Dragon of a Problem

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Be wary when a new figure shows up at a card game, no matter how much money they have. Winning too much can be a detriment in this world. After a night of drunken gambling, "Lucky" Lucia Carina finds that the lucky streak that she's been on has taken a sharp turn due to a curse from a Lesser Dragon.


Lucky Lucia

The self-proclaimed "Luckiest Woman in the Sixth World" Lucia has seemed blessed by the gods of luck. After a successful few months in UCAS, she began to hit up a series of underground gambling dens to score more NuYen outside of the system. Unfortunately, these dens were owned by someone who doesn't appreciate the manipulation of luck.

Important Members

"Lucky" Lucia Carina
"Lucky" Lucia Carina

The Luckiest Woman in the world, a career gambling addict and up until recently, more than happy to push her luck as far as possible.


  • Keep off the radar of Mylinthraja
  • Undo the curse of Bad Luck
  • Fill a bath with full-loaded ebony credsticks

The Quantum Cards Gambling Dens

A series of underground gambling dens with criminal and shadow connections. Run by a lesser dragon in secret.

Important Members

Mylinthaja, aka Theresa Vol

The owner of the Quantum Cards underground gambling dens of Seattle. A dragon who runs a series of underground gambling dens under the guise of an elf woman named Theresa, she lost a night of poker to Lucia and cursed her as petty revenge.

Quantum Gamblers

The hosts and dealers of the underground gambling dens known as the Quantum Cards. They serve Mylinthaja loyally and without fail.


  • Deny Lucia the chance to gamble for the rest of her life.
  • Fund various shadow activities that benefit Mylinthraja under the guise of common crime
  • Don't reveal a dragon is in Seattle's Underground.


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