"Don't let the slasher get you!"

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"Don't let the slasher get you!"
LocationElliot Bay
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shedim
Random Unbreakable Shedim
Casualties and losses
That Random Unbreakable Shedim


In which a team of runners are employed by an undisclosed J to take news of a team gone awol on an isolated island.


The Meet

There was no meet in and of itself, the team was given a short description of the job with a place to be. The place was the pier, where a boat was waiting for the team to take them to the island where the team disappeared and a number of gophers disappeared.

The Plan

When they land on the island, the team find themselves in a foggy environment with as the only set piece a wooden cabin in front of a forest. The team walks up to it, Waspkeeper deploying her swarm as Delphi opens up the door. Inside, they find the cabin in disarray and an obvious trapdoor with the traces of an axe. Using a detect life spell, the team find that two lifeforms are huddled under it, but even through all of their efforts they cannot get it to open. Delphi however psychometrize the room and discovers that a Giant(metatype) entered the room and was the source of the axe markings on the trapdoor, before going out into another nearby (150 m) cabin.

The team tries to establish a link and conversations with the people hidden under the trapdoor, but they seem to hide themselves when it is knocked upon. The nearby terminal could have helped, but the local noise levels are far too high for the terminal to communicate with anything around. Using two of their fly spy, waspkeeper was going to recon the second cabin, when upon entry the two insects got crushed instantly upon seeing a huge silhouette.

The Run

The team decide to make their way to the secondary cabin soon, where they would find the cadavers of the gophers, their carotid cleanly cut with no sign of real combat or defense. At some point when examining the corpses, Dumas (milliam's pet panther) spotted the giant coming out of the forest towards the cabin. The team ran to the entry door but they were already boxed in, as the giant took all of the doorway in size and then more. A fight ensued, where the monster proved extremely resilient to devastating attacks due to it's regeneration power, but it was limited thanks to the ingenious plan to creating two astral barriers around him which he would have been unable to break out off easily.

The team realizes that this is likely a Shedim, and that thus to kill it they would need to expose him to, most likely, wood. So Delphi started with it, but she sadly failed. thankfully, it was picked up by shine who impaled the creature with it as soon as she could, halving it's regeneration and now permitting to the team to make permanent damage to it. After some more peltering, he ended up passing away of it's wounds.


The team of scientists hiding in the bunker were given a heads up about their situation, at which point the team learnt that the shedim likely was manifesting in the body of the groundskeeper who died peacefully in it's sleep the very last night.


  • 14k nuyen (7 RVP)
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • +1 chip on Warboss for Milliam and Shine.
  • docmnc gets 8 GMP instead because pre-made.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shine That monster would not stay down! Two full bursts of APDS! Several strikes from my katana, explosive arrows from Mirriam, autocannon bursts from Waspkeeper. It would. Not. Fall. I'm thankful that Kera was able to pin the creature in place with mana barriers, and grateful I was able to keep it's thrown axe from gutting Kera in the process. I can't at all recall whom it was who realised it would be allergic to wood, but when that sharp splinter was thrown my way I was able to drive it deep into it's chest and keep it down long enough for Wasp to blow it apart.

If I'd known how difficult it would be too kill this creature, I'd have insisted on cashing in more than one chip for Warboss.


This started off as a pretty bog-standard murder mystery and turned into a slasher flick real quick. Shadim - I'd heard stories about them, but never encountered one until now, and it seemed like a particularly powerful one at that. I thought we were done for in that fight - thankfully Shine managed to catch that stick and stab it. I wish I could have been more useful in that regard, but such is life without adept powers I suppose. Whatever, least we lived, so I can't really complain.