Watering Daisies

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Watering Daisies
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Aztechnology A + J Security Firm
Daisy Mittens
Aztechnology Sam
Security Adept, Security Spider, Security Guard
Casualties and losses
None Gone, Security Adept Security Adept



A certain Aztechnology executive’s relationship with a Tir Noble got broken up and there’s been some fission between the nation and the company. They refuse to be in the same room with each other. Unfortunately, Aztechnology has a shipment of heavy duty drones sent over to the Tir, including several desert warfare ones that were featured on TV. Due to this new circumstance, the drones will be unguarded (or ONLY guarded by the on site security) for 24 hours. It would be a shame if some runners came and stole them.

The Meet

Daisy, recovering from brain surgery, received an anonymous call. The J seemed to be bouncing their signal and using a voice modulator. They called Daisy by her old name from the Tir days but some quick talkin’ let her squeeze out of that situation, telling the J the name on her fake SIN. The J gave his pitch, telling her he knew an old anarchist was in town and calling random numbers until he got her. While he was miffed he had got the “wrong number”, he gave the pitch regardless and Daisy agreed to the job to fuck over the Tir.

Mr. J told her about the drone shipment, Aztechnology and the Tir Noble’s relationship and the open window. As she began to question further, Daisy sensed he was hiding something but the bastard hung up. Knowing she would need backup, she called 8133D3R.

The Legwork

8133D3R instantly agreed to the job and the two met up to move to a base of operations within Daisy’s car. They swapped stories of runner exploits before setting up in Daisy’s car and driving out to about 10 blocks away from the site while 8133D3R ran a heavy matrix search.

Security was run by A + J security corp, a subsidiary security firm. The usual practices are an on-site decker in the office with a few security guards. The rest of the security would be turrets. He also managed to pull up the information on the warehouse. It seemed to be used for small-time smuggling from the corps. Standard security is pretty light and it has a rating 3 host.

8133D3R decided to waltz on over to the A + J host, his little dwarf persona finding a rating 5 host. He slipped into the host, which took the form of a big ol’ golf course, with the programs taking the form of golf carts and golfers tapping the files into holes. Hole number 7 seemed to hold the drone files but old cabbie patrol IC seemed to be guarding it pretty tight. As he peered closer, the file was covered in a big ol’ databomb. He primed his charges and got ready to hack.

He hacked his way through the databomb, dodging the needles and ducking down to work on the encryption. With a quick edit file action, he grabbed the files and pulled out as the host was alerted. He emerged into the meat, a thin trickle of blood coming from his brain and proclaimed his success with an action movie pose (as a Hedgehog drone jumped up and down on his face) before passing out on the floor of Daisy’s car.

The ownership files for the drones would be archived within the foundation. 8133D3R suited up with some cereprax (and almost getting addicted) and got ready to dive into the foundation, bringing Daisy along as, well … just for funsies I guess. With some more hacking prowess, 8133D3R got them into the host, marked Daisy as an acceptable personnel. The stepped into the keyhole and were pulled into a new world.

Sand under their feet. The roaring of the crowd. A colosseum. And they were the contestants. The announcer roared out a battle between the champion and the challenger. 8133D3R and Daisy exited the arena, spotting a few individuals of note. A Hot Dog Salesman, a Pie Salesman, Security Guards and the Arena Master himself.

The runners ducked through the crowd, trading coins for hotdogs and pies but after poking both of the salesmen, neither of them were nodes. They were running out of time and it was time for the Champion to appear.

From one side of the arena, an ENORMOUS mech stepped out, rigged into by the Arena Master himself . From the other, a group of enslaved people. Unarmed. Despite them being foundation entities, it was still an uncomfortable sight. Daisy snuck behind the Arena Master and tapped him. The Master Node. They got one.

With their knowledge of nodes, they knew the master led to the security. They spotted security members (5 of them) and decided on their next course of action. One of them was in a booth and the runners needed to act fast.

Sneaking up on the booth man watching the camera, Daisy snuck up and tapped him. Security. Only one more step. The booth man seemed to be making voice logs for security purposes. Sensing another trail, the runners decided on a gamble. They could track the walkie-talkie by logging into the matrix but risk Variance should there not be a matrix. 8133D3R decided to gamble and tried to connect his brain to that weird web of information.

