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Milliam Tmp.png
Parkour Satyr
Traditionnal Druid Survivalist
Critter handler
MetatypeOrc (Satyr)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.27 May 2058
FolderMilliam's Folder
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - C

Character Information


Survivalist Satyr running in the shadows of the sixth world's jungle at full speed, alongside her cyber-ed up Panther.


  • Build herself a spot of paradise on these rooftops.
  • Help fight against those that would like to step on nature for their benefit.
  • Find like minded individuals.



Milliam was abandonned by her parents at a young age, in fact as soon as she started manifesting her metahuman traits. They went out in the deep of the forest and there, they attached her to a tree. Her mother lured her in with a smile only to turn cold as soon as her child was trapped, she then ordered her father to "do what he had to do". Sensing something was deeply wrong she started pleading to her parents about what she might have done wrong, but no answer came as her father pulled a hold-out pistol out of his coat. His expression full of conflict, he visibly was battling against himself.

His gaze fled the one of his daughter as he disengaged the safety and pointed in her general direction, only to line up his shot does he look at her and, for the fraction of a second, locks eyes with her. The full weight of what he was about to do dawned on him as his will was utterly broken, he could not bring himself to pull the trigger and threw the gun on the ground. The mother commented on how pathetic he was, pulling him back the way they came from and never even glancing back as they disappeared in the depths of the forest.

The first few hours were filled with confusion and desperation, thinking that she could redeem herself somehow she stayed near the point where she was left and apologized for everything she could remember, until nothing came to mind anymore. Hunger take the place of her usual dinner, harrowing nights the place of her comfy bed and ever so slowly, instincts the place of her innocence. Her hunger pushed her to search for food sources, she was quickly turned off of fruits and berries after she tried to eat toxic ones and writhed in pain from their effects, so she turned to her sense of smell to direct her to a different food. What was once a cute bunny now looked like one of the best meals she could gather up for herself.

Her body would form and adapt to her new nomad lifestyle, and her magic would start to awaken accordingly helping her climb high trees in a pinch and jumping down from those heights on unsuspecting prey. It would eventually come a day where a terrible tempest passed in her area and forced her to find a hideout, she would end up finding a small cave. She was eager to dive in, but her instincts made her take things slow, as there was indeed the smell of another creature emanating from further in. She readied her stabby stones and ran further in ready to strike at the first sign of life, fully expecting a significant foe and by extension much needed food.

She would find a furry black panther to the end of the cave and jump forward to stab it fully expectant for her weapon to find purchase, but would meet cold hard stone as she expected the panther to try and flee. Taking a second to reevaluate her course of action and bracing herself to be attacked, she would meet the eyes of the panther and realize that it was not counter attacking like any predator would do with her in such a vulnerable position, but it was rather putting itself between her and her litter of kits.

She was hit with a wave of intense feelings and sensations as magic flooded in her, time slowed around them as she understood what this panther was doing : putting itself in the way of it's kits and shielding them with it's life. She dropped her weapon and crumbled down as those feelings made her long standing need for love resurface. Quickly retracting to find the nearest corner and assuming a fetal position, she looks as the panther settles back down around it's litter and care for it, a feeling her innocent self wants with all it's being.

It would take some time for her to piece herself together as the tempest outside would not die down for hours. She would come to understand instinctively that the panther was actually suffering from inanition and was in no condition to hunt, much less fight back if she wanted to kill it, but she could not bring herself to do it, so much so that she would eventually give her last rabbit to it and it's kits when the tempest had died down, and further bringing them food over the days that would follow.

This would build a bond between the panther and her, and they would end up hunting together soon. The years would pass and the pack would dissolve itself, parent and kits parting at their maturity as is natural. She would build a particularly strong bond with one of the kits, they even developed simple calls for each other : she would be referred by the sound "mlem", easy for a panther to produce, and she would call him "D'ma". When it was time for D'ma to leave the pride they would stick together and hunt as one, becoming excellent and fearing next to no predator the jungle could throw at them.

But they would grow impertinent, and one day they met their match in a pair of Phoenixes that trapped them in their flames. The encounter was one of pure confusion and panic, they would end up killing one of the phoenixes and the other fled, but they were wounded in the process, especially D'ma whose fur burnt entirely. His life hanging by a thread, Mlem made her way towards a road she knew about hoping to find someone who could do something about D'ma's condition before it was too late.

She would reach it and then spend days walking alongside the road with D'ma on her back hoping for humans to pass as she sometimes saw them do. Eventually, a military buggy turned up from Evo and she pleaded with them in broken English to help her get to a doctor, the squad joked around seeing nude satyr in the middle of the road with a "barbecued cat" on her back. One of them would even suggest they do unsavory things to Mlem and leave them to die, but the others seemed disgusted and ignored him.

