Out to Lunch

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Out to Lunch
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Ares Macrotechnology
Miriam Kazan
Daisy Mittens
Petrov Primak


A data steal performed on an EVO accounting office in Bellevue to determine the location of an experimental EVO facility and lay the groundwork for a future run. The team infiltrated the office of a feasibility analyst named Petrov Primak, stealing a report from his personal terminal that contained compromising information on the black site. Despite several close calls they escaped undetected, completing the job exactly to the Johnson's specifications.


Miriam Kazan is an ambitious woman. She's always seeking new ways to advance her position within Ares, and when her agents caught wind of an experimental EVO bioweapon she saw it as a golden opportunity. Despite the top secret nature of the project, her intelligence network detected a weak link in the form of a financial analyst named Petrov Primak. He had been brought on to assess the feasibility of the black site's construction and likely had location specific information on his personal terminal. Primak was obnoxiously cautious, though, and although Kazan had his secretary/mistress on her payroll she would need outside help to finish the job. With that in mind she put in a call to the team's fixers to arrange a meet.

The Meet

The meeting took place in a cleared out Auburn parking lot. The three members of the team arrived first, getting along like oil and water as they greeted each other. After an indeterminate amount of bickering Argus decided to glance at the matrix, on which he saw the signs of a military grade drone net surrounding them. Kazan arrived shortly after in an unmarked black SUV, accompanied by two heavily cybered security guards. Daisy attempted to make a pass at one, a stout orkish woman, but was soundly ignored.

As Kazan began explaining the job, Argus decided that he was going to be a problem. He began asking insultingly pointless questions, only stopping in light of the murderous vibes from both the J and the rest of the team. Barracuda took over negotiations and managed to restore some veneer of professionalism. Kazan told him that Primak's secretary would be able to get him out of his office, and that all the team needed to do was enter the building and retrieve the data. As simple as walking in and walking out, so long as an alarm wasn't raised. Payment was agreed upon and the team accepted the job, after which Kazan told them kindly to get the fuck on.

The Plan

After a solid day of matrix searches, drone scouting, and trading ganger smut to contacts the team determined that the best way in would be to pose as employees. Barracuda would enter in meatspace, accompanied by Daisy's stealth drone Shadow, and place a datatap on the terminal for Argus to hack. The first step of the plan was a host dive to plant the team's SINs on the employee registry. Argus cracked his knuckles and popped some loco in preparation for a novahot hack. He topped the concoction of substances off with one last hit from his Push joint. For luck. Unfortunately it turns out that speedballing is a bad idea, and as soon as the smoke left Argus's lips he crashed and began a 9 hour hell trip. Barracuda and Daisy watched in awe as their hacker bled on the back seat and flooded their DNI with incoherent images of angels. They decided to reevaluate their approach.

Once Argus had recovered the team decided on a new plan, namely to pose as sub-contracted janitors for a company with a much easier to hack host. Argus entered the stark white datahost of Randstad Janitoral Solutions and began poking around for the accounting building's schedule. Narrowly avoiding the gaze of the cleanly spider he found the file, opening it up and immediately eating a data bomb to the face. Undeterred, he summoned up the power of the resonance to plant Barracuda's SIN in the file. It bounced him. He tried again. It bounced him. This process repeated ad nauseum until Argus was spotted by the spider, and which point his sheer rage forced reality to bend to his will. His job done Argus decided to flee, tossing a cheeky data spike at the spider as he left. The spider bounced it, closed the gap, and slapped the absolute shit out of him as he derezzed.

The Run

After some more matrix searching to learn employee protocols, Barracuda arrived for his shift at the building. He talked his way inside with little trouble, using the disorganized nature of the company to land himself on the cleaning detail for Primak's office on the 59th floor. The first real snag in the plan came when he met the other members of his detail. One in particular, a scarred up man named Amar with two cheap prosthetics for arms, seemed to recognize him. After sending the other member of the crew away Amar told Barracuda that he used to run with the Explosive Special Reapers. He had a bone to pick for Cuda's role in killing the crew's ware hookup, the fallout of which got Amar arrested and slapped with a criminal SIN. Barracuda, thinking quickly, leveled with Amar about why he was really there and asked if he wanted a chance to make some real money again. The allure of money (and ganger twunks) was too strong to pass up, and Amar hesitantly agreed to distract the other janitors for a place in the Hellraisers.

As Barracuda approached Primak's office, Shadow following behind and keeping watch with its sensors, he put in the signal to Primak's secretary for the distraction. She led Primak out of his office, ensuring that the door would be left unlocked. Barracuda entered and placed the data tap, giving Argus an in to the terminal. Despite the incredible danger of a rating 4 terminal Argus managed to (eventually) find the necessary data, just in time for Barracuda to get out before Primak returned. Barracuda finished out his shift to maintain cover, and the team all escaped without raising a single alarm.


The team met back up with Miriam to hand off the data and receive their payment. Hyped up on the adrenaline of a job well done, Daisy decided to go for round two flirting with Kazan's guard. Through Barracuda's encouragement and her sheer Irish charms she earned a wink and a commcode from the Ares murder woman. Kazan was surprised that the team completed the job so well, and took note to call on them in the event of further work. A job well done, the team said their goodbyes and parted ways.


For Everyone

-16k nuyen, 32k in ware or Ares products up to avail 19 (8 RVP)

-6 karma (6 RVP)

-6 CDP (2 RVP)

-Optional Contact: Miriam Kazan (Ms. Johnson) at 4/1 (4 RVP)

For Barracuda

-Optional Contact: Ivan at 3/2 (4 RVP)

-Optional Contact: Amar "Bash" Ruano at 1/2 (2 RVP)

-Optional Quality: Alibi at chargen price (4 RVP)

For Argus

-Optional Quality: Analytical mind at chargen price (5 RVP)

+5 SK rep

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