It worked. With some hacking (with a surprise hacking assist from Daisy with a fairlight caliban) they found the commlink was the archive node. The only step was to locate the portal node and set an anchor. Daisy decided to tap the slave working the winch. She found the Scaffolding node but risked variance. 8133D3R ducked into the nearby tunnels and grabbed the portcullis. The node had been discovered. Time for an anchor. They needed something that would blend in. 8133D3R settled on materializing a piss pot portal. Daisy zoomed out and back into AR, followed shortly by 8133D3R. The 2 slept off their drug crashes before meeting up again and sharing “animal” jerky. They were ready for the heist.

8133D3R jumped into a pile of trash to conceal himself and Daisy set up her sniper drone nearby. 8133D3R popped more cereprax and Daisy more loco. Dusk had fallen. It was game time.

The Heist

Dropping into Hotsim, 8133D3R jumped into the host and the foundation with the power of ANARCHY and clambered out of his piss-pot anchor. Daisy’s Hedgehog drone snuck into the building through a crack in the wall and began scouting, unseen. With a bit of snooping, she found the first container was filled with tea. Patrolling the shelves was a security adept with a long tail with a mounted injector. A threat.

8133D3R in the foundation crept along, finding the slave control node and pulling the files from the archive node. The ownership files were his. As he turned to escape … the foundation bounced him. The tunnel began to squeeze the poor dwarf as Variance had been reached. The dwarf grabbed the piss pot and leaped out of the tunnels squeezing embrace. But not fast enough. The tunnel grabbed his leg and started to squeeze, crushing his poor little leg. In the meat, his leg spasmed and bled.

He ripped his leg out of the tunnel, finding himself clutching a pisspot in the arena with the entire crowd of foundation entities staring at him with murder in their eyes. Now or never. With a final burst of energy he ripped his mind out of the host. The files were there.

Daisy grabbed ownership and jumped into the pelican to begin freeing the drones. Unfortunately, the security adept spotted the commotion. She quickly jumped out as the adept went to investigate. He only found the drones moving around aimlessly as Daisy jumped into the Steel Lynx.

As the adept began to move back to the control room, a shipping container burst open as a dog-shaped BEAST roared forth and promptly popped him in the head, dropping the poor bastard instantly. As Daisy moved out in the steel lynx and 8133D3R hacked the turrets, they were unstoppable.

The crack of a rifle echoed through the night air. Daisy’s meat body within her rigger cocoon shook as a sniper bullet ripped through the car and the rigger cocoon’s armor, directly into her gut. The door was slammed in as a chromed up Samurai and a rigger with EARRS stepped inside.

Luckily, Loreena the sniper drone was there to help. With a twist and a turn, the drone turned and autonomously dropped the sniper roto-drone that had fired at Daisy in a single shot

8133D3R spun his matrix mojo and filled a poor security guard with lead through a door. The poor guy fled after being shot by his own turret. With only the now-bleeding Rigger and Sam remaining, Daisy ordered the drones to file out and blend into the drone traffic while she locked onto the Rigger and shot him through the heart.

The poor man fell to the dirt as the samurai, with his source of employment dead and a very scary drone still hiding amongst shelved, turned tail and ran.


They regrouped and licked their wounds, neither of the affiliated groups came after the two runners. Daisy recognized the man. The boyfriend of one of her old anarchist companions back in Tir. She’d thought the man died when everyone else did. Apparently, he did a similar trick to her. Great minds think alike. But not great enough to avoid being shot.


12 Karma - Bleeder

7 karma - Daisy

20k autosofts and similar gear (5 rvp) - Daisy

(Ascension Rewards Subtracted As Normal)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Daisy Mittens

Well, that was interestin'. The setup wasn't somethin' I was fond of but well ... at least the bastard's dead. Stupid enough ta come after me with EARRS and shite. Aztechnology seems none the wiser since it was all drones and drek but I do hope 8133D3R changes up his icon. Though it all get's me thinkin' ... if Gone knew about me from the old days, who else does? Anyone else make a little dissapearin' act? If there's a group of the fuckers that survived that I don't know about ...

Anyway, the lynx is feckin' WIZ. I'm gonna gear this bastard out and kill a God.