Mockery of Fate

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Mockery of Fate
LocationSeattle Downtown, Redmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
2 gang members


The new faction of fox shifters has a split. The runners mend it, with force.


Recently, a subordinate of Chernobog betrayed their gang, leading away a splinter faction of a group of fox shifters. Naturally, Chernobog was displeased. A quick investigation by him revealed that the traitors were holed up in a drug den in the barrens. To solve the problem, he called together a group of runners to kill the traitor and destroy the hole in which he was hiding.

The Meet

The runners were called to a meeting place, in a somewhat sketchier part of downtown. They arrived without incident, in front of a small building. Heading inside, they were greeted by Chernobog, the shifter speaking under his breath in Russian. Masked, yet clearly harboring old injuries, Chernobog began to tell the runners about their mission. Meanwhile, Swerve assensed the man's aura, discovering that he was both a shifter and that his life was being sustained by deltaware implants of all things. After some negotiations led by Sherry, the runners managed to get Chernobog to add a monetary payment to their rewards. After getting basic information, the runners agreed to the job and headed out.

As they were leaving, Swerve managed to assense a few awakened foxes spying on them, and she pointed them out the group. Milliam was pleased and went over to play with the foxes. After having a bit of fun, Milliam was ready to head over and bust some skulls, though the rest of the team managed to shift her attention to getting food first and perhaps doing a little planning on the side.

The Plan

Swerve lead the team over to an Italian restaurant populated by deckers that had an appropriately grimy atmosphere to talk about crime. Ordering several pizzas and breadsticks, the runners, very slowly, began to talk their way through a plan. First just trying to think about where the drug den might be, they thought and discussed, pooling their minds and knowledge together. Most of the deckers in the room were engrossed in the matrix, not even noticing the new arrivals, but one, sitting at the edge of the room with a poorly made deck, was watching them. As the team neared a discovery, most of the team received a message on their commlinks. They had been hacked, their devices showing a picture of dog, and the decker responsible had left the room.

Continuing on regardless, they soon figured out where the drug den was located. As they finished up though, the mysterious decker reentered the room. As Swerve shot him a glare, Sherry walked over to meet him, impressed from his earlier work. Laying on the charm, she managed to get the man to help confirm their information, for no cost at all. Swerve, keeping her distance, assessed him to find out to her surprise that the man was actually a technomancer. Sherry made sure to grab the contact info of the technomancer, an elf known as Coldspot, for future work, and the team left to go raid the drug den, with no greater plan than to go there and make it work

The Run

The four runners drove over to the drug den in the barrens and prepared themselves for the fights to come. Swerve and Sherry summoned fire spirits for combat, and Milliam and Persephone readied themselves for combat. Striding confidently forward to the men posted out front, the guard were easily intimidated by their show of force and parted before them. The drug den inside was about what was expected, dirty and full of drugged out users. Walking carefully past them, the team headed deeper into the building until they finally reached the traitors. The gangers, being actually not that competent and few in number, were no real match for the team. One managed to flee successfully, but the rest fell with no trouble.

To clean up and finish the job, the team made sure to evacuate all the drug users from the building and then set it alight. As the place burned to the ground, Sherry snapped a selfie to commemorate the occasion.


The team return to Chernobog, to see the man who fled surrendered before him. Claiming that he was forced to act against him, he begged for mercy. To confirm his words, Swerve raid his mind for secrets using her magic. Finding him to be nothing more than a weak willed lackey, Chernobog accepted him back. Chernobog was pleased with the runners work, handing out the rewards he promised and offering his aid in the future. The team left satisfied, only for Chernobog at the end to subtly tell Swerve he knew she was a banshee. Swerve was suspicious.


4k Nuyen (2 RVP)

4 Karma (4 RVP)


Optional Contact: Chernobog as a 1/3 contact (3 RVP)

Optional Contact: Coldspot as a 1/1 contact (1 RVP), (Sherry could take him as 1/2 for 2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was an easy job, which are always appreciated. I got to meet new runners, see what a technomancer looks like finally, and see all those cute foxes! Downsides of course, include that technomancer as well.

Chernabog is an interesting person. I haven't met a shifter before, and it seems like he's building up quite an operation. He managed to see through my mask, but he didn't react terribly which is pretty notable. This has the potential to be a nice working relationship in the future.