Happy Birthday, Zigzag

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Happy Birthday, Zigzag
LocationDowntown, Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
Knight Errant Security Guard
Casualties and losses
None None


The runners are hired to provide snacks for a Birthday party in the honor of Zigzag, by her prospective boyfriend Patches.


It's gonna be Zigzag's birthday in just two days, and Patches wants to get her something he knows she will definitely enjoy; fresh meat for the party. Knowing that these kind of things don't just grow on trees, Patches calls on his sources in the shadows to provide for the big feast.

The Meet

Patches arranges to meet the crew at a rundown diner in Puyallup, eager to get to the terms of his job. He quickly details his needs, and offers 40,000 nuyen to the party hoping that that will be enough cash for an arm and a leg. Rhicter feels the need to push for more cash, and ends up getting him to agree to 10k, on the requirement that he get 2 arms, and 2 legs out of the deal. The team puts it's collective head together, and decides to reach out to various contacts to see if anyone has any help to offer in obtaining the desired items.

The Plan

Rhicter calls her cyber-surgeon Dollmaster, inquiring as to the availability of fresh limbs acquired through his natural process of "upgrades". Dollmaster says he has what she's looking for, and will provide them if she and her team are willing to do a small service for him' namely, dispose of the unused and distinctly decayed and rotting offal that has been building up after his surgeries. The team agrees and begins to make arrangements to move a truckload of organs out of downtown Seattle.

Shuffle calls his contact Blair Allen, to arrange a forged set of papers allowing the transport of biohazard materials sight unseen through the various checkpoints. Blair agrees, but requires a box of cigars to sweeten the deal and get the task accomplished in a timely manner.

Paragon decides to get a hold of his contact Obelix, who provides him the information he is seeking; a place to dispose of the offal. Given a commcode, Paragon speaks to a gentleman who has access to a crematorium for a pet shelter/pound, who is willing to turn his head and pretend nothing is happening for 15 minutes. For a price. The team decides that this is the best possible outcome for the bio waste, and get ready to make the run.

The Run

The team picks up the freezer truck just outside a Soybucks in dowtown Seattle. Rhicter decides to drive, while Pulse rides shotgun, with the remaining members following along behind in Rhicter's truck. At the border, Pulse is scanned and ignored, but Rhicter's burner SIN pings the scanner, and the Knight Errant Security Guard asks her to pull the vehicle to the side, for further investigation. Rhicter attempts to sweet talk the guard into scanning her SIN a second time, while Pulse frantically drops into AR to hack the scanner and ensure a favorable result. Pushing it to the wire, Pulse just manages to convince the scanner that Rhichter is good to go, while also adding a bit of mischief to cause the device to format itself the next time it is turned off. Waved through the checkpoint, the two proceed on, unaware of the shenanigans that are about to take place in the follow vehicle...

Having already irritated the guard with their incessant honking of the truck's horn, the follow team pulls forward to be scanned. All goes well, at least until Milliam presents her Rating two fake SIN to be scanned, which is unsurprisingly pinged as fake. The guard tells Milliam to pull the side, to which she acquiesces. Pulse tries to interfere with the scanner again, but thanks to his Wanted by GOD quality, runs out of safety net and has to jack out before the hammer drops on him. Milliam presents her SIN once again, and fails, once again. The guard immediately pulls his gun and instructs Milliam to get out of the vehicle and onto the ground. Milliam does get out, but streaks off at hyper speed, into Tacoma, followed by her panther Dumas. The guard takes a shot, hitting the cat but causing no damage. The remaining two passengers are questioned about Milliam, and told that there will be additional questioning at a later meeting, to which they agree to attend. They are waved through the checkpoint by the guard, who is still trying to figure out how he missed the PANTHER in the back seat...

The vehicle team hits the Tacoma-Puyallup border checkpoint, and passes through without a hitch. Milliam and Dumas attempt to race through the checkpoint, but this time Dumas gets hit by an Ares Predator, wounding the noble companion. The team converges at the abandoned diner, to provide Patches with his prize, and to get paid for their hard won efforts. While they wait, Pulse patches up Dumas with some well placed medical skills, much to the appreciation of cat and Master.


With one major step to complete, the team heads to the pound to dispose of the unwanted bio-waste. Once there, the contact tells them to pull the truck up to the disposal chute and unload. However, while beginning the awful work, Pulse and Rhicter notice the sad state of several animals awaiting euthanasia and disposal, and decide that they can't just let that happen to all of them. Pulse selects two dogs, naming them "Framework" and "Exception". Rhicter finds the most distressed, disfigured, and displaced dog there and takes it into her custody, and names him "Lump". The job completed, as far as Shuffle is concerned, he walks off uninterested in cleaning out and returning the truck to Dollmaster. The others all pitch in, quickly cleaning the vehicle and returning it to it's owner, who is fully pleased by the successful interaction.

The next day, Shuffle and Paragon head to the meet with Knight Errant Intelligence, but are convincing enough in their stories to not warrant further study or investigation.


  • 10k Nuyen (4 RVP + Negotiation bonus)
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • Patches (Connection 2) at Loyalty 3 (4 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Can buy Pets at gear reward prices from the pound
  • Can buy Dollmaster (Connection 6) at Loyalty 2 for -7 RVP or 14 CDP (except Shuffle, who didn't help return his truck)
  • Milliam's fake sin BURNED
  • Milliam gives information to Warboss and gains 1 Chip on him

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Dinner for a ghoul party? I know just the guy. I mean, sure he hacked off my arms and legs back in the day, but it was definitely for the better, and I had no use for the old appendages. Stands to figure that others would feel the same way? Check. Dollmaster has the goods, and it's a relatively simple run to provide him the service he needs to get the goods Patches wants. Never thought I would end up with a half blind, no legged dog I fondly refer to as Lump though. Stranger things. Don't worry buddy, I foresee some cyber limbs in your future to."