After a minute or so, they would get her in the transport with them and hooked D'ma to a medikit before zipping towards Seattle, where she would have to adapt to human life once again and slave away to reimburse her (very inflated) debt to them. The good side is that it made her a good rep, enough to get recommended on the haven once she got out of her troubles with this squad.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Animal Empathy - Milliam developed a very keen instinct for reading animalistic emotions when she survived in the jungle.
  • Animal Familiar - Her pet, Dumas, has been working together with her for so long that they developed a strong metaphysical bond
  • Mentor spirit (Lion) - Hunting alongside natural predators sparked an instinct in Milliam, that manifested as a white lion face with a golden mane. It often shows her details she oversaw on her trails.
  • Satyr Legs - Her metahuman traits make of her the subject of scorn by some, but it also makes her exceptionally fast compared to others. When running in ideal circumstances, she can go up to 60 MPH with next to no sweat.


  • Lack of Focus
  • Lightweight
  • Thrill Seeker
  • Uneducated

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Route 66: Side Story, IOU One WheelbarrowIsaacLike mad max but more guns22 June 2082
Monday Night WAAAAAGGHWarr6th World Championship Wrestling21 June 2082
A Simple RepossessionArchtmag19 June 2082
"Well, Frag."Isaac18 June 2082
Jarheads! In The Ork Underground!AuroraHead In A Jar12 June 2082
A Literal Milk RunAurora10 June 2082
Milliam's Errand DayAurora5 June 2082
Three Packs a DayOrionsRequiem2 June 2082
Buoys Are For SaturdayCutier Than Thou30 May 2082
Hero for the PeopleShadowhand28 May 2082
Parent-Teacher ConferencePatGriffin26 May 2082
A Change of MindArchtmag25 May 2082
Red Dawn, Blue FearZerre de Seattle22 May 2082
Lookin' for a soul to stealDraknic21 May 2082
Smash n' SmashDisco19 May 2082
Koncerning KittensShadowhand18 May 2082
Operation: Kick the AnthillZerre de SeattleHail to the Pumpking29 April 2082
Macuahuitl Man ManumittingIsaac28 April 2082
A Rain of Really Repulsive Renraku ReinforcementsAuroraHead In A Jar26 April 2082
Those Who Cry Without a VoiceDraknic25 April 2082
The Dodo's Had It's DayMursey22 April 2082
Mockery of FateDraknic20 April 2082
Face Your FearsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking15 April 2082
Shadows are Dark, Water is WetIsaac9 April 2082
A Bouquet to RememberIsaac7 April 2082
A (not so) Legendary BeastIsaac6 April 2082
Burn Through The DitchesAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking2 April 2082
"Don't let the slasher get you!"Isaac1 April 2082
Out of RetirementAurora28 March 2082
The Bell TollsAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking26 March 2082
Happy Birthday, ZigzagAurora20 March 2082
Fortunate HistoryOrionsRequiemDragon of a Problem14 March 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Chloe Green 2 4 Fixer Fixer Activist, Environmentalist, Rich Brat Even
Warboss 6 1 Fixer Fixer WAAAGH!, Moar Dakka!, Half Machine, All Trog, Gang Boss, Lok'tar Ogar, Crime Lord, Smuggler 1
Zion 3 2 Gear Talismonger Talismonger, Foci, Formulae, Enchanting Even
Jaelisha 2 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Animal Trainer Veterinarian, Animal Breeder, Paracritters -1
Dollmaster 6 2 Fixer(G, N, K, A) Shadowy Manipulator Upgrades, Subtle Touches, Cut and Paste, Arm and a Leg, Leveraging, Long Game, Overwhelming Force Even
Mush 4 1 Fixer Black Magic Man, Black Magic Circles, Focus Fanboy, Fetish Gear, Discretion is the Watchword Even
Our Lady of the Perpetual Saturday 2 1 Networking Influencer, Not A Cult Leader It's Always Friday Night Somewhere, A Rare Medium (Who Does Well), Good Vibes Only, Life of the Party Even
"General" Dave 3 4 Service "General" Greatest Leader in Republic Of Dave, Greatest Cook in Republic Of Dave, International Affairs, Micronations Even
Ghaz 2 3 Legwork Skraacha Sheriff Cavalry's Here, Skraacha Sheriff, Coffin House Even
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy 2 4 Custom(A,G,N,K) Ganger / Tough Guy Not the Brightest Bulb, Firesaw, Fraggin' Handsome, People Pleaser, WAIT I'm a runner too! Even
Chipper 4 3 Service Subterranean Shinobi Master Not All There, Rival to EVO, Witty Sensei #1, Bach #2, Mozart #3, Handel #4, Haydn #5 Even




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