Shadows are Dark, Water is Wet

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Shadows are Dark, Water is Wet
LocationPuyallup, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Random Street Level Organlegging Gang
Emily Sharpe
Six of Hearts
Gang Muscle (Ork)
Gang Muscle (Troll)
Gang Ripper
Gang Driver
Gang Accountant
Casualties and losses
Gang Ripper


The team is hired by the Johnson to take out an organ and 'ware legging operation that just so happened to prey upon the J's brother. ONe of the runner's shows up late to the meet, but no one seems to mind at all. Deals are made for cash and/or 'ware, gear is retrieved, and legwork is done, all with zero issues. The party is split and the assault is completed with zero fatalities for the runners, and total knock-out for the gangers. They are collected, and all but the Accountant and the actual Ripper are let go, with Emily instituting an impromptu gladiator match between the remaining gangers! The team returns to the J, gets paid, and everyone goes on their merry way.


The J just wanted revenge on the gangers who jumped her brother. Short, sweet, and simple. Nothin' terribly fancy

The Meet

Everyone minus Six_of_Hearts shows up on time at the hospital, Deireadh An Tuartheil, and meets with the J in the Lobby. She's there visiting her brother who just got out of two days of surgery. She explains that she wants the operation shut down, permanently.

The Plan

FInd the warehouse where the gear stolen by the gangers is being held by using the stealth tag embedded in the J's brothers stolen cyberarm, subdue the gangers, and either force their permanent cooperation, or make them take a dirtnap.

The Run

Using the frequency of the hidden tracking tag that was acquired from the J, the warehouse is easily discovered, along with two of the gangers. Once the team finds the warehouse, they are also made aware of a secondary building a few blocks away where the remainder of the gangers are held up. Being in the Barrens and being the group of sherlocks that they are, the team deduces that it is unlikely that the wrath of Knight Errant will be called down upon them

The team goes back and forth for a little while, trying to decide if they should assault one building and ganger group at a time, or if they should split the group and take out both at once. The team decides on the latter option, splitting the team into pairs, with Paragon and Emily+drones assaulting the gang HQ with the trio of gangers, and Six_of_Hearts and Milliam taking on the pair of gangers guarding the stash of LOOT.

Paragon and Emily+drones go in with a good plan: shoot out the lights, mind control the biggest ganger, who happens to be a troll, and then gas the room with CS to hopefully take the fight out of them and force their surrender. That's not exactly how it went down. Emily+drones DID get the lights shot out, Paragon DID mind control the troll ganger, and Emily+drones DID toss in a gas grenade filled with CS gas... what DIDN'T happen however, was waiting just a bit longer for everything to work its collective magic. Paragon tries to command the Troll to betray his friends and lets off a burst of gel rounds towards the orc ganger, getting him with a solid hit. Emily+drones then tries to mow down the human but he dodges out of the way, extending his spurs. He charges at Paragon, quickly figuring out she can sling some mojo, and does his best adhere to the old maxim of "geek the mage first", but fortunately he does not succeed. Up next the Troll goes after Emily+drones with his knife, but the iDoll she's piloting remotely from her home (WHAAAAAAAAT?! THATS AWESOME!!!!) is able to dodge the Trolls attacks, though just barely. In response, she calls her remaining drones to support her and Paragon, and again misses with a burst of bullets. Paragon throws a decent strength lightning bolt at the Orc, taking another chunk of life outta him. He finally goes down from a combination of lightning bolt to the face and the CS gas making him throw up... good times. Emily+drones blasts the bejezus out of the Troll, finally taking him down far enough for him to give up, and Paragon smacks the Human with a stunbolt the size of his head. After doing a little medical stabilization to prevent the gangers from dying, they are rounded up and seperated.

Cutting to the warehouse, it seems that Milliam and Six_of_Hearts have a much easier time. Six takes a hit of Kamikaze to go with her Betameth, and stalks inside the building, rifle up and Milliam with Dumas in tow. Coming to the pair of gangers, they seem to be completely unaware of the runner's presence, and don't even stop their game of cards. Six pops around the corner flattens the human ganger with a burst of stick 'n' shock from her AR (and quite possible stopping his heart for a few seconds). Milliam, wasting no time, bolts around behind Six, flips over the table, and slams a barb headed arrow through the dwarf's hand, pinning him to the table. Needless to say, he gave up.


All of the gangers are brought together at the HQ. Th3 gangers who didnt actually do much in terms of the organ/'ware legging are given a choice: disappear permanently or die. Being of the self preservations types, they bolt. The "Doctor" and the accountant, however, weren't so lucky. Emily gave them a single weapon, told them whoever survived between the two of them was allowed to continue breathing, and locked them in a room together... not sure who came out of that one... Oh wait. looks like the "Doctor" didn't do so hot in the impromptu gladiator ring. The team returned to the J to let her know the operation had been shut down, and got their pay.


  • 10k nuyen in cash or 20k nuyen in electronics or cyberware up to Availability 19 (5 RVP)
  • 6k nuyen in cash (3 RVP)
  • 5 karma (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


An easy run, and it payed nicely for one. Those chop-shop gangers never stood a chance against us, though the team could have been more decisive in out actions. Oh well, how you say, live and learn? One more organ-slash-ware legging operation shut down. Do sleduyushchego raza, moya lyubov'!