Prime Vintage

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Prime Vintage
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Thomas Vintners
Daisy Mittens
Vault Guards


A strange man with more pride than money hires the team to steal some wine.


The team is gathered, though all of them seem to have reason to stand against this Mr. Johnson.

The Meet

22:00 at the Purple Haze. The entire place has been booked for this meet by the unnervingly still Mr. Johnson. Staff even avoid working the floor without signal. He offers pay in exchange for the team stealing some wine from the basement of Thomas Vintners.

The Plan

Legwork by followed by a break in by those with stealth.

The Run

The team leave the restaurant with the plan to do some matrix and physical legwork. z dives into the matrix and finds the host, before digging into the deeper host and stealing a security folder. They get noticed but leave with the folder before anything bad happens. Mittens and Tombstone use their stealth skills to examine the outside of the facility. They decide the back door will be easiest to break into. After a rest and some discussion the team breaks in and steal the wine with limited damage and no deaths.


Mr. Johnson collects the wine and happily brings it aboard his boat.


10k nuyen - 5 RVP

3 karma - 3 RVP

4 CDP - we went long

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Really interesting that they just wanted some wine, but hey makes the job easier for us I guess.