Fortunate History

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Fortunate History
Part of Dragon of a Problem
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
"Lucky" Lucia Carina
Museum Security Quantum Cards Gambling Dens
Black Samurai
Museum Spider#1
Museum Spider#2
Museum Techno-Spider
Nanook Tasunka
Museum Guardsx2
Quantum Spider
Casualties and losses
Museum Spider #1, Museum Spider #2, Museum Techno-Spider


In which "Lucky" Lucia Carina hires the ShadowHaven to steal a cultural artifact from a museum


After spending time in the Quantum Card Gambling Dens and winning quite a bit of cash thanks to her signature luck, "Lucky" Lucia Carina was cursed by a dragon to have terrible luck, and has been looking into the different ways of restoring her luck

The Meet

The runners meet up with "Lucky" Lucia Carina in her penthouse, Milliam is late due to public transit in Seattle taking forever. While Black Samurai, Spider and Shine wait with their Johnson, she invites them to play a round of Texas Hold'em. After a round, Milliam shows up and Lucia reveals her hand to show that she has stone nothing on the cards.

The runners assense Lucia and find that her aura is being choked by snake-like astral signature that is wrapped tightly around her.

After Milliam arrives, Lucia explains that the runners are trying to aquire Salish Luck Stones, these stones are said to ward off misfortune and are currently being held in the Seattle Art Museum Pavilion, on loan from the Salish-Shidhe Council. The runners excuse themselves and make their way out of the penthouse to begin planning for the job.

The Plan

Spider dives into the Matrix and finds that the museum has strong ties to the Salish-Shidhe Council, including these Luck Stones, which are created by mining stones from areas infused with the mana of a leyline and used in many shamanistic rituals in order to prevent ill-fortune and other bad luck. Diving deeper into the host, she is able to find some blueprints of the museum, but is unable to get a copy of them before being spotted by the security spider. Spider engages in cybercombat and manages to fight off the IC and the spider before the Museum's higher-tier spider rezzes in and using technomancer powers, forces Spider to jack out. Jumping back into the host and managing to get back into the secure host, Spider tries to fight past the deployed IC and techno-spider once more, but is ejected again. Deciding to wait until later to go back into the Matrix once some of the heat has died down, Shine and Black Samurai decide to investigate the museum by posing as a couple on a first date. They get a layout of the environment and locate the stones, as well as telling how many guards are around during the open hours. They also spot a skylight that the runners think about being able to use to get into the building during the run.

The runners also call up The Dukes through their connection to Pitty and are able to hire them as getaway drivers for the heist. Deciding to try and go in quietly with Spider on overwatch, as well as applying an explosive on the side of the building for a quick exfiltration. The runners also go to the Crime Mall and purchase rope, climbing gear and other materials that they'll need to infiltrate the museum.

After some recovery time, Spider also does research into the Museum's history with the Luck Stones and finds that they have been contacted several times with the intention of buying the Luck Stones from them. Each with an offer of over a million nuyen. Tracing the offers back, Spider learns that they come from a dragon who is rumored to be a part of an underground gambling den called Quantum Cards that Spider finds the host for and infiltrates, but is rebuffed by the security.

The Run

The runners wait until nightfall and pull up in the Commander Dunkelzahn, the car of The Dukes. Spider sets plastic explosives on the wall while Milliam, Black Samurai and Shine climb to the top of the Pavilion and wait for Spider to open the mechanical locks on the door. Spider uses Biofeedback to dataspike the museum's Matrix security to death and triggers the alarms while the infiltration team run into a Beast spirit who is guarding the stones alongside Nanook Tasunka, a member of the Salish-Shidhe tribes who was called in as a security mage after it was determined that there might be a threat.

The runners quickly deal with the mage and the museum's security guards and smash the case that holds the Luck Stones, blowing a hole in the wall of the museum and rushing to the Dunkelzahn. Knight-Errant show up quickly as the museum is located downtown and a chase begins, with Spider crashing two cars into the KE vehicle after Black Samurai manages to hit the engine block with a well-placed shot. This causes an explosion, that along with the hacked cars creates several fatalities. The runners are able to escape downtown, but in the chaos are forced towards Renton and a security checkpoint. Deciding to smash their way through the blockade after Spider bricks the security gate, they are able to contact Warboss through their contacts and got a location for a safehouse in the Ork Underground for the agreement for future services rendered.

Spending two days underground, the runners are eventually released from the safehouse and return the Luck Stones to Lucia and receive the payment that was promised.


The runners return to Lucia and give her the credsticks, and are told that there is a second set of credsticks that arrived while the runners were underground from an "anonymous benefactor"


(1.3x from Run Time)

  • 20k (10 RVP) (14k from Lucia, 6k from "Anonymous donations")
  • Warboss (6/1 Skraacha Boss) (6 RVP) **MUST TAKE WITH 5 CHIPS FOR**
  • The Dukes (3/1 Drivers) (3 RVP) **MUST TAKE**
  • 1 Karma (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Optional Contact: "Lucky" Lucia Carina (4/1 Gambler) (4 RVP taken from Nuyen or Karma)
  • Wanted: 50k Salish-Shidhe Council
  • Wanted: 50k Seattle Metroplex
  • 1 Notoriety

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shine: How many people died? No, no. My concussion is completely unrelated. I was resting in my home when calamity struck downtown last night. Yes, yes. A tragedy indeed. Those responsible must be found. And punished.

Beat, beat, beat. Shine watches her interlocuter walk away, then turns back to her burner comm-link.

Merde! So many people dead. How did it happen? I didn't even know that three Spider's died. <pause>. Yes, sometimes even the most well planned extraction becomes a blood bath, this I learned well while working for Crash Cart. But to have such strong security waiting for us. A police chase in downtown was inevitable, yes. But the explosion? Was that patrol cruiser loaded with explosives? With ammunition? So many people.

Yes, we achieved our goals and fulfilled the contract, but at such cost. I cannot view this mission as a win, not even close. Yes, the Dukes, whose competence I doubted, prove their worth. But now I am indentured to a fearsome man I do not trust, in a deal made on my behalf while I recovered from wounds inflicted by an explosion we ourselves triggered. I must erase this debt without sloth, without hesitation. To be indebted to a violent brute merely portends being drawn ever closer into a spiralling madness of violence and catastrophe.


So glad I knew the Dukes. Getting out of this situation was a huge problem, but now I'm indebted to Warboss. Ouch. I... may have screwed up. Oops.