The Proposal

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The Proposal
Part of Cross Flight Love Fight
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Alexander-James Brodrick James III
Jimmy Spinrad
Cecelia Cross


In which the runners are hired to escalate a prank war between Brodie J and his good buddy Jimmy Spinrad.


After returning from the JIS, Cecelia Cross has been back in the dating game casually, and taking an opportunity, Jimmy Spinrad has invited her to his office for a casual night of Urban Brawl and drinking. Additionally, Jimmy Spinrad has been in a prank war with Brodie J for several years, often escalating to the point of violence against one another's corporations. Something must be done for April Fool's Day!

The Meet

The runners are contacted by their fixers to go to E-Vue and see Brodie J, who mentioned that there was something about the day that was important. The runners arrive at E-Vue and find a very tired Vee-Jay who has been forced to wear a clown nose and a pointed hat in celebration of one of Brodie J's favorite days. While they attempt to skip the line and Rooster even attempts to square up with the troll bouncer, but Tee quickly comes by and receives the runners much to Vee-Jay's chagrin. Taking the runners over to the regular booth, they see Brodie J throw a Pepper Punch grenade at his feet and clear the dance floor. Seemingly unaffected Brodie J comes over and greets the runners, offering them drugs as per usual, he explains that he's been engaged in a prank war with his buddy Jimmy for the last couple of years, and as it is April Fool's Day, he needs the runners to deliver his prank to Jimmy. However due to the fact that Jimmy's office is in SpinGlobal's Extraterritorial Grounds in Seattle, he needs the runners to deliver it without it being inspected.

Brodie J produces two envelopes, saying that the prank is that two women that he and Jimmy met the week prior would both be proposing to him at the same time. Including very valuable engagement rings that Brodie had altered to become compact acid bombs, rendering them almost completely worthless. While the runners are hesitant to take this job, especially when Brodie J adds that it needs to be done by the end of the night, but ultimately they agree to the job and leave after getting Jimmy Spinrad's watch that Brodie J won in a bet in a recent match of The Most Urban Brawl.

The Plan

After several minutes of consideration about betraying Brodie J, taking the watch and the two rings and trying to sell them for payment, the runners eventually decide to attempt the job, and if it cannot be done, just turning on Brodie J and stealing the valuables that they can. They return to Delphi's office and spend some time with her cats and do research into the SpinGlobal HQ they have to break into. Due to the events of Astronomia Delphi still has a detailed map of the building and shows that to the other runners. Between her and Rhicter, they come up with a way of mitigating the danger of an acid bomb, by creating a juryrigged neutralization device that could attach to sprinkler system in order to prevent the acid from killing someone, though there is a chance that it will start a sizable fire in the process.

The runners also call Alias in order to get a hold of SpinGlobal SINs, and come back with three identities: Morana Singstar, Stacia Run, and Quinsitence Machinegun. With their identities and disguises intact, the runners head towards SpinGlobal's Seattle HQ.

The Run

Arriving at SpinGlobal HQ, the runners cross into the extraterritorial grounds and Rhicter's fake SIN is flagged as suspicious, thanks to quick thinking and lots of corporate babble, the runners are able to clear Rhicter of suspicion and head into the lobby. Pretending to be mailroom interns, the runners realize that they'll need an access pass in order to use the elevator, and approach a receptionist, who through sheer luck, is able to resist the wiles of Delphi while the professional conwoman lies to her. Eventually coming out on top, the PI is given a guest pass after the excuse that she had left her pass at home. The runners go down to the mail room in the first basement of the HQ and find more interns working at the mailroom. Approaching one of the interns, Rooster, Delphi and Rhicter get the mail carrier and head directly to the 70th floor.

The runners manage to get to the 70th floor and find the office of Jimmy Spinrad. The runners pause outside the room as they see that there is another person inside the office, in the form of Cecelia Cross. Deciding to try and get the woman out of the area of effect when the acid bombs go off. Delphi tells Cecelia that there is a messenger downstairs looking for her, and that she has to go, and manages to explain away the fact they didn't just send Cecelia a message. Cecelia allows Rooster to escort her back to the elevator and start the long journey down. Before going however Rooster subtly casts an invisibility spell on Rhicter who sneaks into the office and attaches their neutralizing device on the sprinkling system. Rhicter sneaks back out and Delphi explains that they have mail for Jimmy from two young women who "want a merger."

Jimmy is confused, and starts to open the letters, which causes Delphi to dive for cover and avoid the acid explosion, while Jimmy is coated, but seemingly unfazed by the acid, and opens the second one. While the office begins to melt around him, Delphi and Rhicter take off and head down the stairs as the sprinklers start and the acid is neutralized, but a fire begins. Leaving the chaos behind, the runners attempt to leave the building, while Cecelia confronts Rooster about being a shadowrunner in the elevator. Instead of burning him however, Cecelia simply calls a car and leaves once they reach the lobby.


Returning to E-Vue, the runners are greeted by Brodie J and Jimmy Spinrad, apparently having come directly to the club from his office. Jimmy seems in good humor about the whole thing, but is kind of disappointed that his date with Cecelia got ruined. Brodie J apologizes for ruining the date, and explains that if he knew about it, he would have held off the prank, however the two corpkids hug it out and Brodie J gives Jimmy his watch back as a make-good.

Delphi also returns to her office and attempts to divine on Pythia of the Pantheon, who had stolen Oracle's eyes during the events of Oracle & Delphi. The seer sees the Pantheon's group growing and eventually finds her rival seer, wearing the Eye of Fate and who seemingly can see her as well...


  • 26000 Nuyen or 52000 Nuyen worth of drugs, vehicles (and mods) or standard-grade ware. (13 RVP)
  • Optional Contacts: Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III (4/2 Loveable idiot) (5 RVP taken from Nuyen rewards or 10 CDP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"No such thing as a harmless prank? Well, I think we managed to pull it off just fine, no major casualties. Coulda just lied to the J and made things a ton easier, but something about what Delphi 'saw' forced us to take the more direct route. It all worked out, and everyone seemed happy with the result, even the guy who got pranked. Rich kids are stupid."


Rich people are fragging psychopaths. I mean really, acid bombing an office - just casually committing terrorism on eachother as a prank. That stunt could have easily killed some poor intern or that woman that was in the office when we got there if we hadn't gone out of our way to avoid what I saw in that vision and neither of those assholes would have cared - absolutely insane what these people get away with, and that's coming from a shadowrunner. Whatever, at least I got paid in a whole bunch of drugs, which is always nice.