Burn Through The Ditches

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Burn Through The Ditches
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Pump King Jack
Lone Star
The Incredible Behemoth
Casualties and losses
A slightly banged up car. Very badly bruised precinct.


Jack goes on a rampage and asks for backup. He gets it!


Jane, a girl that Jack rescued from self-harm some time ago returned to the ex-NeoNET commune and was later found dead in her bed. Having tried to protect her, but unable to, this hurts Jack.

The Meet

Jack's fuming both figuratively and literally. He draws a crude map on a crossroads as the party arrives in Sophocles, asks them to go keep Lone Star busy so he can finish his revenge and then nova out as soon as possible.

The Run

The team doesn't just intercept the cops. They take a pre-emptive approach and hit Lone Star's Puyallup precinct. The first strike is unexpected and Behemoth's fooling around lets her literally turn three officers into a bloody pulp. After that, the turret systems start going online, but there's plenty of firepower to shoot them into scrap metal. As drones start flying up with dogbrain and rigger guidance, they end up distracting the backup team as Behemoth charges across the mined up lawn and jumps down to the garage ramp. She wrests and wrecks the garage door into a natural barrier so no response vehicles can get out, and even though some heavy lead gets shot her way, she uses the door itself as cover to soften the impact to practically nothing. A decker almost manages to hack Pell's commlink due to her running a wireless Smartlink weapon, but thankfully the surprise attack is over soon enough that they get in their getaway car and hightail it out, managing to reboot their devices. Lone Star was caught off guard, but just as the runners start speeding away, Milliam jumping down from the side of a building, Skimmer retracting his desire to fire war crime bullets and Pell collecting her gear, Lone Star's response is a hailstorm of bullets from heavily entrenched gun ports in their precinct. The runners know when they overstay their welcome, however. It's a good distraction and they flee.


Finding a good place to hide things out is a larger issue, however. The team gets in touch with some of their contacts and, after some consultation from Dr. O+ and Nameless, figure that they can split into groups of two. Two head to Tacoma for a safehouse, thanks to a smuggler knowing a way to get a few things past the checkpoint lockdown in the region. Two stay behind in a bolthole hidden in terrain, a little stowing spot known by Nameless due to his ex EVO days. Jack paid everyone in advance, so once they manage to rest on their laurels and wait for things to cool down, the terror attack on Lone Star overshadows Jack's murderous rampage, just as planned.


  • For Milliam: Adrenaline Surge & Speed Reading
  • For Skimmer: Tough as Nails (Stun) x 3
  • For Behemoth: Death Dealer
  • For Pell: Astral Chameleon & Perceptive
  • For Shy: 6 Karma spent to pay off karma debt & 14 Starscreamers Reputation
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 Starscreamers Reputation
  • 1 Public Awareness

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that was an exciting drekshow. At least I think none of us were identifiable beyond general descriptions. The others in the team were competent, which is nice. Passed out again from Jack's pay, which wasn't.


"Shoot up a Lonestar station to cause a distraction? Check. Whose brilliant idea was this anyway? Oh yeah, well... I've done stupider things in my past, but not by much. Fortunately they were in to much shock at the actual audacity of the hit to mount an intelligent response. I'm pretty sure Jack got what he needed. Feel kinda funny though, with whatever it is he keeps shoving down my gullet. Maybe this isn't such a good idea..."

Shy's Report

The run was fairly good. I mean it was just a big firefight and we did get out of here pretty easily. The crew was really professional, and i did end up having a nice safehouse... Now i can be safe from KE but i'm indedbted to Jack...Not that good

Fragging trolls.

The Incredible Behemoth

My first run after escaping from Doc Wagon... At least I got to bring down some cops. Not sure I trust this Jack fellow, though.