean MatchSleevey30 June 2082
Worming Into Malleable MindsAurora14 June 2082
Take Back the NightSarcarianTemple in the Shadows28 May 2082
What's on the Ghost TrainPatGriffin9 May 2082
A (not so) Legendary BeastIsaac6 April 2082
Beggars Can't Be ChoosersAsmodeus3 April 2082
The ProposalOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight1 April 2082
What Happened To Mary Jane?AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking29 March 2082
The Incredible Behemoth Volume 1AuroraShadow Heroes26 March 2082
Happy Birthday, ZigzagAurora20 March 2082
I Write Sins Not TragediesTheTaurenGhost27 February 2082
Route 66: Side Story, A Silent SiloAuroraLike mad max but more guns22 February 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Dollmaster 6 2 Fixer(G, N, K, A) Shadowy Manipulator Upgrades, Subtle Touches, Cut and Paste, Arm and a Leg, Leveraging, Long Game, Overwhelming Force Even
Esteban González 5 2 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler Even
Juan Lopez 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Forger Fake ID, Master Forger, Matrix Presence, Relaxed Life, Unsuspected, Burner SIN Even
Overwatch 4 2 Fixer DocWagon Dispatcher Dispatchers' Union, DocWagon, Superhero Fan, Wanna-be Sidekick, Awakened Even
Pump King Jack 5 1 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Any Place, Any Time, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One Even
Rose of Sharon Howlett 2 3 Legwork Occult Bounty Hunter HMHVV Carrier, CAS Native, Law Enforcement Experience, Monster Slayer, Spark of Magic Even
Cassandra Withers 8 2 Networking FBI Liaison Secretly A Mantis, Bug Knowledge, Twisted Magic, UCAS Government Connections, Bug Hotspots, Government Favors, Magical Stealth, MilSpec Resources, ARES Macrotechnology Knowledge, Mantis Hunger, Grip On The FBI Even



  • City Watch +3
  • Starscreamers +2
  • Republic of Dave +5


DocWagon -5

Halloweeners -5

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy, extremely self-confident, Mundane.
2 Standard-grade cyberware, the obvious limbs and cyber-eyes not withstanding. Aura throbs with purple overtones, flashes of silver and gold intermittent.
3 Obvious limbs and cyber-eyes are Alphaware-grade cyberware, no maladies. Reveals whether her Essence is lower than the caster's.
4 No Betaware-grade cyberware, but bioware is present. Essence 0.88.
5+ No deltaware-grade implants no gene treatments, no nano-tech. Not a technomancer.


Abigail Trent (R4 Saeder-Krupp)



  • Armor Jacket, Gunmetal Grey Cyber Limbs, Helmet, Ballistic Mask, Forearm Guards and PPP Legs Kit.
  • Chemsealed FBA, with a Ballistic Shield and Yamaha Raiden.

Matrix Persona

Cybered up bipedal feminine jack rabbit, complete with carrot. (Lola Bunny on cyber-steroids)

Media Mentions

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