Daisy Mittens

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Daisy Mittens
The World’s Second Worst Rigger
“The Irish Giant”
MetatypeTroll (Giant)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.Character's Date of Birth
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - E
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


A Native Irish (She was adopted! That counts!) giant. Filled with rage toward the Elfnostate that controls her homeland, she worked in an Anarchist Cell to bring about the end of the Elfnostate. It didn’t work. With her cell wiped out, she faked her death and managed to escape to start a new life as a runner in Seattle.


Free Ireland from the oppressive rule of Tir na nÓg (bit of a long shot)

Yertz out her car and build a small army of drones

Find comfortable, permanent housing that won’t bankrupt her.

Make a bit of money. Or a lot of it.


Surprising a great deal of people, Elle MacNally was not born in Ireland. She was born in Scandinavia as a giant like most giants are, in an orphanage. The government didn't want to deal with the excess of large mouths to feed on a government paycheck. There was a great organization of a state sponsored global adoption program. It was framed under "Needy Children Need Homes We Can't Provide, Pitch In!" but the tax cuts offered through the program as well the question of how a nation can afford that lawyers and paperwork but not an orphanage hinted to its true purpose. It wasn't a sinister program, nothing untoward happened and Elle was shipped off to a nice human family in Tyr. A joint program on Tyr's part to show how it wasn't actually an Elfnostate.

Her family wasn't SINless but they also weren't elves. They were about as poor as you can get while still flying a SIN and their long held rage over Ireland's Historical Occupation, The Troubles and now Tir's rule filtered into Elle. She grew patriotic and proud of her parents heritage (now HER heritage) and started messing about a little. She may have flunked out of school and made her parents who were already so disappointed in her even MORE disappointed but it paid off. It wasn't a large jump from her time in the non-elf punk scene and street-racing to getting recruited into a Neo-Anarchist cell. It was light work, little gigs under the nose of the Tir police. Some of it was petty vandalism but some of it was legitimately taking tiny pieces out of the pillars of rule that hold up Tir. Of course, one can't go on that route for too long without the Ghost's coming down.

The Haunt was a pretty clean sweep. The cell fought back but there was only so much on can do against top of the TOP of the line millspec training and gear. Daisy wound up in hot-wired car with a fist sized hole in her shoulder, driving away with a bleeding out decker. Before the poor bastard bled out from terminal bullet syndrome, they managed to push their digital eject button, a route into a cargo freighter box that wouldn't raise any flags. Big enough for 2 or 3 fleeing members of the cell OR 1 giant. Convenient. With some more luck, she managed to wire up a convincing enough fake death, leaving the now-dead decker and several of her own shot-off fingers in the car and setting it to explode while she chem-sealed up and left for her freedom, carrying her one surviving drone.

The boat landed in Seattle and Daisy managed to wriggle out, thoroughly disgusted. Her cell was dead, her parents thought SHE was dead and she was stuck in Seattle. It wasn't all bad. With her one surviving sniper drone, Loreena, she managed to pull a couple jobs and couple decent enough paydays to get herself out with a hedgehog, a second doberman, a bit of ware and even a pretty nice car.

Problem was, you don’t get that kind of payday on feel-good jobs. She wasn’t taking wetwork gigs but she wasn’t exclusively helping old ladies cross the street either. And to be honest, she didn’t mind. It wasn’t bad, being a little bit selfish for once. Making money. Getting drones and guns. Sure, doing jobs as a disposable corpo asset was pretty much selling out ones ideals but the paychecks! The hurlg she could buy! Made her consider the option at a minimum.

After some time in the shadows, she wasn’t even surprised when the weirdo barn cyberdoc she got some brain ‘ware from sent her an invite to some organization called “Shadowhaven.” Hell, it was what she deserved. Things were finally turning around for her.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Gearhead + School of Hard Knocks - You learn a lot being a delinquent troll on the streets of Tir. It takes smarts to be useful and it takes a quick getaway to not get taken out by the Tir police.

Black Market Pipeline (Cyberware, Clint Wilder) - That weirdo barn cyberdoc mentioned earlier? Well, he offered her a discount on top of the line brain ware to sweeten the whole 'become a career criminal pot'. It wasn't needed but damn is it appreciated.

Common Sense - After watching the opposite of common sense, Argus work, Daisy's learned to put her smarts to work.


Favored (Native Irish) + Prejudiced (Tir na nÓg Elves) - Those BASTARDS stole our fraggin’ country.

Bad Credit - It’s hard to find lodgings for a ten foot tall lady. It’s extra hard if you swear at the bastards for overcharging you.

Mild Addiction (Psyche) - She got a head start.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Watering DaisiesDoc_Mnc15 October 2082
Out to LunchDisco23 September 2082
Certified TestingAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking20 September 2082
Prime VintagePokemonemocow714 September 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Clint Wilder 4 2 Fixer(G,K,A,N) Barn Boy Cyberdoc and Fixer in the Off-hours You best buy somethin', You a city slicker or somethin?, 'I'll stick somethin good in ya!, 'Cuttin Edge, I tell ya. Cuttin EDGE!, 'Legality? What in the SAM HELL is that?, Texas Proud, 'An Arm and a Leg', 'Organs n' Genes are the Future, son', Chrome Zone Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

She’s a fan of putting nice bows and colorful stickers on her drones.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Did you mean “Daisy Chain”? This scenic bar provides a welcome experience to any elf ...
3 Footage of a tricked out, ENORMOUS shin-hyung going down the highway WAY above the speed limit.
6 A blurry image of someone generally matching Daisy’s description in an internal memo as a wanted criminal in Tir na nÓg. A later internal memo declares them dead.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 “Yeah, real big lady. Swears a lot.”
3 “She’s a rigger I think? Has some drones and a nice car at least.”
5 “Yeah, giant rigger. Fraggin’ HATES Tir for some reason. They’ve done some jobs outside of the haven before too. Decent shot when they’re rigged into a drone.”


Elle MacNally - Legal Tir na nÓg SIN. Currently burned and considered dead.

Georgie Ymralte - Rating 6, UCAS (Driver's, RCC, Drone, Firearm Licenses)


A giant ... well a slightly above average height giant, Ellie is on the slighter side as far as giants go. She styles her hair into whatever suits her at the moment though recently she's fond of mullets. She dyes her hair reddish orange and is freckled and be-speckled, with a pair of bright pink prescription lenses.

She can often be loud, abrasive, rude and most of the time very drunk. It doesn't take much prodding for her to launch into a rant about the Tir Elfnotstate. However, she understands the concept of professionalism. The Tir Neo-Anarchists aren't the stereotype of raging against the machine and being loud, angry punks 24/7, they're a militant group with goals to accomplish. As such, while she'll often mouth off, she understands working in a team and not punching the J in the face.


As for outfits, she's fond of dresses in olive greens and other darker shades. And platformed combat boots (yes, they make them for giants. But only if you yell enough). Sometimes she'll switch up her look to a more classic neo-anarchist aesthetic.

Matrix Persona

Fully covered biker with a 4 leaf clover on the back of the jacket. Drone’s icons are brightly colored, ribboned up animals.

Media Mentions

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