The Incredible Behemoth Volume 1

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The Incredible Behemoth Volume 1
Part of Shadow Heroes
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
City Watch
DW Rigger
DW Mage
3 DW Guards
Water Spirit
Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
Paragon Total


The intrepid heroes are called together to save one of their own, THE INCREDIBLE BEHEMOTH! Tasked by Overwatch to free the captive anti-hero, the team springs into action, doing good as only true terrorists can.


The City Watch are an organized group of real life Super Heroes. While technically independent, they are backed by Horizon in exchange for exclusive broadcasting rights of their heroics. One among these is Overwatch, a superhero fan, and do-gooder extreme, working as a dispatcher for DocWagon. Aware that one of his new faces on the street has been taken into custody, Overwatch sends forth the call, bringing in a team of shadow runners to stop the transport and free Behemoth before they can be taken into full custody onsite.

The Meet

The meet takes place in cyberspace, in a room painted to look like the looming streets of justice, with Overwatch high atop a nearby building as he makes the offer. The team gladly agrees, after learning of the 8,000 nuyen bounty each will receive in exchange for their services.

The Plan

None of the team being particular tactical geniuses, the idea is to set up an ambush with a large charge of explosives to disable the travel DocWagon vehicle, then deal with the security forces as necessary. All agreeing that this is a fantastic plan, the team sets up, with Nogitsune climbing a tree to snipe any spirits that poke their heads out. Everyone else finds cover and concealment, while Rhicter palms the detonator, waiting for the vehicle to arrive. Oh, and there is mass drug use. Lots and lots of drug use...

The Run

The plan goes off beautifully from the first, with the detonation of the carefully placed grenades blowing the van high into the air, flipping it up onto its hood, as well as it's mounted turret, no out of action. The Rigger manages to cheat death, using unknown and possibly illegal methods of survival to avoid decapitation from the massive feedback he would have otherwise suffered. The rear doors of the van open and a mage steps out, looks around and spots Paragon peeking upon them with a mirrir-on-a-stick. They yeeta manabolt at her with some pretty serious effect. Six_of_Hearts steps out and takes a shot at the mage in retaliation, but the mage is to quick, and dodges out of the rain of bullets. Emerging from the van, 2 guards take aim at Six, but he is also to nimble and avoids their focused fire as well. Paragon, mage extraordinaire, sneers in contempt at the mage that just blasted her with extreme mojo, and decides he is unworthy of magical retaliation (and did not want to be blasted by two spirits that were in the astral), pulling her Steyr TMP and letting loose a blast of gel rounds. This proves to be a mistake, as the mage proves once again that he is faster than the average bullet and avoids the shots. Meanwhile, a massive Fire Spirit manifests directly in front of Nogitsune, -aka- Zenko the heroic fox. Unperturbed, Zenko raises his sniper rifle and blasts the foolish spirit into oblivion, smirking quietly. Canis takes careful aim, and shoots the Mage who this time is NOT faster than a bullet, wounding him severely. Paragon realizes that sudden death is oncoming as a incredibly powerful Water Spirit manifests, almost engulfing her. Finally, the Rigger takes a shot at Zenko, but misses badly.

Zenko takes a shot at the Water Spirit, but is to badly shaken by the Rigger to aim properly, missing. Rhicter calmly takes aim on the mage, then using her own ties to the Goddess of Luck, blasts him severely, dropping him into unconsciousness. Paragon decides that a good offense requires distance and runs away from the Water Spirit, tossing a Mana Bolt over her shoulder with minimal effect. The Three guards all converge on Rhicter, shooting a wave of bullets at her, which she promptly dodges and soaks to great effect. Sounds of a struggle come from the van, but no one really knows what's going on inside. The Water Spirit immediately just throws a spike of ice at Paragon. This ice spike almost fatally wounds Paragon, and knocks her out of the fight. Six decides that it's time to up the ante, switching to his Raiden and shooting the Water Spirit, dealing it a telling blow. Simultaneously, Canis drops the drone with a well placed shot, killing the Rigger with massive feedback. Zenku finally gets his wits together and fires a well aimed shot at the Water Spirit, destroying it, but also falling out of the tree he has posted up in.

Rhicter takes aim at one of the guards, calls on the powers of luck once again, and successfully drops the guard into a slumbering lump. The other guard take great offense, and manage to hit Rhicter with their combined bullet storm, causing her enough pain to be irritating. Six_of_Hearts shoots at one of the guards but misses, while Canis gets lucky and hits another, dropping him. More pounding can be heard from inside the van, as Behemoth presumably continues to free herself from the Valkyrie module she is contained in. Rhicter chooses to continue to cheat, and finishes off the final guard with well placed bullets. Moving to assist as necessary, Rhicter heads to the van as Six moves to collect Paragon...


A short dialogue takes place, where all concerned parties decide it is the better part of valor at this point to beat feet. Everyone climbs into Zenko's vehicle, and the wheel fox drives away, only to be intercepted shortly thereafter by DocWagon security. Rhicter tries to talk up a good lie, but fails to impress the guard. Nogitsune realizes the gig is up and peels away, cutting cross country to try and evade pursuit. The Security forces drive a good game, at least until Rhicter and Six_of_Hearts blow out the battery of the lead vehicle, and Zenko loses the other in a haze of dust. Zenko breaks away, and the team decides to drop Paragon off at a nearby street doc, and then head to the Daze for a round of well deserved drinks.


  • 8k Nuyen
  • 8 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Overwatch (Connection 4) at Loyalty 2
  • -5 DocWagon rep
  • +3 City Watch rep
  • Paragon burned Edge to "Not Dead Yet", gains Spirit Bane (Water)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Whoo hoo, that was a blast! To bad about the Rigger, but them's the breaks, it's a hazardous job after all. The team operated together quite efficiently, although we did lose Paragon fairly quickly. He might want to hide better in the future... But regardless, a good run, solid pay, and new friends. Couldn't ask for better than that!"

Zenko (OCC:Nogitsune)

The Anti-hero Zenko strikes against the Docwagon....i forgot the line i was going to say about this. but when it came down hitting Docwagon is not normally a easy job, but it worked out and yes my back still hurt from falling out of that tree and hitting the ground. hopefully no one had a problem with my driving.


It was blue sky thinking from the beginning.

Why not drop a bomb on the highway, ambush a DocWagon ambulance and make off with with the goods? It was a simple plan with a problem drawn in red ink: Water spirits actually want me dead. Other than being speared in the back by stick of ice as long as my arm, I think there was a chase afterwards? I am sure it was all fine, I am sure I'll read the fine print and be aware of any Water spirits I come upon. Also, ice spikes hurt. Never again, I am going to learn lightning bolt so that way I will not have to run away or mana bolt them again.


Well... that was interesting. Kinda surprised that DocWagon ran with spirits that strong, but seeing who they were holding? I guess it made sense. I am glad our team made it okay... some more okay then others... but okay nonetheless. Shame about their rigger... oh well. That is what happens when it is us versus them. Having a decent driver definitely made the job easier in the end, and to them I say, well done. Do sleduyushchego raza, moya lyubov'!


The ambush was pretty bog standard, aside from our mage being woefully unprepared to deal with OpFor spirits. We've managed to handle them without anyone else getting seriously hurt in the end.

Their rigger should have stood down after being dumped by the ambulance being blown up, and not rig into a roto, personally.